What is This Thing Called Astrology?

Astrology is a language of energy. An astrological chart is a map of how we use that energy in creating our life story. Your chart is not a 'fate' because we have free will to build consciousness and meaning into our lives or not. Astrological charts, however, are powerful tools in pointing the way on our paths toward full lives, abundance, enlightenment, and illumination. Truly, charts are 'instructions' for us as human beingshaving a spiritual experience AND as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Astrology began moving from the mystical fringes to mainstream acceptance with the publication of Carl Jung's book, Man and His Symbols. Symbols awaken whole brain thinking which enriches our lives. Astrology bubbles over with symbols. Thankfully today we can work with these symbols and apply them to our lives without fear of being burned at the stake. What a relief, n'est-ce pas?

When I begin working on a chart, I hold a flat piece of paper scribbled with symbols. But, I journey to the stars, and as the chart's symbols reveal more and more of that soul's story, I touch the heart of a soul. It is a privilege and honor - and responsibility - for me when I talk with you focused on your chart.

Why Have an Astrological Conversation?

Talking about outer experiences and connecting those to your inner life deepens your understanding of yourself and your options. This is astrology at its best! You'll open up to more choices, more compassion, and more peace as you grow into the fullness of “living your best life,” as Oprah says! It's also a wonderful tool for transitions, timing and transformation.

My goal is to make astrology as accessible and ordinary as checking the weather report. Affordable astrology gives more access to your chart's riches. The chart, just as life, changes constantly highlighting different aspects of you as you move through challenges, transitions and people! You need to know when to hold steady and when to go for the glory! You need frequent access to your chart.

In addition to my years in astrology, I hold a master's degree in applied communication so I use language that you can understand. We'll talk about your strengths and counter-strengths. Sometimes we cry, almost always we laugh, and you will leave with new insights about how you do this amazing thing called life. A chart reading is all about empowerment!