Meet Suzanne

I am a self-taught astrologer - and I stand on the shoulders of giants in many fields. My heart throbs to Jungian symbolism and my mind finds peace in the ideas of Buddhism. I started studying astrology 40 years ago, and still I learn. My clients teach me. Books, conferences, classes and lectures point me in new directions. I read widely and contemplate other philosophies, theories, and systems which make unexpected connections for me back in astrology. My own life unfolds turning astrological learning into experienced wisdom. All of this comes into play when I look at your chart.

There is a moment as we begin, when I feel I've prepared my whole life so we can have this conversation about your life. Two precious lives gathered in one precious moment.

I look forward to sharing the journey of the moon and stars as they orbit our beautiful earth and make themselves known in our lives. I use astrology as a language for energy. It opens me to a more satisfying sense of life and a deeper understanding of human nature and the process of self-development. The metaphors of the stars stir the archetypal themes of great literature, art, music, dance and drama which inspire us and lift us out of our daily life to see the infinite possibilities of being human.

We all have paths that open our hearts and fulfill our need for meaning. If you’ve already discovered astrology is one of your paths, welcome. If you haven’t explored the astrological path, I invite you to join me as you would at the beginning of a book or movie. Suspend your disbelief and let the story unfold — just to see what happens. It may be that these ancient stories of the stars and the movement of the moon will inspire you too.