Midsummer Healing and Intuitive Arts Fair,
Silverdale Beach Hotel, Bucklin Hill Road

Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 10:00 /AM to 8:00 PM

I'm delighted to be at this 6th Annual Event. After writing columns for the Sound Publishing community newspapers, Bainbridge Island Review, North Kitsap Herald, Central Reporter, Bremerton Patriot and Port Orchard Independent in Kitsap County, I want to meet my readers - on purpose. I constantly run into you at the grocery, the mall, restaurants and love it when you introduce yourself!

Amazing healers and readers will be at the Midsummer Healing and Intuitive Arts Fair, plus gorgeous jewelry, gemstones, and mystical gifts. I know you want to be ready for the 2 Leo New Moons and the 2 Eclipses the next month brings. (Where are those eclipses in your chart? And what does that mean?)

Expect an O Stars Above Show-Special-Coupon for astrological readings and bring your calendar! We'll schedule a time later in the month to focus on you and your chart. Putting general astrology information on your chart is where the rubber meets the road and you get moving to your future. So come meet me, all you Star-Gazers, and enjoy the Fair!

It's a FREE event with FREE parking. See you there!

Poulsbo Parks and Recreation - Adult Programs

Sassy Star-Talks
I'm told I'm entertaining in small groups. (Okay, I am!) In these sessions, I arrive ready to talk about what's happening currently in the O Stars Above. I talk about the new or full moon, eclipses, retrograde planets and the changing of signs of the bigger planets - the activities we all 'feel.' Then, I apply that information to each individual's chart in the group. Everyone gets an on-the-spot mini-reading! How cool is that? You don't have to know or want to learn astrology, although you'll probably learn something. Mainly about yourself!

Testimonial -
"I'm an astrologer, also, and Suzanne does the best 'cold' reading of a chart I've ever seen!" LL, Kitsap County.

Mondays, 6:30 - 8:00 PM, November 7, December 6, January 9 and February 27.
Call Poulsbo Parks and Recreation at 360-779-9898 to register.



Psychic 101: Tips, Tools and Toys for the Psy-set!

        Are you psychic? And if you are, what does that mean? Movies and books picture psychics in weird and sometimes scary ways.  But there are many of us out here in the real world living everyday lives. A 90-minute interactive talk about embracing a gift often needed by friends and family – not to mention by yourself. Poulsbo Park & Recreation Center Kitchen. Register at 360-779-9898
Mon         Oct 5, Jan 25                      6:30-8p                    $20      

Astrology and You: A Series of Snappy Star Talks Applied to Your Chart

90 minutes of interaction on various aspects of astrology. Astrology used well is self-knowledge which is empowering. These classes are hands-on and we use YOUR charts for instruction so you walk away with personal insights. Recreation Center preschool room. Register at 360-779-9898.

What’s your Sign?

For some people it's the first question they ask. But what does it mean? Let's dig down a little deeper to see what feeds your Sun and what you have to offer the world naturally. Poulsbo Park & Recreation Center Kitchen
Mon         Oct 12, Feb 1                     6:30-8p                    $20      

So It’s a Full Moon!

First, what does your Moon do in your chart?  Second, why is a full Moon such a big deal? And last but not least, which full moon is likely to knock YOUR socks off? (And, by the way, what is a new moon? I mean, you can't even see it!) You will receive a copy of your chart locating your Moon.  Poulsbo Park & Recreation Center Kitchen
Mon         Oct 19, Feb 8                     6:30-8p                    $20      

The Planets and You

Know the job of your eight planets - they are characters every one! How can they help you navigate life and show you a personal drama that is unfolding as you live your life? You will receive a copy of your chart with the planets – the whole team - in position. Poulsbo Park & Recreation Center Kitchen
Mon         Oct 26, Feb 15                    6:30-8p                    $20      

Structures of the Chart

Structures of the Chart  Here's a chance to look at the actual structure of your chart. Are you all above the horizon or deeply buried, astrologically speaking? This could explain why you are a quiet Aries or a rambunctious Virgo… You will receive a copy of your chart with all the details. Poulsbo Park & Recreation Center Kitchen
Mon         Nov 2, Feb 22         6:30-8p                    $20      

What Do You Want to Know About Astrology?

So Whatta You Want to Know About Astrology?  Whether you've attended other talks or this is your first, astrology is my passion and I can talk. At the end of this evening, we'll talk about what's next? More evening chats, or an on-going class to empower you to work with your chart and use as a guide in life. Poulsbo Park & Recreation Center Kitchen
Mon         Nov 9, Feb 29                    6:30-8p                    $20