My Services

Perhaps it goes without saying, but I am the only astrologer at O Stars Above. This is a live conversation and a synthesis of your personal chart. Our readings can be done face-to-face or over the phone. All readings  are recorded and you will receive an MP3 recording.

The Big Bang Experience Reading - "It will blow your mind!" My prep for this reading takes as long as the reading. You receive a ton of usable information from your natal, transit and progressed charts.
$100 for 1.5 Hours.
After your yearly Big Bang Experience, you are eligible for Twinkle Twinkle Readings - Twinkle Twinkle readings make astrology even more accessible and affordable. These are shorter, more focused conversations. For instance, you have a decision to make: a move, new job, or when to negotiate a contract. We do them over the phone and they are $30 for 30 minutes minimum and then, $1.00 a minute - more or less!

Dearly Beloved Relationship - Take two charts, stir, and look at them from both points of view. How do you impact the other and how does your beloved impact you?
$200 for 1.5-2 Hours.

Moon Circle are small group meetings held once a month. I talk about the astrological “weather” of the month and then apply that information directly to your chart. It’s a mini-reading and the goal is to use astrology as a transformational tool in your life. The sessions are limited to 6 people, last 3 hours and are $20 per session.
Call for schedules and locations. 360-509-6400.


I highly recommend Twinkle Twinkle Readings. Our human minds can take in only so much information at a time. 'Bite-size' astrology gives you time to process the information we cover - and at this price you can call as you need! Big Bang Readings are great once a year, times when you are delving into serious transitions or for working with the broader arc of your soul's journey. 

Somehow, I think you'll know when a Dearly Beloved Reading is needed. I look at both charts separately and together - which adds up to 4 charts!

Knowing how the universal energies are with you can help any situation. Call me the minute you are in the middle of a life experience and think, “What is THIS all about?” or “Again? Really?!” or simply “Help”.

I love quickie readings combined with Tarot cards, too.

Gift Certificates are a stellar choice for your friends and available for any Readings.