My Services

Perhaps it goes without saying, but I am the only astrologer at O Stars Above. This is a live conversation and a synthesis of your personal chart. Our readings can be done face-to-face or over the phone. All readings  are recorded and you will receive an MP3 recording.

The Big Bang Experience Reading - "It will blow your mind!" My prep for this reading takes as long as the reading. You receive a ton of usable information from your natal, transit and progressed charts.
$100 for 1.5 Hours.
After your Big Bang Experience, you are eligible for Twinkle Twinkle Readings - Once we have a relationship, Twinkle Twinkle readings make astrology even more accessible and affordable. These are shorter, more focused conversations. For instance, you have a decision to make: a move, new job, or when to negotiate a contract. We do them over the phone and they are $30 for 30 minutes minimum and then, $1.00 a minute - more or less!

Dearly Beloved Relationship - Take two charts, stir, and look at them from both points of view. How do you impact the other and how does your beloved impact you?
$200 for 1.5-2 Hours

Star-Kissed Chats - I'm told I'm fun and sassy in small groups. (Okay, I am!) Gather 4-5 friends for 2-3 hours and I'll arrive ready to talk about what is going on with the O Stars Above right now and then apply it to everyone's individual chart. Every person gets a mini-reading on the spot. You will be the Hostess-with-the Most-est and as Hostess, you receive a Bonus! We'll talk ahead of time to make a plan that works for your circle of friends.
$15.00 per person


I highly recommend the Twinkle Twinkle Readings. Our human minds can take in only so much information at a time. 'Bite-size' astrology gives you time to process the information we cover - and at this price you can call as you need! Big Bang Readings are great for times when you are delving into serious transitions or for working with the broader arc of your soul's journey. Somehow, I think you'll know when a Dearly Beloved Reading is needed. I look at both charts separately and together - which adds up to 4 charts!

Knowing the universal energies are with you can help any situation. Call me the minute you are in the middle of a life experience and think, “What is THIS all about?” or “Again? Really?!” or “Help”.

I love quickie readings combined with Tarot cards.

Gift Certificates are a Stellar Event for your friends and available for any Readings.