Do We Stay or Do We Go?

The Great American Eclipse of 2017

After a 99 year absence, one of the greatest shows on Earth crosses the United States on August 21st: a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE). Earthlings may be living on the only planet in the cosmos that can see the phenomenon of the sun's disappearance. Because our moon is both 400 times smaller and closer than the sun, they appear to be the same size. This optical illusion lets the moon appear to put out the light of the sun in the sky, while on Earth, the moon's shadow turns day into night.

The shock of the sun's sudden disappearance put the fear of the gods into ancient people. As early as 2500 BCE Babylonian mathematicians figured out how to predict eclipses, but the media of the time was slow in spreading the word. World mythologies attributed eclipses to ordinary or mythical creatures swallowing the sun: Scandinavian myths say its the wolf who ate the it.

This eclipse born in the Pacific Ocean makes land fall near Lincoln City, Oregon, crosses the entire USA and dies out in the Atlantic after leaving Charleston, South Caroline. Within a 67-mile wide band, the moon shadow races across the land at 2900 mph through Oregon creating an eerie twilight for the two minutes and nineteen seconds of local totality. Temperatures drop five to ten degrees. Animals revert to night behaviors: birds roost, and insects quieten. Stars, and four planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, will twinkle in the dark, daytime sky.

Modern eyewitnesses describe TSEs as powerful, mysterious and magical, and inspire many to follow them world-wide. The first one in the United States in 99 years attracts an influx of tourist to the path of totality as hotels, homes, campsites and RV parks are booked to the max. Small towns, like Madras, Oregon, population 6,000, expect to host up to 100,000 visitors pushing their capacity to provide gas, water, ice, food, medical care and other services beyond their limits.

If you plan on traveling into the 67-mile wide viewing zone, fill your gas tanks, and load up your coolers with more food, water and ice than you think you'll need and enough to share. Many roads into peak viewing areas are only two-lanes so expect heavy, slow traffic. Be patient and be prepared, but, go! This is a rare bucket-list quality experience.

Energetically, eclipses are super-duper new or full moons that occur four to five times a year. This TSE pours on the energy with the eclipsed sun in the unusual position of being the second new moon in the sign of Leo which is ruled by the sun. At a mature twenty-eight degrees, this majestic sun should completely command the moment. But, no! It is blotted out.

The sun, representing our will, action and take charge energy is overshadowed as the moon provides a dramatic break in action. Our receptive side steps forward with quieter, soul yearnings, giving us a reality check on how we use our light. Are we creating life from our natural glow or scorching the earth with overblown egos?

As frightening as it is to see the sun disappear, it's equally as frightening to see our unconscious antics when we try to stay safe by not being seen. Leo brings us courage to take a risk, be visible, and stand in the spotlight owning who we are and our lives. The moon, also in Leo, provides a respite from the unrelenting sun. She says, “Quiet. Look at the radiance of your golden heart. Reclaim your innocence and live from there.”

Two minutes and nineteen seconds of quiet and mystery. To consider our tiny self on this little planet in the immensity of the universe and laugh. What a gift! Life! Me. Here. Now.

As the sun reappears, we can return to life as usual or make new choices. We could drop our masks and revel in the brilliance of ourselves and others. We could rediscover life as play. We could trust that who we are in the simplest way is quite enough, thank you very much.

In other words, we could simply shine, like the sun.

On the world level, concerns about shooting the messenger might have had Babylonian astrologers drawing straws to see who would deliver predictions around this eclipse to the king, chief, or, dare we say, president. The Saros Series this eclipse springs from arose in 1639 and tends to spawn contentious events like assassinations and financial disasters. Linking the TSE chart with the USA chart and Trump's does not look good. Throw in other countries' charts being triggered, like North Korea, and Israel, and this eclipse is certain to bring world-wide events to a boiling point.

Planets continue to activate eclipse point's after the event. The first planet up: Mars, the Warrior, in Leo, a fire sign. (Woohoo. Fireworks.) Mercury retrograde in bombastic Leo trips across the eclipse degree two times in the following month. (Foot in mouth issues and not knowing when to shut up. Oh, my!) The emotional moon crosses the point in late September. At the three month point, the all powerful Sun stresses the eclipse point. (JFK was shot in November after a summer eclipse from this Saros Series.) Six months from the event, new eclipses occur supporting or shifting the TSE's potential.

Eclipses mark a particular moment with the story unfolding over time. They merely bring energy to countries and people. It can be used in a myriad of ways. As we make our choice, remember the moon's reminder of our soul's yearning. Our greatest work is living true to our golden heart - where love shines like the sun.




Photos from the Great Beyond - Pluto

What were you doing January 16, 2006? Who knows, right?

On that date the New Horizon space probe was launched and headed to the farthest reach of our galaxy – Pluto – three billion miles away. And today, we have visuals from only 7,000 miles above the surface of this far and distant, dwarf planet. Considering our moon is about 250,000 miles from Earth, New Horizon is practically shaving Pluto!

The series of photographs produced by our USA space probes of every known planet in our galaxy, up close and personal, may very well be our greatest gift to mankind. But, even as the mysteries of the sky are revealed scientifically, and we see the beauty, power and grandeur of planets, star nebulas and galaxies in magnificent portraits, spiritual mystery expands.

It is easy to forget that we did not have an image of the Earth from space until July 1969. We had no idea how beautifully blue and green this planet we live on is until we saw it from the moon and began to understand Job's comment,  'God hung the Earth on nothing'. Hung the Earth on NOTHING...and yet here we are.

When Uranus was photographed in 1986, the new photos downloaded on one monitor at NASA at the same time other monitors showed the explosion of Challenger. Astrologers would label the sudden, unexpected explosion an event in keeping with Uranus' nature without question.

When Neptune's pictures were birthed into our visual consciousness in August, 1989, three million people were holding hands and singing across three Latvian countries in a peaceful, harmonic protest of the Soviet Union. By November the Berlin Wall fell - with no guns fired. The Iron Curtain took its final bow by spring and reunited Europe. Again, Neptune's pictures arrived with a gentle, kind Neptunian wave that changed our world.

On July 14 the New Horizon space probe took the closest photos of Pluto planned. We await these historic images impatiently as they hurtle through space for an entire 24 hours at the speed of light to reach NASA's monitors. For the last week photos from 1.5 million miles out arrived, all grey and fuzzy, like a fledgling planet, tantalizing us with expectations. Each day images came in with more detail, and recognizable geology as the probe draws nearer.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 as Einstein discovery of relativity of 1905 was being forged into a science of nuclear power. Pluto in astrological terms rules power: nuclear, emotional, sexual, financial, secrets and taboos - any way power comes. It rules the dark and mysterious parts of earth like caves, swamps, chasms, and ice-y glaciers. Psychologically, Pluto reigns over extremes such as obsessions, inward looking, and the potential of deep transformation.

The first NASA photos show Pluto as dark, a planet of black and white, and grey. It is lit only by one of its moon, Charon, and starlight. Daylight has not been seen for 20 years and will not be seen for 80 more in a winter worthy of the Game of Thrones warning, 'Winter is coming.'

As harsh as Pluto sounds, the scientists describe Pluto's most dominant feature as a 'bright, mysterious heart'. We now know that as we look into the night sky a heart shines on us from the edge of beyond. Who would have expected that? From Pluto of all places?

This leaves me wondering what earthly event will reflect our new awareness of Pluto. Or has this new consciousness already begun with the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriages. Today the headlines reflect our obsession with Iran and a nuclear if we can control true power. Even Cuba our near neighbor emerges from the dark for us to probe and obsess over. Pluto power is not destructive OR transformative. It is both. It is destructive AND transformative all in the service of becoming our Highest Selves. Stretching us to our broadest boundaries to open to...Heart.

I wonder what other deep, dark secrets and hidden power can simply come out into the light and be transformed into love. Somehow, Pluto's heart - way out there - gives my heart hope here on Earth.

Status: Sun Gemini/Moon Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde's Comment: LOL

Prepping for my Psychic 101 class made me ponder how I access my inner world, and how I bring the calm, clarity and peace I garner there back into this rowdy outer world.

We all comment on pithy Facebook sayings which on my feed are often inner world related. But give me 5 minutes out of my quiet time, and what the heck am I doing? What am I saying? What am I responding to? Where is my focus?

Honestly, folks, I may look calm on the outside. I mean, I am not giving people the bird or shouting expletives. But, I am scrambling for balance - a lot! I tell my husband 'I may make it look easy, but it's NOT EASY BEING ME!'

It sounds remarkable close to a whine sometimes, and I try not to say it any louder than a normal conversation level decibel. But, there you have it.

Am I the only one with this dilemma? (Tell me it isn't so.)
So I am wondering how you 'bridge' this gap?
Or do we accept our peaceful, inner time for what it is, and then join the outer fray again knowing both are simply part of the whole?
Maybe we don't need to bridge - just expand our sensitivity to know it is all there all the time – nothing to do, no worries. (Geez, I sound stoned - relax, I'm not.)

Me thinks these are Sagittarian Full Moon ponderings, broad and philosophical, blessed with the logic of the Gemini Sun who longs for everyday application of the belief systems we cling to. And Mercury Retrograde, the Trickster, makes me think I can bridge this conundrum.

What do you think?


Middle-Earth Day - A Mythic Calling

Take it from me, astrology is a slippery slope.

I began my astrological studies out of curiosity to see whether or not I thought astrology had any merit. Here I am 40 years later - with my jaw continually dropped open as I match stories, headlines and timing of life-changing events to astrological charts and transits. My report? Yep! It works!

Even when I 'think' there is no astrological connection, there is. Sometimes it takes time for my knowledge base to catch up with the script written in the stars. As I become an older (and older) astrologer, I see that my real wisdom comes from the steady and constant study I've made of my chart, and many others: clients, events, culture, the famous, the dead.

Whenever I read an autobiography or biography, I read with the pertinent chart in hand and run progressions and solar arcs to the major events laid out in the biography. For instance, JRR Tolkien wrote a little book called The Hobbit which created a furor. He wrote it for his children (Sun in the fifth house) and their nanny took it to her uncle who was a publisher (ninth house where JRRTs Pluto and Neptune reside). She appears in his chart as another 'mother' of his children – fourth house (mother) from the fifth house (children & creativity) which is the ninth (publishing). So she also birthed his arrival in the world view through her knowledge of publishing as the midwife to the children of his creativity - his books and art. See! Astrology is amazing!

Tolkien wrote a trilogy which will resonate long after other trilogies written are dust on the shelves. Why? He tapped into a mythological story for a modern age rife with world wars that resonated in a generation and a new age, the Age of Aquarius, which came to birth in the 60's. The revolutionaries of the 60's hummed with his vision. Tolkien said there is no mythology intended in his writings. But our charts are a mythological mandala which we bring to life. And he did indeed bring his chart to life for all of us.

Tolkien's life looked quite mundane on the surface: a beloved wife (fortunate Jupiter in the seventh house of marriage), four children he told great tales to (Mercury of many words in the door of the fifth house where his expressive Sun reigned) and over the horizon, near the mid-heaven, bringing him to the attention of the world, Pluto and Neptune in Gemini in the ninth house of archetypal stories. Pluto and Neptune, I repeat, mythic images full of archetypal imagination and power, in the sign of Gemini, communication and writing. He took his humble Saturn in Libra in the first house of self and tended to the relationship of a fellowship – Venus in Aquarius. He dug deep to dark and ugly truths with Mars in Scorpion. After more than 20 years, he served up a story fit for his then adult children to ponder along with generations to come.

Tolkien used his linguistic skills (Mercury ruler of the chart, Moon in Pisces in the sixth of work, and Gemini at the mid-heaven) and created languages and mythologies, as well as drawings and paintings for orks and other enslaved races, elves, ents and eagles, dwarfs and dragons, Strider and his lineage, the hobbits and Gollum. No mythology intended, he said. No, just the Sun of Capricorn shining brilliantly in his creative fifth house of Leo expressing history and culture. Pluto and Neptune – our lowest urges and highest aspirations, like the gods of Olympus watching over all, at the mid-heaven, called him to reach deep and stretch high to create something worthy of the them that need to be awakened in us - starting in our imagination.

Yes, astrology is a slippery slope. And the most exciting aspect is knowing your own chart. It adds dimension to your life to reach high and search deep from within your own mandala to express all that you are. What does your chart say about your life mission? What would you think it might say...or what do you hope it says?

Don't have a chart? CALL ME – You NEED your chart!!