Dark Love: A Venus/Pluto Encounter

Are you attracted to the dark, mysterious stranger who seems impossible to reach? If so, you could have one, or many, of the signatures between Venus and Pluto that mix love and deep fascinations. You know what I'm talking about...love attachments that go wrong, sometimes terribly, horribly, and even fatally, wrong.

I have Venus opposite Pluto in my chart and I know of which I speak! Venus in Scorpio, or Venus in stressful aspect to Pluto, or in the eighth house are the astrological signals that draw us into loving the dark within ourselves and others. Taken too far and that love (Venus) can turn into obsession and fascination that is volcanic, explosive and deadly (Pluto)!

On Valentine's Day of all days, I saw the Metropolitan Opera's simulcast of Bartok's one-act opera 'Bluebeard's Castle'. Thank God, the aesthetics were gorgeous, the costumes and colors, the set so dark and deep, the music ponderous and emotional because the subject matter was heavy, man!

It begins with a bride and groom arriving at his castle (ego) deep in the woods (unconscious). He asks if she is willing to leave her brothers and mother to go with him. (Step one of physical abuse – separate the woman from her support system.) “Oh, yes, I love you,” she says, shivering, leaning towards him for warmth and comfort. He never touches her. Into the castle they go to find seven doors which he is reluctant to open, but she persists knowing her love is strong enough to embrace and heal his  wounded...heart...or is that a mask?

One by one the doors open: the cold, dank entry, the bloody torture room, the white tiled sea of tears. At one point the Pluto-lover warns her that 'Light can turn to Darkness'. But on she goes, pushing down to the seventh level where she finds herself in a grave with his previous ghost-wives wisping around her. She, too is a wisp, her body in a grave, but still she cannot comprehend her disastrous situation. But, now, now - he steps into the grave and tenderly gathers her into his arms and mourns her demise.

This is an old fairytale which makes me question why we think fairytales are for children! Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the Jungian analyst and storyteller, dissects this story in her “Women Who Run With The Wolves.” And felted called to tackle this subject in her Facebook post, again, this last month.

Mothers, this is a story you need to know to protect your daughters, and women everywhere need to heed its warnings. Love can transform us, but transformation is hard psychological and spiritual work. It is not a sweet fairytale.

Interestingly, a stressful Venus/Pluto contact was made on March 4, 2015. Applied astrology is a powerful tool, for seeing our personal metaphors, archetypes and mythology. For a deeper look at your chart, I do readings and make them accessible and affordable. Just go to my contact page and let's make a date! One that WON'T kill you!