Status: Sun Gemini/Moon Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde's Comment: LOL

Prepping for my Psychic 101 class made me ponder how I access my inner world, and how I bring the calm, clarity and peace I garner there back into this rowdy outer world.

We all comment on pithy Facebook sayings which on my feed are often inner world related. But give me 5 minutes out of my quiet time, and what the heck am I doing? What am I saying? What am I responding to? Where is my focus?

Honestly, folks, I may look calm on the outside. I mean, I am not giving people the bird or shouting expletives. But, I am scrambling for balance - a lot! I tell my husband 'I may make it look easy, but it's NOT EASY BEING ME!'

It sounds remarkable close to a whine sometimes, and I try not to say it any louder than a normal conversation level decibel. But, there you have it.

Am I the only one with this dilemma? (Tell me it isn't so.)
So I am wondering how you 'bridge' this gap?
Or do we accept our peaceful, inner time for what it is, and then join the outer fray again knowing both are simply part of the whole?
Maybe we don't need to bridge - just expand our sensitivity to know it is all there all the time – nothing to do, no worries. (Geez, I sound stoned - relax, I'm not.)

Me thinks these are Sagittarian Full Moon ponderings, broad and philosophical, blessed with the logic of the Gemini Sun who longs for everyday application of the belief systems we cling to. And Mercury Retrograde, the Trickster, makes me think I can bridge this conundrum.

What do you think?