O Stars Above: Aquarius New Moon - Solar Eclipse



Awakening the Path between Head and Heart

The winds of change howl when eclipses are waking us up. However the time from one eclipse to the next one, fourteen days later, is a bit of betwixt and between. The lunar eclipse (January 31) granted us a chance to glimpse outdated wounds from our past which inhibit us in ways we normally can't see. Seeing beyond the veil of our everyday, knee-jerk reactions lets us reset our emotions. With this brighter awareness we can make different decisions in moving forward although that can come after the second eclipse.

The solar eclipse (February 15 at 1:05 pm PST), the monthly new moon, uses the emotional reset of the eclipsed moon to reset the sun's impulses. Aquarius' cooler emotions and ability to detach brings unseen possibilities, broader adventures and a return of our personal zest!

In an extraordinarily long period with no planets in retrograde motion, the momentum for moving forward down our path surprises us as we dare take the fork in the road that feels right and pick up speed. After abandoning the the path of resistance, the long, exhausting and unrewarding one, we remember that the path between the head and the heart is the shortest. The re-energized heart instinctively chooses right action.

Mercury travels with the Sun and Moon. This trio feels the sizzle of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius and the Higher Mind, igniting innovative, and evolutionary thoughts in lightening-bolt style. Aquarius, the last air sign, sends a clarion call for us to step into a more mature mind, one capable of holding dichotomies, koans and diverse points of view and knowing that all have a valid point - and a place at the table of humankind.

All we have to do is climb out of fixed and rigid ruts and be Bearers of Light.

Horoscopes February 15 to March 1

Aquarius, your work and open doors lie where the resistance is in you. Who do you think might not deserve a place at the table? Well, sit right down beside them (an older, established authority figure?) and prepare to discover your fear, open your heart and make a new ally.

Pisces, Venus bridges the gap between humans and idealism. Or is that fantasy? Take a bit of a retreat to consider how deep the wounds go that keep you feeling isolated, like a fish out of water. Claim your humanity or risk being your own worst enemy. Bring compassion to the messy.

Aries, your energy is pumping! Remember the game is about how you fit into the tribe, not about being an island! Use your inspiration, sense of adventure and courageous heart to go where you avoid, where angels fear to tread. Dedicate your actions to the whole of mankind!

Taurus, resistance is your Achille's heel and being stuck in your own reality is shooting yourself in the foot. Allies encourage you to feel the wound and heal. Trust your pragmatic sense of rightness and risk caring and compassion. Humbly write a check to Fishline to pass Go!

Gemini, feeling dull? Break up your routine to catch the flash of new thoughts. Get out of Dodge even if it's just a road trip to Sequim! Call your most adventurous buddy and engage in a brainstorm of wild ideas for humanity. Your mission is to keep ideas alive until their time comes.

Cancer, the cool Aquarian moon depersonalizes emotions so you can see universal patterns and law. You can take things so personally, you pinch compassionate feelings off. Take time to explore the tender, hidden places you rarely glimpse. How do you use them to isolate?

Leo, frankly, it's about your marriage partner. Even the people closest to you have childhoods full of emotional bumps and bruises. Get off stage and tend to your wounds. A little detachment opens the constraints of marriage to fresh breezes and new collaborations. Let them be a star in your world!

Virgo, revolution/evolution hits your work arena and daily habits. Recent scientific revelations inspire you to tweak routines. How's your nervous system? You're a head sort and busy cogitating even when you don't know it. Stay in your body and create real results.

Libra, your PR person says you long for relationships. Maybe. Or maybe they are too messy for your idealism. Is it easier to detach and stay above the fray? Jump into the mess, fall in love, have an affair. Ultimately you'll learn something about your heart. Care for your body's vague issues.

Scorpio, arrrgghhh, go deep or go home. What a royal pain - because it's at home and in your roots, childhood, mom, women and ancestors where the rub lies. The right viewpoint turns this into a grand adventure of self-discovery! Of all signs you can shed old skin and rebirth a shiny new one.

Sagittarius, to know truth is to share truth. Quiet times ignite generous aha moments as healing moves in. A personal, inspired view of how local, personal behavior impacts the globe moves you from philosophical ponderings to actions like writing and communicating. Sow your seeds far and wide.

Capricorn, (last - but not to be left out!) after a few years plodding along behind the scenes, you're on fire. You see the changes that move you forward and those that are a waste of time. It's a brilliant insight about how your human mind/heart is your greatest, most pragmatic resource.


O Stars Above: Leo Lunar Eclipse

Cosmic Invitations for Up-Grading our Humanity

blood moon.jpeg

Star patterns change like a circle in a spiral and a wheel within a wheel. Each day brings a sunrise and sunset and spring follows winter as surely as autumn follows summer. When we notice the rhythmic flow of the cosmos, we tap into the eternal and mysterious. Isn't it funny though how frustrated we are when a pattern repeats itself in our life. “What?! I thought I'd handled that!”

Eclipses bring repeating patterns around every nineteen years when they fall on the same degree, in the same sign and in the same place in birth charts. Where were you and what were you doing in 1999? What fork in the road did you take? Perhaps the one you didn't will return in a new form at this full moon (lunar) eclipse (January 31 at 5:26 am PST)?

An eclipse series, currently in Leo and Aquarius, keeps the focus on one section of the birth chart to give us a twenty-month independent study program. This lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse (February 15) re-energize points activated at the eclipses of August, 2017 – which were activated nineteen years ago, too. There's that circle in a spiral thing!

The Leo moon stirs longings to be loved as unconditionally as babies. But, alas, we grew up and were expected to be good, follow the rules and get along. So we denied aspects of ourselves in hope of attaining unconditional love. Denied emotions like jealousy, resentment, anger and loneliness crept in telling us sad, childish stories about our lives.

A lunar eclipse offers a glimpse at those shadowy emotions helping us release old (sob) stories and write new ones offering more love and acceptance for ourselves and therefore others. Venus traveling very close to the sun brings a new vision. “Expand into your universal hearts and don't hold back.” This love is not personal but of the Aquarian ideals: humanitarian, democratic, progressive, innovative and inclusive.

Cosmic patterns are constant invitations to engage in building awareness and and up-grading our humanity. Can we take our Golden Hearts (Leo) to all of humankind (Aquarian)? If we can't, what holds us back? Our inner work is our humanitarian work. How's that for amazing?

Horoscopes January 31 – February 15

Aquarius, happy birthday! These two years of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius call you to your humanitarian mission. You can inspire others to a more expansive vision. Partners help because they reflect what you like and don't like...about yourself. Isn't that annoying?!

Pisces, the humanitarian mission lives in your blind spot but service to others can keep you from being your own worse enemy. Find a more playful approach to work, health, daily routine and practical duties to entertain your inner child and avoid the whiny. Add daily sparkle!

Aries, your inner child energy drives you forward in the house of play and creativity. You want to stamp everything you touch with your stamp. Higher consciousness visions flood you now and look like amazing adventures. Go build houses for earthquake victims. Why not? Be a hero!

Taurus, you are a tad cranky stretched between work where you make money and wanting to be home in your castle. Your humanitarian efforts comes in the form of slow change, writing checks for good causes and writing it off as good business. Giving back to your roots is good for business.

Gemini, all work and no play makes Ms. Butterfly dreary indeed. If you can't get away on an adventure, go for plan B. Plan a trip now and commit to going later. Escape with a great book, or fabulous movie. You feel like an Iron Butterfly. Energize with daily doses of fun.

Cancer, strip down to essentials, get rid of stuff, organize what's left. Let go and feel free. Set up wills, insurance and annuities which might include your favorite charities. Be sure your budget includes fun, imaginative and showy items. Otherwise, your inner child will be whining to you. Mama!

Leo, you ARE the inner child and if feeling insecure or over- exposed, you could be haughty. Your partners adore you so ask straight out for what you need. Rip up old scripts and do a rewrite on your love story about self and others. When you feel radiant, you are a humanitarian!

Virgo, you're loving your work. Remember not to sacrifice your needs. That's an old pattern the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is helping you break. Think about what you call play. It may have to do with a new planning notebook, but whatever it is, relax and create something tangible.

Libra, what could be more fun than being a hostess introducing shakers-and-movers to other shakers-and-movers. So fill your calendar: tete-a-tetes over coffee, lunch with friends who simply must meet, dinner parties with seating charts. Raise funds for your favorite charity.

Scorpio, it's time for weirdos in your living room. What (r)evolutionary ideas are you hosting? At work, you pass as normal but old habits pop up. If you aren't getting noticed, you could sulk. Deep in your foundation, eclipses are breaking ground. You won't know yourself this time next year!

Sagittarius, exercise can work off excess energy that you don't want spilling all over others who may push back. Talking, writing, publishing, e-mails, phone calls – you love being communication central. If you have to miss a trip (no sniveling), you're shaking and moving.

Capricorn, in the middle of your intense, personal renovation process comes "responsibility." Stop! Is it yours or theirs? Your partners align with your values. If not, you'll carry more than your share. Be “responsive” to you. Then act. It's about your authority to say yes. Or no.


O Stars Above: Capricorn New Moon

Jump Start Projects and Build Momentum

Circular Stairs.jpeg

All astrological signs offer something to everyone. Why? Because everyone has every sign somewhere in their chart. It's a circle of life and no one gets to sit out a round. This month ushers in Capricorn, the CEO of our lives, who's empowered when committed to worth-while projects demanding focus and concentration. They are master builders using self-discipline, patience, and management skills to accomplish solid results. In other words, Capricorn activates our adult.

The most critical decision comes in choosing what path to invest time and energy in. The wrong one turns our Great Work into an endless chore fraught with greed, ambition, and authority issues. Cynicism, depression, and workaholism squeeze joy out as shown by Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” His weak response to the heart of Capricorn was no less than steps in the direction of death on a cold and lonely path.

Venus who's been traveling with the full (January 1) and new moon (January 16 at 6:17 pm PST) counsels us to commit to work we love whole-heartedly so our work nourishes us. Saturn and Pluto are nurtured by huge cultural and societal projects – like the Golden Gate Bridge, the shot to the moon, the restructuring of society. These are projects no one person can accomplish alone, but as a society we can. Some of us are nurtured building homes and families, small businesses and communities. It's a different legacy that takes time and commitment, too.

Our adult urges are on steroids with Saturn back home after thirty years, and six planets in Capricorn. With all planets in forward motion until March 8 - an exceptionally long period – there's a crazy amount of energy available for jump starting projects and building momentum.

What nourishes you, inspires you to accomplish, to make a contribution, to demonstrate excellence? And what chunk of it can you accomplish over the next three years - starting now?

If you know, well, take that castle in the air and build a foundation under it!

Horoscopes January 16 – 31

Capricorn, Happy Birthday! Six planets in your sign bring the wind beneath your wings AND at your back. Make a decision, a plan and act. Be sure your heart is in it because you are naturally responsible and responsibility is heavy, man. Dare do it your way. Steady as she goes, with heart.

Aquarius, six planets off-stage need quiet, slack time to work for you. Cycles are ending and beginning. Your inner world speaks in symbol, fragments of songs, dream images, it's foggy and mysterious. Use imagination and unfocused intuition. Thinking doesn't work.

Pisces, groups of friends with humanitarian missions have a powerhouse of help now. Get in there and make things happen. You may rub elbows with power players without even know it, so just be yourself and follow up with those who feel like kindred spirits.

Aries, wow! Six planets in your work arena where they belong. After seven years of breaking free to be you, take it to work and show them the dynamic, responsible and inspired leader you are. Try to catch the subtle subtext of the power players. Imagine, subtlety, another kind of power.

Taurus, stretch your borders and be, uh, flexible, so the energy heading right your way doesn't knock you off your feet, just out of your rut. Long-term energies are lining up. Take a long bath and visualize where you want to be in three years. No rush.

Gemini, there's a struggle to let the past go and push into the re-birth canal. Much of it is intuitive and involves trusting others. The energy isn't direct so you must go to it consciously with less logic and more feeling. But it isn't woo-woo. You don't know where you are going, but take steps.

Cancer, how you feel about partners, close friends, and co-operation is shifting. You don't do it like you did and you won't do it like you are now in the future. Do you need new eyes to reflect the changes in you? Your shift is shifting them, too. Stay with the steady ones.

Leo, efficient routines get the most out of the work and service you do, your daily health habits and how you work toward personal growth. You're used to the spotlight, but this is where the curtain drops and you do the detailed work of making magic happen. You need privacy.

Virgo, planets are mainlining creative inspiration to you. Surrender and you could A) have more fun and B) surprise yourself at how much creativity you've got. Structure play into your routine - a line item on the to-do list. Play is serious business for you. Oh, heck, just go network!

Libra, your classy style comes from secure foundations. There's renovation going on at home, psychologically speaking, and maybe a remodel, too. Design your home so it supports you. Make it a retreat and a place to invite others in. Be your best friend.

Scorpio, much of your energy is a performance keeping others from seeing the real you. Well, we see you - so give it up and take dynamic steps to just be you, already. New skills around language help navigate daily life. Take courage and show up. Only expand where you want to go.

Sagittarius, after Saturn's three-year training getting you grounded, you're integrating what it means to be steady and reliable. Do you have more money due to those lessons? How does that mesh with your sense of self, values and self-esteem? Next lesson: contemplative listening. Shhh!







O Stars Above: Cancer Full Moon


Big Daddy Wields Tough Love

Endings and beginnings tend to overlap and mingle like waters at the changing of the tide. Heaven knows, astrological signs and planets are in a constant dance of beginnings, middles and endings, but a brightly-lit full moon makes clear what hides in the dark. The Full Moon in Cancer lines up with the New Year (January 1, 6:24 pm PST) and highlights a major shift.

After three years in Sagittarius, down-to-Earth Saturn moved into Capricorn (December 19) where his reality-based powers shine. After a thirty year absence, he's returned to the sign he rules and he's shaking us awake. Whether focused and productive or kicking and screaming, we will align with him, one way or the other, before he moves on (December 2020).

Saturn steadied our antics in spontaneous Sagittarius, but take note: wiggle room is official gone and fiddle-playing grasshoppers won't prosper in this cycle. Focus, time-lines, budgets, patience and discipline gather rewards under Saturn's tutelage, who wants to bless us with worldly recognition. But we must wrestle with where we fit into our community and what skills we can offer or hone. It's time to focus on doing what must be done and staying with it until our mission is accomplished. Big Daddy wields tough love – but, when he does rewards us, we can rest assured we earned it.

The first moon of this era holds clues for navigating the sea change. Mercury's forward motion says embrace expansive thoughts. The Sun and Pluto, two serious power players, traveling together remind us life doesn't last forever and there are no short cuts for integrity. The Great Mother Moon along with Venus underscores the importance of taking on goals that nourish us emotionally.

When we follow these hints, our Saturnian efforts make a life worth living even in the process.

Horoscopes January 1 to 16

Capricorn, doors are open wide and you know how to put your adult panties on and work! But, this isn't about ambition, hierarchy, or titles. Pluto in Capricorn burned those to the ground. This is about leadership power and responding to heart-needs as the work gets done. The Means are the End.

Aquarius, like Robin Williams, sometimes we need a good director who keeps us from being our own worst enemy. What would Big Daddy say directly to you? “The Age of Aquarius is barreling in and you are the leader of the age. Don't be a rebel without a cause.” Do some deep listening and rest.

Pisces, as a mystic you wouldn't think Capricorn's reality would be a good mix. But, Martin Luther King (Capricorn Sun) had a dream and lead a movement with his heart (Moon in Pisces). His powerful friends came along for the fun of an outing they called...a march. Lead fun changes!

Aries, if you're a leader making plans behind closed doors for your company or organization, read Capricorn above. It's not about your position in society, but the position of your heart and how you use it for society. Spending time with family reminds you everyone has ambitions for their loved ones.

Taurus, there's rarely been a better time for your pragmatic principles. In your plodding manner, the next three years and your work ethic put you in a good position – even if markets tumble. Keep your heart in your work and consider “giving back” on a regular basis. Show us the way.

Gemini, even the most casual relationships exchange values. Align with friends who share your values. Don't squander your hard earned experiences. They don't need you. You need them! The years ahead point toward methodical exploration of values and trust – of yourself, your friends and society.

Cancer, sweet mama, you're the natural partner to Capricorn's legacy building. Earth and water are conservative: baking takes time and building a company takes time. You can't go wild and crazy while doing real work. Remind us to keep our heart in the game. Feel the flow and find the fun.

Leo, people have no idea the work you do to bring your colleagues and day-to-day contacts grounded action and a generosity of spirit. Taking care of your health is job number one for awhile. Follow a daily routine that works for you for food, exercise and sleep. Take a long winter's nap.

Virgo, earthy-you can flourish over the next three years. You naturally work but here's an interesting twist - work needs to be fun, personal and creative. And try not to turn that into a job. Invite neighbors over for coffee, cocktails, gardening, sewing. Whatever is FUN! You can do this...

Libra, your social graces keep the community grounded. Ponder how manners and beautiful surroundings encourage listening and kindness in difficult conversations. Open your home for meetings with go-getters with ethical projects. You've got leadership and ethics with a gentle touch.

Scorpio, Jupiter expands your world and Saturn's energy supports your efforts. Strategy and focus are natural for you. Mars in Scorpio gives your pokes extra punch for the next month because you see hidden agendas. Use that info for your mission and stay with your heart.

Sagittarius, you have friends, resources, skills, tools, and character. Society is calling you to use yourself up. The invitation offers self-discovery. You can make it fun! Yes, you can stand on a mountain and jump in a squirrel suit, but going for something with more lasting value is the energy of the moment.


O Stars Above: Sagittarius New Moon

Cosmic Energy Expands Personal Consciousness


This is a heavy new moon, literally! It sits exactly on the Galactic Center, a black hole that energizes our entire Milky Way through the dynamic, explosive actions of creation and destruction. Its gravitational density holds the Milky Way together and sends energetic, sub-atomic particles throughout space, our charts and our very consciousness!

This is BIG energy - Sagittarian-style. The question is: how are we going to use it?

The new moon (December 17 at 10:30 pm PST) hosts a multi-faceted party. Mercury re-trograde makes three passes over the galactic center as we re-view, re-consider and release small-minded beliefs and perceptions.

Venus holds the door wide open for broad-mindedness and world-wide sociability.

The Sun in Sagittarius quests for truth and its ruler Jupiter in Scorpio helps his willingness to release Pollyanna surface views for deeper truths. The Moon in Sagittarius senses that the world is safer when all people are free to pursue their dreams. Uranus cheers for innovative thoughts while Chiron and Neptune rally for empathetic healing around misguided religious thoughts.

Sagittarians are kings of the ivory tower whose ideas can pop and fizzle before translating into the real world. But, reality-based Saturn spent over two years tidying up Sadge's tendency for high falutin', excessive action. He's urged us to get solid education towards future endeavors or exposure to people and issues that make us huddle in smallness.

Whatever you accomplished during this time, you earned it (congrats!) and it comes more into play when Saturn moves into its home sign, Capricorn, (December 21) where rolling up your sleeves and getting to work comes naturally.

The Galactic Center is the Heart of the Universe and Sagittarius points his arrow directly at it. The cosmic winds are with us. Let go of fear-based thoughts, words and deeds and move into an expanded, inclusive, personal world consciousness to fly free on Sadge's arrow.

No one said peace on earth was easy. Or someone else's job.

Horoscopes December 17 – January 1

Sagittarius, you worked hard the last few years. Feel how you are facing the world differently and doors are opening as they recognize your solid presence. Self-discovery and new beginnings swing into view. Stay humble and lean into manifesting ideals, leadership and healthy competition.

Capricorn, sitting quietly in the dark winter evenings brings spiritual healing and a new sense of compassion. Much is stirring in your depths and an almost mystical sense of your work ahead takes form. Ambition without ethics and working for the common good is a cold and lonely perch.

Aquarius, birds of a feather flock together. Get with the right group, network with the right people. Broaden your humanitarian vision. This is not a time for thinking or acting small in anyway. But remember humility keeps you from shooting yourself in the foot at work.

Pisces, the sky is the limit. At work ask for what you want - and then some. Get on projects with big missions. Take risks. You've gone deep, now fly high and ride that arrow as far as you can go. No sacrifice. If anything, sacrifice ideas about sacrifice and really set yourself free.

Aries, your quest is for a connection with visionary action. Working behind the scenes with partners in joint endeavors keeps your arrow pointed in the right direction. You have a sixth sense about motivations and hidden agendas. Keep your own integrity and ethics high.

Taurus, it's so easy for you to let go of old baggage now. You have the faith to go where angels fear to tread and when you do, you find friends with common values working on similar goals. Cheer them on and receive their support. Can you say Win-win? It's a great time for mate-hunting!

Gemini, so, like, how many “best” friends do you have? This may be a time for selective pruning. Here's the clue - if they aren't there when you really, really need them, they are acquaintances. Also, too many best friends, and you can't be there for them. None? What's that about?

Cancer, pesky health habits. Too much of a good thing can be - excess weight and attendant health issues. If you've organized everything around you, yahoo! If not, clean the top layer and drop the rest into a black bag and haul to the curb. You mingle while serving the season in the background.

Leo, this excessive Sadge energy has you all up in a pirouette remembering your solar eclipse in August. It's all about you right now, and darn, if you aren't flying high feeling creative, self-expressive, and like playing, having fun and all that jazz. No problem! Go for it!! You ARE a Star!

Virgo, deck the hall and be festive. Party heart-y with your clans and the neighbor's too. Feel your natural expansion. It's why you have to-do lists, because at your roots, you are an inclusive, broad-minded human. Do the reel, the clog, the fandango, maybe some Bollywood.

Libra, take the Holidays to your neighborhood. Call on the curmudgeon next door, the teacher, the hairdresser, your barista, the dog-walker, doctor, lawyer, baker and Indian-chef. Take cookies, poinsettias, fudge, small books, candles, whatever. You are the Spirit-of-Christmas in your 'hood!

Scorpio, even you (are you, perhaps, the curmudgeon next door?) is up for the social hubbub. It makes you feel – valuable! Like you can fly with the eagles, like you have something to offer to the vision of the group. Like life isn't all depth and dark. Ah, yes, the season of light! Look at you all a twinkle.