Stars Over Kitsap | Third Week in December 2014

The Stark family’s prophecy is fulfilled: Winter has come! The darkest season arrives heralded by Solstice (Dec. 21), the darkest day of the year, which coincides with the new moon at 5:36 p.m. on the darkest night of the month. An astrological chart for this moon carries double significance because it gives us a look ahead at this month as well as the entire winter season.

100 Million Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy | Image Credit:  NASA ,  ESA ,  J. Dalcanton , B. F. Williams, L. C. Johnson ( U. Washington ),  PHAT team ,  R. Gendler

100 Million Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy | Image Credit: NASAESAJ. Dalcanton, B. F. Williams, L. C. Johnson (U. Washington), PHAT teamR. Gendler

Center stage are five planets in Capricorn carrying the weight of collective wisdom. They range from the fiery Sun (will) to icy Pluto (power), including Mercury (intelligence), Venus (love)  and the moon (emotions).

Capricorn settles us  into the earthy, pragmatic, focused work of making dreams come true. Step-by-step, day-by-day, little-by-little.

During this winter, we can mature. Or we can hitch our wagon to erratic Uranus and be a rebel without a cause. Rewards come when we use our individual genius to do truly innovative work — as a group.

At solstice/new moon, follow the poet Rilke’s advice.

“Go into your self and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.”

We remember that in darkness the only light we see is our own. And we may well ask how much more light do we want to carry next year?

In quiet dark, we wait. And, then, the miracle occurs. The light of all lights lifts us up into a new cycle of love and life.  In this Light, revisit your dream. Then, turn your hand to the work of it. In this cycle of new light, all things are possible.


For the Dec. 21 new moon to the Jan. 5 full moon.

Capricorn, five gods and goddesses are polishing you. Step up and be a leader we can follow with honor. Your ambitions must work for the good of the whole ... not for yourself alone, or your boss or stockholders. No offense, but hey, Jesus was a Capricorn. Lead us in work worth doing!

Aquarius, you must, must, must take down time this month. Mars, the Energizer bunny planet, is giving you plenty of juice to wrap up the old cycle and get ready for the future. So many ideas and possibilities, but the clues are whispering in the quiet. Shhhh ...

Pisces, your benefit from this grounded cycle comes by keeping it real. You can do miraculous work but, don’t get lost in fantasies about what you think is happening. Follow the footsteps of  Martin Luther King who embodied the Capricorn/Pisces energy. He had a dream, but he led his people step-by-step.

Leo, speaking of fantasies, how is your health, your weight, your daily habits. You know what needs worked on, and the bad news is, if you don’t, it shows — as in too much bass? Jupiter in your sign is slowing down the party so you can get on track. Just do it. You’ll feel better — and look good!

Scorpio, the weight of your normal self-reflection lifts. You may be initiating different ways of learning, teaching and your general daily interactions. Put that crazy energy to work cleaning out the basement, or the man-cave.

Gemini, you love socializing and gabbing but sometimes, enough is enough. In fact, all that chatting and interaction is what produces change in you. Slow down and let it settle in. Make your personal shift now: close relationships are involved soon.

Sagittarius, re-assess your skills, talents and resources for your new gig. Own what is yours and budget it for use in your mission. Saturn, the reality master, helps you trim your vision into manageable pieces over the next few years. Oh, and it’s play-off season — but you knew that already!

Taurus, this gift of Capricornian wisdom shifts you into the reaping cycle. Make a plan for how to manage being at your peak of professional visibility. Any madness at work needs innovative action. Riding the Goat-wave demands that you follow your plan and not get swept up in power plays.

Virgo, the glut of Capricorn planets falls in your area of fun! Not so easy for fretful you, but the fun comes in a focused, managerial way — just your style! Make a detailed action plan, and at the top of the page, write down WHY you are doing what you are doing and visit that statement regularly.

Libra, you have a crowd at home! Are they family and friends? Or a remodeling crew? A moving van and packing team? Whatever it is, it’s all about home base. Keeping balance among all involved demands self-care. Remember the lesson of the airplane masks — put yours on first!

Aries, the restless energy of Uranus that’s been driving you is tied into this chart. Harness that energy! It’s time to put your individuality and abundant drive to work for the group. They need your spark. And you need the team, and real results to see yourself clearly.

Cancer, close friends and partners need your skills and resources this winter. As you lend a hand you get more of yourself back. But be discerning —­ no whiny babies needed. Help the people who are there for you in a pinch.