Stars Above Kitsap | First Week in December

Sometimes a Full Moon is “just” a full moon beaming a light of clarity. This Dec. 6 Gemini moon is the visible queen in a parade of invisible, but radically transformative possibilities. Cosmic winds are urging us to grow at an accelerated rate in body, mind and soul, personally, culturally and collectively...Oh, my!

Astronomically speaking, we are sailing into the galactic center of the Milky Way, the very heart of our galaxy, and another point named the Great Attractor at the same degree as the full moon (Sagittarius 14 degrees). These wildly energetic points are pulsing with radio and electromagnetic waves beyond our imagination. Bombarded with this active energy we must move. Free will and your consciousness will direct your movement so use this input well.

We are also experiencing the sixth contact in a series of seven between Uranus, the individualist, and Pluto, the powerful. This is the underlying aspect that’s been rocking our boats since 2010. Change has been lurking, and lurking, and lurking, until we finally made adjustment while knowing more change is yet to come. These are very unsettling underpinnings, but soon to resolve, so tweak what you can and remain open for the final act in March.

Just as we were becoming comfortable in dealing with deep personal issues, Saturn, the taskmaster and manifestor, moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius for a two and a half year visit after a 28 year absence. New lessons. More change.

Mighty Jupiter, bringer of possibilities, in Leo, the lion-hearted, changes to an inward direction so we can assimilate these shifts. Intuitive Neptune’s role in this Full Moon reminds us to take time to be still — even in the midst of this busy season. Peace comes when we practice deep listening. Our hearts remember the miracle of light and love coming to everyone on Earth!

What does this all mean? It adds up to a radical call for both logical and inspired awareness. The question is: Where am I a talking head, hypnotized by a belief that doesn’t hold up to everyday life on a planet with seven billion people? Am I willing to broaden my vision of life to include and honor all people on Earth?


For of Dec. 6 - 21

For Sagittarius, your personal magnetism helps us trust a broader vision and your enthusiastic belief in mankind lifts us up.  Imagine you are a celebrity. What would you use your platform to speak out for? Well, there you go ...

Leos, your expanding and optimistic view of yourself lights you up and gives us all a glimpse of what love can do when applied to one’s self.  Your renewed faith expands trust in others and...well, the entire cosmos. It’s a solar heart-wind at your back.

Aries, explore and seek exposure to new ideas and cultures. Travel of mind or body lights your fire and puts your radiant self to good use. You’ll be happier as a rebel with a cause.

Gemini, your moon glowing high in the night sky may leave you feeling quite exposed and a little emotional. You  need your close peeps but those are the very folks who may be stressing you out. Deep breath!

Libra, the Gemini moon is stretching you to renew your sense of trust in life. Mars, Warrior-man, is kicking up his heels in your house of joy and play. Remember, the holidays can be fun. Try thinking outside of the box — not all presents come in a box.

Aquarius, Mars in your sign energizes you to get out for fun and networking. You will revel in this energetic full moon with big ideas and rubbing elbows with the populace. Humanitarian ideas and non-profits could be especially appealing.

This moon, Scorpio, highlights self-esteem and resources like your body, talents, skills and money, and how you share them. Remember that imagination, music and the arts are more fun in the long run, than too much of the banquet table and imbibes.

Cancer, the moon calls you to a few days of quiet reflection. You and your body will thank you if you take it. In fact, this is the month to review routines concerning rest, food and exercise — these changes are a gift only you can give yourself. PS. Hold on to your purse strings.

Pisces, the stretch between work and home could be a preview of things to come for you. You may find work responsibilities ramping up soon. Structure around spiritual practices will help you stay steady and in touch with who you are even if others have a fuzzy view of you.

Capricorns, dream time could be invaluable these long winter nights. You can go deep within if you don’t let busyness distract you. Old fears in the area of shared resources and intimacy could be exactly that – old. Solstice comes soon bearing gifts.

Virgo, relax — there is a guardian angel at your back. Focus on home and hearth; it’s where all the action is! Innovative ideas could re-invigorate health routines. You and your partner are intuitively in step so do some dreaming and imaging together to get all ideas on the table.

Taurus, financial opportunities like loans and partner’s resources are lining up. Keep your professional focus and hang on to self-esteem. When in doubt, fall back on your generous heart. Spend time with your family. They are your ground of being.