Stars Above Kitsap | Third Week in January

It is still the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Oh, yeah! We could wear tie-dyed T-shirts and have a sit-in, again because the times are not a changin’ that much, astrologically speaking. We (the people) made a ruckus that cracked society wide open for all people. Clearly, the good from that era needs re-energized to get back on track.

The new moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 5:14 a.m. combines with star-patterns that are absolutely historical! There are energetic line ups that haven’t been seen for thousands of years, or since the beginning of our country, or since the start of the industrial revolution. Cultures change with configurations like these.

The stars are drumming with energy. What’s going on in the sky is mind-blowing and we will feel the wave, in both society and our personal lives.

Aquarian energy can get bogged down with rebel-without-a-cause syndrome. But, if we focus ourselves to the spirit of brotherhood and the common good, there is an astral wind at our backs magnifying every small effort we make. What effort will you make? How do you want to use the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

We need everyone’s voice to form our best society. Participate — if only in your own liberation. Time to create a ruckus, people, and bring this revolution home.


For the Jan. 20 new moon to Feb. 3 full moon

Aquarians, everyone gets a sense of what it’s like to be you — innovative, inventive, intelligent. The spotlight shines in a way that gives you a glimpse of your impact on others. Listen to yourself when you talk to discover where you are shifting. Lead on, even if you have to feel your way along the path.

Aries, you are breaking through left, right and down the middle, forging the way and inspiring us. Let the ideals of democracy and brotherhood be your guiding star. Your still, small voice needs attention. How about some good ol’ fashioned daydreaming or a nap?

Capricorn, you have one job right now — take what is and make it better. Tell the truth about what must change and know you have the resources needed. Martin Luther King was a shining example of bringing a dream into reality, one step at a time.  A few walls may come down but remodeling is good.

Sagittarius, responsibility is headed your way. Be sure it is on the path you want to travel. Spreading ideas far and wide are on tap. If you have a message, get it out there: speak from your heart, write, launch web-sites, publish. No passion, yet? Travel or education could help find it.

Leos are in for a month of interacting with others in equal partnerships. Be sure that what they bring to the party is equal to what you bring. Or do you need to step up your game? Your enthusiasm, generosity and warmth is your calling card right now. Remember even small steps move your personal renovation forward.

Virgo, the daily grind — you know, routines, co-workers, details, details, details (your finest area) need innovation to rework anything stuck. Your mind may be overly energized by Mercury, which retrogrades the day after the new moon. Go back over recent events to find the missing link. Your partner may not agree.

Gemini, you know about Mercury retrograde. Let fresh winds blow through dogma and fantasies. Partnerships are in for a two year review. New skills, new adventures ... new partners? Are they supporting your work? And by the way, does your work make your heart sing? It needs to more than ever.

Libra, the airy quality of the moment excites creativity, recreation and thoughts of romance. Do something against your norm. Think eccentric, weird, odd thoughts about how you express yourself and your affections. Are your co-workers pulling their weight? No pity party allowed ... poke them and get them moving.

Taurus, some of Libra’s advice goes for you, too. But focus the “eccentric” in your professional life. It’s okay to have a wild idea or two so loosen up and see what ideas Mercury retrograde brings. The tension between steadiness and changes meets in you. Walk it off, little bull.

Cancer, find security this month in your closest relationship. Together, review family investments, wills and insurance. This is where Mercury retrograde shows up in your chart, so do your due diligence. This moon reaches back to the eclipse in October 2014. What were you trying to accomplish then? Get back to it if the holidays interrupted progress.

Scorpio, funny, there’s something about spending time at home you find deeply transforming. You may find yourself particularly mellow and interested in fun. You did a ton of work the last two years and can tweak whatever didn’t get done over the summer. Play a little now.

Pisces, you’ve done what you can over the last year. Let go of what you feel about what did and didn’t happen. Building blocks at work can lead to more impact later. Mars in Pisces brings fresh energy to your mission over the next five weeks so get busy and do what you can.  You know, small things with great love.