Stars Over Kitsap | First Week in October

Eclipse season arrives with a total eclipse of the Aries full moon on Oct. 8. The celebration begins very early with a four-day tailgate party. There are so many players in this moon’s line-up: we need a coach, teammates and the 12th Man to get the most out of the opportunities ahead.

Ultimately — this awesome — the eclipsed full moon’s sole purpose is to focus us on “radical authenticity” while connecting with our proper partners and pals to bring benevolence to all.

On Oct. 4, Mars, the god of action, is having a fit of spontaneity creating disorder. Mercury, the god of communication, who could bring perspective, is retrograde — as in gone, girl! The Oct. 5 moon and Neptune meet-up and provide a break where we can either throw a pity-party or ride a spiritual uplift around church time. Oct. 6 plants our feet on the ground with Saturn’s reality check. But, by Oct. 7 we are back to surprising ourselves, and others with unexpected (Uranus), fast (Mars, again) and overdone (Jupiter) comments and actions.

Then, Oct. 8 we get to the main event: the full moon.

This full moon reads like a Shakespearean play where self-importance, shenanigans, odd timing and bumbling leads to hurt feelings and over-the-top reactions. Everyone is on stage and in this together. Edginess, anxiety and eccentricity will abound. Find harmony with others while being our imperfect selves. The path is to remove our masks, let go of our scripts and speak, and listen, from the essence of who we are — our hearts.

There are resonances in this moon from last April and January, and even as far back as 19 years ago when we had a similar eclipse. What were you working to accomplish during those times? This is a powerful surge of energy to bring light and consciousness. You can jolt yourself awake or miss a golden opportunity. What outcome are you intending?


Oh, Aries, aren’t you the lively one! Just don’t go so far you alienate your best friends forever. That motley crew is your mirror for seeing both the good and bad in yourself. Still, sometimes we have to let go of close friends. This is your month to evaluate who still fits and who has to go.

Libra, barriers you experience in making connections could be sensitivities from long ago. This moon helps you look deep and let go. If you’ve been picking eccentric friends, let your own eccentricities come on stage and shine. Assert yourself and find time for you.

Oh yeah, Capricorns, you are called to shine at work. The eclipse may send you home for some unexpected excitement, but behind the scenes, there’s action and energy to meet what comes. Let the winds lift you up and carry you to new, exciting endeavors or avocations.

Cancer, on the other hand, you retreat to home base, your favorite place to be. Time to catch up inwardly on the activities of late summer and reconnect with your core values and family. Home improvements, beautification, updating the nest? Now is the month.

Sagittarius, the fire tribe is demanding fun and adventure for you. Go somewhere far away, have a love connection and do good works at the same time. And, do it now. Now! Saturn is heading your way and you’ll have plenty of time to get real later! Go on, little bird, fly!

You’ve built a base the last two years, Scorpio, and it’s almost time to see the benefit of your hard work. Meanwhile, take this month and work on releasing unresolved stress from the last year. Charge up with meditation, contemplation and rest.

Schedule an educational outing, Aquarius. You could find more than you expect. Maybe a perpetual partner, a best friend, your right tribe. Work may be hard but Saturn is moving soon. You’ll see how much you’ve accomplished and how many have been watching.

This moon is made for Gemini. Keep down to it at work — you will be breaking through soon. Make adjustments in diet and health as needed, too.

Leo, isn’t it fun being you? If it isn’t, you need a new stage. Be sure you are building a stairway to the heaven you really want. You face a 14-year-cycle and this year is lift-off. This moon is pressing for improved communication skills and finding helpful connections.

Virgo, you move into areas of financial and emotional security. Get your files in order and make a plan. Unexpected resources could pop-up. Use your words to delegate, delete (as in say no!) and get your needs met in small, daily ways.

Amazing dreams may push you in unexpected directions, Taurus, so after being the social grease at work, go rest. Powerful partners, shared resources, and a year of opportunity align and you are the linchpin. Get pampered like royalty on your down time.

Pisces, deeper intimacy of a financial and emotional type with your closest partners calls to you. Your work/career arenas are sparky and fun. Trust the openings and act.