Stars Over Kitsap | First Week in September


Horoscopes for the Sept. 9 full moon.

How do you answer the question “Are you a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience?” If you said, “I'm both,” the Full Moon in Pisces with Sun in Virgo agree. They tie spiritual beingness and human beingness together — body and soul — and give meaning to life.

Called a Super Moon because it is closer to earth than usual, and has more gravitational pull on Earth...and us, and being in a super-sensitive water sign, we can expect emotional reactions leading into the Sept. 8 event. Do you need a hug?

Opposite Venus in Virgo, the Pisces moon stretches us to reconcile living in an imperfect world, in imperfect bodies, while longing for the perfection of spirit. As an aside, Robin Williams had this exact aspect. Practice extreme kindness and use your routines to keep on keeping on.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is in its home waters until the year 2025.  Everyone gets upgraded to more sensitivity concerning imagination, mystery, make-believe, magic, intuition and compassion. Pisces know with their entire being that angels, fairies and holy spirits work along side this reality. Simple prayers play an important role in the shift. Annie Lamott has her favorite three: Help, Wow and Thanks!

Virgo is perspiration. Pisces is inspiration.  It's the story of the busy ants preparing for a rainy day, and the ne'er-do-well grasshopper singing in the sun. Neither is right, and it takes both for a rich life.

The light of full moons show us the shadow side of signs, also. Being tired or hungry can wreak havoc on emotions as well as being disorganized and inefficient. Order and routines stabilize us earthlings and Virgo is mistress of such. The Pisces moon helps us release painful burdens like judgment, loneliness, and lack of forgiveness. Do you have a soulful practice that opens your heart?

Pisces, your sensitivity becomes visible leading to a sense of vulnerability. Your antenna is working well these days, so trust your guidance. True friends give feed back when you’re off base and cheer you on when on track. If you don’t like what they reflect back to you, get real and clean up your act.

Although friends may have to drag you outside, Virgo, go look at the eternity of the endless  night sky. With Venus in Virgo supporting the Sun, don’t overdo “perfecting.” In the face of the cosmos, what exactly is perfection? While you are looking up, feel free to ask the universe for help. If that’s too woo-woo, ask your friends.

On the other hand, Libra, if you take a spiritual view to the extreme of sacrificing, especially around your job, you can stress your body. Check out any vague body issues with your medical practitioner. Use your SELF-esteem at work (and everywhere else in life) to say no to “too much.” Your needs count, too.

Uranus and Jupiter are urging you, Aries, to re-create yourself. You need recreation, for an energy boost.  A co-worker’s feedback on your changes will give you food for thought and help you see your deeper motives.

Friends (or a bank) may share skills, talents and money, Leo.  This year brings opportunities galore, and expanded faith. Ultimately, Saturn says you must pay a price. The price is drilling down to clarity about what kind of life you want to build over the next fourteen years! Whatever you choose, build a strong foundation and select co-collaborators carefully.

Oh, Taurus, give it a rest! Relax. You need practical play with like-minded people, maybe a fund-raiser, where you surprise yourself by giving a generous donation.

Quit laughing, Scorpio. You could use some play, too. Give yourself (and us) a break from your intense pomposity. If responsibility is offered, “President” Scorpio, be sure you want it. You’re a viable commodity at work, just direct it where you want to go.

Gemini, you are separating preferences from essential core values. Work demands detail and focus, focus, focus. Your body probably needs attention, too. But, you could have an inspiring breakthrough about how to reach the masses around the full moon.

Some careers need to be darn near perfect, Sagittarius, like brain surgery and piloting a plane. If that’s your scene, go for 100 percent, baby. Otherwise, 97 percent should do the trick. Ancestral skeletons in the closet rattle whispering your name.  Are you seeing ghosts or writing a visionary novel? Let that woo-woo stuff bubble up.

In a phoenix-making process, your soul insists you get on the right path, Capricorns. The veil is thin in daily life, much to your surprise! Humble yourself and ask for direction and help from friends, angels, and God – they are standing by.

Aquarius, discipline is paying off at work with new-found respect for your insight. Money? Well, there’s a mystery! But, this cycle brings close friends who don’t care about your warts and all. This adds true value to your self-esteem which is all money is about anyway.

Cancer, take a break from routines and check out museums and cultural sites. What’s your ancestry? Explore there. Visual images, gut feelings and a broader imagination get you closer to the meaning of your life.