Stars Over Kitsap | First Week in January 2015

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go. Are you racing to get back to it? Or pulling the covers over your head? Either or both are possibilities given that the full moon arrives on a Sunday evening — 8:34 p.m. on Jan. 4 — as the festivities end and the world calls us to attendance.

This moon embodies the restlessness of a teenager stuck between too many emotions (moon in Cancer) and too many duties (sun in Capricorn).  Acting out is a no-go and playing hookey wins no rewards either.

Winter is a season that demands Capricornian maturity to survive. As we cross into the new year, the two-faced god Janus, who looks backwards and forward, demands we make hard adjustments. This moon cycle is about focused actions and security. How will we act so we are secure both emotionally and physically, and also on a personal and cultural level? Changes are needed, and we are at a crossroad where a new path must be chosen. Or another route, where wisdom blends with innovation?

In the midst of this moon’s restlessness, can you settle down and ponder adult questions of real accomplishments and emotional satisfaction?  What is your strategy for the new year? Winter’s long nights are designed for listening to the still, small voice of spirit directing our steps. If only we listen...


For the Jan. 4 full moon to the Jan. 20 new moon

Capricorn, what are you working so hard and ambitiously for? You begin reviewing your idealism and what exact dream you are pursuing. No rush, though, because this is a two-plus-year cycle.  Clarity brings more precise planning behind the scenes, and those details form success later.

Aquarius, energy gathers in your sector of self-hood so get out there and preen. What new groups will you delight in this year? A wide circle of far-seeing friends fan your winds of change. Be sure you are changing in the direction you want to go. Steady on!

Cancer, balancing between others and yourself can drain, or inspire you to show your sensitivity. Close friends and family can give you courage to be seen by all of us! Rise to the occasion and vitality returns. You begin a prolonged meditation on which chores promote security and which can be tossed.

Pisces, your new journey combines pragmatism and nebulousness — all in you! Imagination works for you as well as nose-grinding does for others. When you combine the two, castles in the air take amazing form  and work ceases to be a drudge. Meditation on one hand, and an action plan in the other, set you right.

Scorpio, the winter season has you dreaming about the faces of abundance. Where do you feel fenced in? Skills, space, finances, physical impairments? Whatever it is, step-by-step actions can make progress in expanding your domain. You are enjoying your place in the world. Where do you want to go from here?

Gemini, this month your study is the connection and resources of intimacy with others, not being dependent or independent, but inter-dependent. Trusting the right partner depends on playing your hunches. What do you feel in your gut? What vision do you two tread? You can not isolate yourself in endless networking. Deeper is better.

Libra, your chart lies deep in the home and personal issues area. You bounce as high into the world as your base is solid. Odd liaisons add spark and fun even as you remain cool and detached this winter season. Enjoy. The spring equinoxes lean heavily on the on-going lessons of relationships.

Taurus, your fortune lies out in the world and prospers as if it has a life of its own. But, even growth needs management whether in a garden or a business. Get what you can in writing and then get busy. You know you love this prospering, busy-ness stuff!

Virgo, your nervous system is high-strung and being played like a harp. Give yourself some TLC on the food and exercise front ... not too much or too little of either. Just ahead for you is a rebuilding of the family nest, positioning it as an optimal base for future expansion of mind and travel.

Leo, plodding Saturn and exuberant Jupiter are in a lovely dance but undecided about whether a high-kicking can-can, or an earthy clog is needed. Optimism and pessimism are two sides of one coin and your job is to balance the coin on its edge, or as the Buddhist say, seek the Middle Path.

Aries, seeking a grounded experience of a broader way is your challenge. Make it expansive enough to be inclusive of each one’s individualism and one that puts each one to work building a whole for us all. Sounds like the hard work of democracy and brotherhood born anew. Small order ... but you have energy to forge this path.

Sagittarius, your tendencies toward spontaneity, expansion and optimism are being honed and the next few years may feel like education by hard-knocks. These experiences teach you what you need to turn yourself into a teacher and visionary. Check out the TED talks on YouTube, that could be you!