Stars Over Kitsap | Second Week in July

Here comes that monthly extravaganza known as the full moon, and it demands attention.

The sun in the west and moon in the east creates a cosmic see-saw asking us to find our balance. The archetypal sign of the mother is Cancer, and the father is Capricorn. They are calling us to balance our inner male and female. At the June 27 new moon, we considered nurturing ourselves to safely express our true feelings. With this full moon, we move our answers outward to the playing field of home and work.

Balance these arenas in a way that nourishes and continues to create safety. We may feel vulnerable by the light of the Capricorn Moon who says “Great you’re in touch with your feelings. Now get out here and let’s get some work done.” Do you say “okay, Dad?” Or run for Mama’s skirts?

What does this mean for individual signs?

Aries are struggling with security issues with the help of Uranus, the wild child; chaotic, individual and idiosyncratic. After July 21 Aries may find a need to review how far they’ve pushed the boundaries on their freedom march at work and home.

Libras, my husband, with many Libra planets, told me about a breathing exercise where you say “I am” on the inhale and “we are” on the exhale. That is so totally Mars in Libra! Not one or the other, but both, and in the same breathe cycle.  Be you in the “we” of it. Libra, this is the key to relationships.

Capricorns could be feeling vulnerable with Pluto in the mix. Are you just ambitious or are you defending a primal wound? “Go big or go home” morphs into “go home and go deep” down to where the treasure lies. Make self-nurturing a priority. In time, like the phoenix, you will rise again.

Cancer, Jupiter brought you a year of optimism and faith. Are you as secure receiving nurturance as you are at giving it? The Sun, a big radiant battery, is shining on you so soak it up this birthday month as you recharge for the next cycle.

Watch out, Leo, Jupiter is moving in. Focus on self-expression and be aware of your penchant for drama. It could be over the top this year. However, it is warm, generous, dramatic, fun-loving Leo’s job to teach us how to get our party on. Mark your calendars for July 16, buy balloons and put a little salsa music on, please!

Sagittarians may need a word of caution. Jupiter is going to cha-cha with Uranus, the wild child! Do not go to extremes over the next six months. Take reasonable risks. I repeat, reasonable risks. If you aren’t sure what that is, get a reality check from a Scorpio who is learning Saturn’s lessons of patience and boundaries.

Stay with your heart, Scorpio, and be true to yourself. You are probably seeing the fruits of your labor by now.

Geminis are excitable air signs and Mercury has turned direct! With Venus, Mars, Uranus and  Jupiter bringing the party to their sector, they’ll show us how fun summer can be. Take to the boardwalk and strut your stuff. Try to take a few minutes at sunset on the beach and sit quietly. You may hear angels talking to you. OK, that might sound silly. I’m just saying the lines are open.

Taurus, go with the flow, socialize and relax. Saturn has been leaning on you and your physical body needs a break. But Venus is in a great place and getting better so enjoy summer’s ease with sun and breeze on your shoulders. Natural pleasures rejuvenate you.

Virgos, Mother Theresa and all that jazz, use this Full Moon to be sure your to-do-list is heartfelt and includes your needs. Your list can get dry and demanding at times. Be nice to yourself. After all, this is the month for self-nurturing.

Pisces are in the sweet spot at this moon. Let the inspiration flow and let Saturn help you give it form. Poetry, music, dance, singing, ritual? Bring them to the party, too. We need your soft, healing touch reminding us we are the world.

Airy Aquarians are in their heads so the heart energy of Cancer is a challenge. They have “theories” about feelings, homes, towns and cultures. Saturn in Scorpio insisting that they get with the feeling thing-y. Life is personal, Aquarius, not just an ideology.

One last word for all signs. We’ve been working under a continual grand cross since before Christmas.  Remember that you are the consciousness in your chart. Astrology talks about universal flow patterns that you can use to bloom into your best self. If you haven’t made your move or aren’t sure what to do, pay close attention around July 17-20 for clues. Nothing changes unless you do!