Stars Over Kitsap | Second Week of August

The full moon’s lively party: The howl you hear is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius as the moon lines up opposite the lively sun and Jupiter in Leo on Sunday morning. To keep us from getting too wild and crazy, several “adult” planets are calling for attention too.

Think of it like this: we’re having a party. Everyone holds a piece of the puzzle and we need all pieces joined together to see the whole picture. You can’t just show up empty handed ­you must have found your puzzle piece. And, here’s the clincher: ­ you must lay it out for everyone to see. Yikes!

This full moon’s question is: What if we lived out loud, and let others live out loud, sharing stories and helping each other along? Yep, Kitsap County would rock!

Leo, you are our perennial Pied­ Piper in this endeavor and have the spotlight this month. Stay humble and express yourself. Your inspirational sun lights the fire for the entire Zodiac.

For a year, Saturn has urged Scorpios to let go of non­essentials. With Mars visiting, personal desires abound and action will be taken! As uncomfortable as it may be, cut your losses and let go. You can accomplish much right now at work and home in the direction you truly want to travel.

The push/pull action for Aries is due to release around Aug. 16. Should I stay or should I go? Freedom from ruts is what’s needed, not just a mad dash. Maybe there is a creative way to set yourself free, Aries. Your mission is to lead by being innovative, not chaotic.

Taurus, you are at a turning point as you set off into the second half of a 28-year journey. Where were you heading 14 years ago? Are you on track? Or do you need to pick up forgotten threads and cut excess baggage? You’ve gone as far as you can alone. Pick close friends and partners of all kinds carefully. Think of your chosen ones as your “Fellowship of the Ring.”

Can you feel the lift of Jupiter, Sagittarians, in its own house — your house? Travel or education could be calling you to adventure. Planets in Leo and Aries are feeding your fire but with Saturn in your blind spot, you could feel a degree of reality flickering in your peripheral.

After eight months in Libra, Mars’ vacancy may have Libras finding just how deep their partnerships are. True desires are up for fulfillment. Can you be “you” in this collaboration without contorting yourself? If yes, cheer each other on and go. Sometimes, the simple fact of a relationship allows a Libra to soar.

Gemini, get out there and go — run errands, run here, run there, go far, go short, but move among the creative and inspirational. Jot down ideas so you can get back to them later. The itchy spot may be your job — too much heavy detail for a Gemini. If you haven’t made it work by now ... well, how’s your health?

For Capricorns, this full moon has to do with money. Loans may be easy to come by, but co­signing demands serious consideration. Do you need to let go of some groups? Rotary, the church, the Humane Society, band, sports? Which ones still fit your vision?

This moon visits Aquarius’ sun, throwing light on emotional and security needs. Are adjustments called for in how you present yourself or partner up with those closest to you? Give us a view of your softer side, Aquarius, and steal a little of that Leo strut!

Pisces, it’s drifty­dreamy time with a 12th house full moon. Your antenna may be picking up more psychic data than usual. A spa day would be perfect. Jupiter parties in your sixth house for 11 months and could entice you off your normal routines of work hours, food and diet into the land of “too much.” Pace yourself.

Cancer, value yourself enough to activate your self­care plan. The Aquarian moon can lenddetachment helping you get started. What would you say to a close friend if she were dragging her feet? It would probably be sweet, kind and nurturing. So, do that and take good care ... of you!

Virgo, the Leos are having a ball in your unconscious sector. How about taking some time to daydream in the sun? Dreams may cue you into what the new cycle will bring with birthdays on the horizon and Jupiter in your 12th house for a year. There is a guardian angel traveling with you. Make friends with her and be willing to let things be easy. If you’ve forgotten what dreams are made of, check out “Woodstock” at the Point Casino and see if your memory gets tweaked. A little “Back to the Future” trip could be productive for getting on track.