Stars Over Kitsap | Third Week in August

Leo is sexy. Full moons are exciting. But none of that now. We are at the dark of the new moon in gentle, down-to-earth Virgo, Monday, Aug. 24.

Our attention turns to that which must be done: eight-to-five, schoolwork, sports practice, rehearsals, cooking three meals a day. You know, reality, routine, the rut.

The Virgo cycle takes the daily grind and turns it into focused, dedicated service to something bigger than ourselves. Passions discovered in the previous Leo cycle become our gift to our family, our community and God. Giving our gift inspires our daily activities, which ultimately allows us to reach the “personal best” we might call perfection if we weren’t a humble Virgo.

A great example of doing “small things with great love” while leaving a large legacy was seen in the work of Mother Teresa, a Virgo. Seahawks’ Richard Sherman has far fewer moments in the spotlight than sweating in the gym. Even breezy Robin Williams was a Julliard trained actor. Mothers and fathers putting a roof over their family’s heads are doing Virgo work. Inspiration, work, perspiration – Virgo. We all have Virgo in us somewhere, so get focused and do the work.

The questions this month center on this: if I am an apprentice of my chosen path — sports, art, parenting, etc. — how do I simplify my routine in the most practical ways so I can learn skills to get the job done?  Do I need a teacher, a mentor? Where am I wasting energy in forgettable pursuits? It’s all about details. A plan.

Virgo, as you lead us with your quiet, dedicated  activities, it may be time to upgrade your personal presentation. In other words, you could use a make-over. Take a leaf from Leo’s book and dress for your role: hair cut, clothes, shoulders back, lower your little girl voice. Don’t be so humble you get overlooked when you need to be taken seriously for your mission’s sake.

Leo’s focus is on aligning money and core values. Spend money for lessons or whatever you need to become your own financial resource through skills and talents. Will one more  pair of shoes, a new iPhone, rad wheels, etc. serve your ultimate purpose? Really?

What could be more intense than determining who you can trust in the area of money and sex,Aquarius? With Jupiter and Venus dancing a quick-step in your house of partnership, you may see partners and good friends everywhere. Again, oh la, la. Still, be sure wills, insurance and all that jazz are in good shape.

Take a trip, Capricorn, or study something expansive — big enough to rock your world. Jupiter and Venus are lighting up your transformation. If you haven’t already climbed out of your over-disciplined box, you know change is coming by now. Just let go...whee!

Close relations and friendships get re-evaluated by Pisces. You need friends to give you a reality-check; those who appreciate your spacey, silliness. Remember, if you are sacrificing yourself for someone else, well, that isn’t an equal relationship. That’s work! Are you getting paid to carry their load?

You’ve been working hard for two years peeling the onion, dear Scorpios. Use this new moon to visualize future hopes and dreams. Mars is tight with Saturn this week. This dynamic duo is a gift of courage with a laser-like focus and the discipline to do heavy lifting. Throw Mercury into the mix and you’ve got clarity about what must be done. Take action now.

Taurus, use the new Moon to plant seeds of intention around creative projects, romance and children. You know, fun stuff! The Saturn/Mars combo will weed out mere acquaintances from true friends and partners. Clarity abounds even in the midst of unexpected and startling insights.

Sixth house moon helps Aries rework daily habits. Remember your ultimate mission to re-inspire optimum routines. You have an overload of nervous energy these days, so get moving -shake it up to feel better. Then propose that wild suggestion you think will work!

Geminis, you old gadabouts, go home for some quiet time. You’ve been sitting in the middle of an awkward, subtle energy jam that works your system hard even if you can’t quite see what “it” is. You can’t figure it out logically. Just let it come to you.

Exchanges from siblings, neighbors and acquaintances, errands, phone calls, texts, e-mails and small changes of plan abound, Cancers. Rework how you manage the daily onslaught, but keep expectations light. You’ll find angels along the way. Venus and Jupiter could send you on an extravagant shopping spree for beauty’s sake.

This is a quieter month for Libra as you review your last year. Naps and daydreams are needed to provide fuel for your new cycle. If you socialize, grace the party with your lovely presence and don’t be in charge.

At last, Sagittarius, your work is seen. Recognition is grand but how much authority (and paperwork) do you want? If your current job isn’t an avocation, this is a good time to put out feelers. Your reputation proceeds you and your network turns out to be larger than you think. It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.