Stars Over Kitsap | Fourth Week in June 2014

Summer solstice brought in the sign of Cancer shifting the “get up and go” energy of Gemini to our homes and personal life.  At the height of light, on the longest day of the year, Earth begins its journey back to darkness celebrated at Winter Solstice. Just as warned in “The Game of Thrones,” “Winter is coming.”

Darkness or winter is a metaphor for going into our deepest, private lives. We begin the journey in archetypal Cancer where feelings arise about personal needs for safety and security. What do we need to feel safe enough to go deep enough to find the light of our hearts?

In Cancer, a water sign, the New Moon (June 27) tunes us into emotions. Cancer is emotional about issues of safety and vulnerability—think of the hard outer shell protecting the soft innards of a Northwest crab. To journey to the personal world of the tender heart, we simply must feel safe.  So the question is “Am I safe enough to feel my true feelings?”

In fact, what do I feel? Have I been too busy taking care of others to care for myself? OMG, I’m an emotional mess. When did that happen?

No worries. The sun is in Cancer for a month. The Moon is in Cancer for 2½ days. Take a deep breath, sit quietly and ponder these questions. Feelings are intensely personal but they ultimately translate to specific needs. What do you need to feel safe enough to grow?  If you don’t know, you can’t get it. Growth stops and life becomes heavy.

Use this month to “feel” your way back to your compassionate heart. It won’t be a logical process with a water sign moon, but the energy of the universe is with you. Use it to make adjustments to get back on your heart path - where life is juicy!

Different sun signs respond to these Cancerian questions differently.

Cancers will dive head first into the task of updating their homes, inside and out. It’s literally the ground they live and “feel” on.

Libras consider them in relationship to ... relationships. Mars in their sign for the last seven months is insisting that Libras feeling safe enough to bringing their needs to their partner’s table for a change. This will re-invigorate partnerships.

Capricorns ponder how the answers will effect their work and careers. Has overtime cut too deeply into family time?

Aries is never too into feelings and with Uranus in their sign, their “need”  is action — to break out of ruts and come to life!

The other two water signs are always happy to feel: Scorpio is busy working on self-discipline around emotions and Pisces has its ruler Neptune visiting so they may be overwhelmed with feelings, intuitions and psychic input.

Taurus and Virgo both get a gentle lift from the water energy and are engaged in the questions of the month in a their quiet, methodical ways.

Neptune is a big player this new moon. When Neptune appears, logic takes a back seat to sensing, dreaming, meditating and intuitive insights. Hang out in a hammock and daydream, read poetry, listen to music — give yourself up to the feelings and drift and flow. Follow your heart beat back home to itself.

Geminis, Sagittarius and Aquarius will be most challenged to move to the feeling, dreamy place. It isn’t their nature, so they may be a bit out of sorts.

Leo is wrapping up its year, with birthdays near. What have I accomplished...or not? Saturn is helping them discern what to keep private and what to display before their time on stage next month.

Another stellar pattern called a grand cross has been at play since mid-December. This was a major conference of four major planets — Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter — in the four executive signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Big Four by Four Summit! These are the CEOs of fire, water, air and earth. They are very different from each other and each wants his own way. People of those sun signs, or who have rising or moon signs, or any planets in cardinal signs (everyone, right?) may not know what is happening, but they know something is. And, after seven months of adjusting, they (all of us) are tired. Very tired.

All four planets are pushing us to fuller expression. As we adjust one area of life, three other areas move. Then the first area needs rework. Few of us are anywhere near where we were in December. What did you create with those awesome winds of the universe at your back?

The United States of America is a Cancer with a birthday on the fourth and has been hugely impacted by the grand cross. Give the USA some love! Celebrate homeland, mother and tradition. Then, take your tea to the hammock and daydream your way back to feelings, heart and home.

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