Stars Over Kitsap: Taurus Full Moon

Dark and dusty night sky looking toward constellation of Taurus

Dark and dusty night sky looking toward constellation of Taurus

Remember Who We Are

Once upon a time many moons ago, the People knew in their very bones that they were connected to the sun, the moon and the stars, the animals, and grasses and trees, and that all were sacred and part of Spirit. But this knowledge became lost.

The People used to come out of their dark huts and caves to see the Moon rise in her glorious fullness, but that was long ago, too. At last, the Mother Moon decided she must do something to return the People to their hearts. She filled herself with prayer and holy intent. She chose the dark season to make her pearly appearance even more alive with Light and she would come as close to earth as possible so the People could not ignore her.

When all was quiet, the harvest in and the season of celebrations had not arrived, she began her ascent. Slowly, commanding great presence, She rose over the horizon, pregnant with purity, gigantic and filled with Divine Love. She pulled the Peoples' attention out of their shadows to memories of themselves as radiant temples of Spirit's great flame, generous and kind among His creations.

This is the possibility of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. The Moon (Tuesday, October 27 at 5:05 AM PDT) re-awakens us to trust in Life's vitality even in the midst of personal disappointments and failures. The Moon appears smooth and whole - not fractured and missing parts. In Her Light, we see the value of all things, great and small - ourselves included - and to a sense of eternal time where we can respond to heart-felt urges. We see it is all Good. It is all God.

Thanks to Mother Moon we remember who we are. As we re-awaken, the Holidays unfold in ways that make sense. We want to make of ourselves a gift worthy of family and friends. Feelings, deep and mysterious, reconnect us, heal us and bring peace.

Horoscopes for Oct 27 to November 11

Scorpio, friends are a bit dicey. The peaceful one, the troublemaker, the generous leader - which are you. And when? This is your month to encounter yourself through intimate mates. Others need to feel needed. Lean on them in small ways. They'll still respect you!

Sagittarius, at work, the list grows ever longer. Delegate or hunker down. Be diligent, line-by-line, day-by day. Oh, there's the accounting of last year's accomplishments. Pay attention - two years ahead of course correction. Weave us together in harmony and love.

Capricorn, friends, fun, and adjustments across the board help find a dream big enough but do-able for your future. Give it time as you wrap up a 28-year cycle. Have some fun and maybe raise funds for the needy – just don't be in charge.

Aquarius, work, home, schmoozing, it's like Mad Men with smoking and boozing as part of the good life. Financing your big idea could happen but every line item needs to be perfect. Invite friends/family to throw money into your community plan. Then work, details, work.

Pisces, take a trip for broadening horizons and pack someone close to take along. In other words, “Get out of here!” Your nervous system needs a change of scenery and perspective. If that's not happening, watch movies, read books you'd normally not touch.

Aries, yes, you be the 'Rainmaker.' Colleagues have your back so make it happen. Do the details (for once) and be well-prepped – like you are going to make a big presentation to your rich father...and father-in-law...who are bankers. Get very real behind the scene!

Taurus, that full moon is your tender heart. The good life calls and mates help get nitty-gritty done so y'all can go play. If 'friends' aren't supporting your needs and mission, well, bye-bye. Ask for more from partners - find a friend to join you in an exercise plan.

Gemini, feeling dreamy and less logical than usual? You're on track. Focus on caring for your body and slowing down, butterfly-baby. Details at home - ask a few friends over and have a chatty, work party! Poof - all done and fun to boot. Time for a nap, then some staring out the window.

Cancer, you're changeable but hey, you gotta be you even in large groups. Caring for ourselves and others is your mission statement. Keep us on target. Remind us even as we eat, drink and be merry when a party is a fund-raiser! Hold us to the line - and take care of YOU!

Leo, you are fire, the Sun itself. Groundedness and deep feelings aren't your strong suit. Profound regeneration resides at home. Invest in rediscovering your most personal needs, insecurities and pain. It's messy and private, but later you use this information to shine.

Virgo, you're getting the hang of only putting things on your list if they have meaning for you. How energized do you feel as you cut the superficial, drop the busy, busy-ness and tend to your items of love. “Do small things with great love,” said Mother Teresa, a wise Virgo.

Libra, you are dancing on the edge of in-here and out-there. Take time to consider what you want to teach/learn and manifest this year. As social as you are, you may be in-there more than normal. Relationships and others count - but you have impact too. How do you use it?