Stars Over Kitsap: New Moon in Libra

The Dancers in the Mirror

                                      American Ballet Theater

                                      American Ballet Theater

If you've been shopping lately, you know it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But before we share the season of 'Peace on Earth', Libra sponsors a season where we can put our relationship with ourselves in order so we can dance a merry-dance on down the road.

Mercury finished his retrograde whirl returning with fresh insights on how we dance the dance of love. Dancing often takes place in a room with a mirror. Use the mirror and notice you both. Do you like what you see reflected there? Or are you disappointed that they see you 'this' way? Or that you see them 'that' way? The mirror reveals partners but, beware, there's tricky footwork here, and you can only manage your own feet.

The new moon (Monday, October 12, 5:05 PM) in Libra, the relationship expert, is a private affair. So take a deep breathe, and tell the truth. Do you love yourself? Really, truly, deeply? Can you bring compassion to those tender spots you work so hard to hide? You know the ones of hurt or shame we hope someone, someday will come along and love enough so those pains no longer hurt. Remember 'co-dependency' is not a happy dance.

Recently a friend told a story on herself. “I love people so much it hurts, but I don't love me.” Her illusion of a fairytale about her endlessly giving heart popped in her moment of truth and put her feet on a new path, one where she can take steps to love herself - so she can love others. Yep, get your footwork together and you can dance with anyone!

When we learn love's true lesson, we give love without thinking, and receive it, too. When relationships flow, we move together, being the love we are, receiving the love we want. Dancing becomes a love-fest, and we have a shot at 'Peace on Earth.'

Horoscope from October 12 – 27

Libra, you shine like a new penny after two years (!) of lessons about being yourself fully in relationships. Venus, the goddess of love, moves you to graceful, heart-felt acts toward true partners who's actions toward you feel good, too. Their actions don't feel good? Cut the cord. Bye-bye!

Scorpio, after intense networking, leave time for driftin' and dreamin' as you review last year. Look at it. put it in place and let it go. If you can't get enough autonomy at work, think about free-lancing or a job with less supervision. That's where networking and a few good friends come in.

Sagittarius, are you respected - or flip? If respected, positions for your leadership skills can pop-up. More responsibility demands more work. Growing up takes work, too, at any age, Now is the time to lean-in. Work on grounding dreams and learning new skills. You are building your future.

Capricorn, friends in high places open doors so reach out. Surely you've noticed that as hard as you work, there is magic afoot. Welcome the unseen world where aloneness could be 'all-one-ness.' You can trust the vastness of life and put down the burden. But first, you must ask.

Aquarius, practice being a steadfast friend because community includes you, too, you big doofus! Broadening your worldview and the meaning of life expands your pick of companions.

Spread ideas through writing, teaching or talking and find like-minded companions for more fun!

Pisces, the veils between the worlds are always thin for you. Life and death catches your attention, but don't get lost or give your power to anything on either side of the veil. Transform, heal and let the cycle renew. If it's too heavy, or too fuzzy, rely on your closest loved ones for balance.

Aries, arguments on the job, or prestige-seeking without putting in the work doesn't work! Details count more than ever so hunker down. Partners are not merely there to support your whims. Learning to work, and love, with others is a life lesson for you. Just be you and do your share.

Taurus, working well with others is guaranteed and moves work into fast-forward. Throw in focused, detailed creativity and this month could set you apart with an A+. Don't get too crazy on the after hours scene where you could lose track of reality and call it romance. It may be, but go slow.

Geminis just wanna have fun. Gather friends and party! Art walks, jazz festivals, be seen with the beautiful people. Details at home pile up and the to-do-list gets longer so enjoy your escape time and play. Pay attention, though. Mercury may have re-arranged your friends into different line up.

Cancer, it hardly gets better than friends, family and home. You could pay back all your social obligations this month alone and it will seem like play. The eccentric at work could be a problem but send him home early - or leave early yourself, run errands and go cozy around the hearth.

Leo, what happened? You're alone for the first time in a year, and what a year it's been. Jupiter and Venus moved to work detail in Virgo-land. Sort out financial details, take some classes, write a journal – and land last year's experience so you can use it as you move ahead. Good job!

Virgo, a party is happening in your personality. It looks like a case of Sybil, with parts of your psyche emerging for all to see - including you. Who knew! Claim yourself - your skills, talents, money, friends, and connections. Only equal partners who can keep up need apply. Wow!