Stars Above Kitsap: Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon & Thanksgiving Prep

The period from Thanksgiving to Christmas is bracketed by two full moons adding extra light (and drama) to the festivities. After the deep reflection of the Scorpio new moon (November 11) which created the urge to merge, this moon in the curious sign of Gemini comes in like a party. Pair it with the fiery, get-up-and-go of Sagittarius, and voila! We've found the energy needed to see us through parties, shopping and the sheer stamina required by the social season ahead.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius require conscious balancing between logic and feelings, and mind and nature. Gemini wants to circulate for the diversity of it all while Sagittarius searches for meaning in the thread that runs true through our human cultures, nations, religions and philosophies. And, seriously, people, it has to be a higher belief system than rooting for our favorite NFL team!

On Thanksgiving's eve, the full moon (November 25, 2:44 PM PST) lights up gratitude, the perfect attitude to begin year end festivities. Gratitude widens our faith, hope and optimism as multiple generations gather around the winter fire. The timeless stories of our particular clan are passed down, and as the stories are told once again, the meaning of life becomes clear. Holiday choices simplify, and we connect with the 'heart' in the celebration.

Energetically, there is a sense of contraction that contrasts to times when we attacked life with gusto before the 2008 shift. The upside is that we are consciously focusing our energy and actions so we can build solid foundations and boundaries, and like architects who construct buildings, we are constructing lives of meaning that can withstand the test of time.

In bringing heart to the Holidays, our spiritual wellspring fills with an expansive inclusiveness. Now we can work together to bring peace to our beautiful earth.

Horoscopes for Nov 25 – Dec 11

Sagittarius, you are betwixt and between. Last year's unresolved issues are processing but you want to move full steam ahead. You see others respond to you in a new way and what does that mean? Loved ones may have insights. Bottom-line, it's stressful - until Dec 11 when the sails fill.

Capricorn, you use limitations as a tool. One step at a time, moving ever forward, if not higher. Take time to look back at how many steps it's taken to get here! Do you have supportive friends, or do you need some? Make adjustments one step at a time. Rest your sturdy body with a long winter's nap.

Aquarius, if your job isn't your true vocation, this moon connects you to like-minded people at social events. An internal revolution creates personal freedom so you can take up your mission. Here's a clue: natural friends and natural work feel like play. Go play!

Pisces, finding words that describe your intuition is a challenge. Images, music, poetry, and metaphors are a language you can learn and share with others. When you make contact between intuition and communication, you can lead. When there are too many words, trust your gut.

Aries, you jump at the chance for a vision-quest with a buddy. This quest might be only one town over - which could actually demand more courage as you stretch to include others who know you. It's so easy to rush off on your own! Listen to advice, but only you know what you deeply want.

Taurus, continue your work on finding worthy mates and friends. Marriage gives meaning. If you have one, tend to it. If you don't, get busy – the Force is with you! A controlled action plan can make the long-term financial dreams come true. But the urge to merge is strong...

Gemini, work and routine need renewed inspiration for positive habits - some of which form around close partners. If you're missing those, your quest is to find yours - and bond. Logic doesn't work here. It's about feeling the urge to connect in meaningful ways. Let your guard down.

Cancer, pressure to be your expressive self is powerful. Unconscious signals guide you to right action for waking up to who is on your team (and who isn't!) Take a long winter's nap with an intention for direction. The other need is physical activity. Shake your booty for inspiration.

Leo, family is foundation. From there, pay attention to the meaning of self-expression and play. Let your (spot) light shine, and everyone wakes up. The party becomes performance art, and a helluva lot more fun. When you include others in the performance, your self-esteem grows. Weird, isn't it?!

Virgo, harvest fresh input from friends, siblings, neighbors and waitresses. Tending home fires lights you up like a guiding light. Your orderliness allows an expansiveness to other cultures and circles. You may not be able to see it, but your heart 'makes sense' to others. They follow.

Libra, this holiday season has a whole lot more YOU in it. Let others know what makes you happy so they can help! Open up to conversations with people you might overlook, or not hear normally. Read outside of your normal genre. The world is talking to you!

Scorpio, you know who you are so put yourself first and ride waves of self-appreciation. If you are willing to pay the price for what you truly want, go for it. Quiet time is full of hints and companions who could help. This is a time to reach out to a select few and not go it alone.