Stars Above Kitsap: Scorpio New Moon

A Mission For The Spooky Season of Dark

               Scorpio Glyph Beaded Shadow Box by Suzanne O'Clair

               Scorpio Glyph Beaded Shadow Box by Suzanne O'Clair

The Season of Dark swirls around us at this New Moon in Scorpio (November 11, 9:47 AM PST). As the night-force overtakes the day-force, and the veil thins, psychologically, the doors to our personal caverns open, too. We descend to greet the ghouls, ghosts and other oddities that arise from our depths.

These scary entities are abandoned parts of us that need love and attention. Perhaps in ghosts we see our ancestors and their imprint on us. Ghouls might be parts we've tried to shed but which are 'un- dead.' This subterranean journey is fraught with fright, fear, shame, guilt and obsession.

Treasure lies in our darkness. Our desire for power, money, sex, even life itself got covered up with shameful, childish tactics unacceptable to our culture. The trick is to catch our unacknowledged attachments, our projections onto others and our scared selves acting out. The treat comes when we recognize these shadowy actions and let them and any negative emotions go. But, baby, this is serious work.

The story of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings tells how his obsession for his 'Precious' and his desire for being among the hobbits (humanity) divided him into both a whiny, wheedling child, and a force for evil beyond ordinary strength. He knew what the 'Precious' ring cost him, and he longed to let go. But, at the last moment, he lost his battle, grabbing the ring from Frodo, and danced himself into Mount Doom's cauldron.

Our passionate desire to transform fears and unconsciousness so we can merge with what is eternal fuels this arduous journey. The descent is deeply personal and undertaken for intensely personal reasons. But, without this particular adventure, life shifts into a gray level of ho-hum.

If our goal is to fully merge with a higher order, then the question becomes: What is holy union - for you? A person, a god, a principle, humanity. What must you surrender in order to merge? These answers await us if we undertake this mission in the spooky Season of Darkness.

Horoscopes November 11 to 25, 2015

Scorpio, you know the danger you travel when working with dark matter. The trickster, Mercury, shows how your mind slyly argues for darkness. Angels and an intuitive friend stand by if you go too deep. (For a Scorpio? Not!) Keep surrendering to a higher cause.

Sagittarius, intuitive knowledge is a different language - which you can learn. Dreams take you to your shadow side. Don't laugh them off. Engage your body's feelings. Your grand adventure is service to society. So we're asking, what builds a superior human, a culture, a civilization?

Capricorn, purposeful friends and groups light your fire. Many Goats are building bridges between inside and out, past and future. Do so with an eye towards what wants to be given form for the good of you. Wisdom lies in dreams. A counselor in intuitive symbols clarifies.

Aquarius, your hidden agendas are in plain sight so 'fess up and clean it up at work and around authority issues. Friends keep you honest. Wake yourself up and you may end up leading the masses to a higher vision of mankind. Work it like a puzzle. It's all good.

Pisces, do you feel like you're developing a new personality? Personal discoveries abound around this new you and how you share. How do you live meaning in your human life? Beware of negative self-talk undermining good faith in your good and solid team. They love you!

Aries, in the battle of 'I and Thou,' battle for the relationship itself starting with the one in your heroic mind. You are not the good one or the bad one. You are both. Spouses grow feisty and point out the errors of your way. Pretend they are right and you make headway.

Taurus, this is a case of owning your shadow and projections especially with your nearerst and dearest. Do you like what you see? Men and women all around you show how harmony is a shared experience. Mimic their dance steps. It's a dance of love.

Gemini, the Sun, the Moon and sly Mercury confer on the de-cluttering of your psyche. Go slow, take notes, and make a list of things to quit doing with your quick-silver mind. Noticing you have a body to tend to, remember life is a process, get kind to you.

Cancer, recreation is about re-creating essential yourself! Flow into what gives you a strong sense of YOU! Then notice why you put that gig on the back burner. Taking care of you is job #1. What are you saying to yourself that says you can't take down time?

Leo, home, hearth and friends who can talk about real issues is a treat. At home, polish the heirlooms and listen to their stories, visit the deep emotions of Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle. Tune into the dead and honor the ancestors. You will be better for it.

Virgo, cutting criticism may dampen chit-chat. Good use of the Mercurial energy in this new moon is in self-observation around routines and ruts. If day-to-day rigidness is stopping the flow, sit down with pencil and paper. Write a rant-letter to be burned. Try it, but do burn it!

Libra, the leak in your financial tire comes to light. Gift-giving is great for the right reasons, but overdoing it upsets relationship balance. Find an advisor to set budgets and bring order to your money. Meanwhile, lipstick, a smile, and the urge to connect opens doors wide. Come on in, Beautiful!