Stars Above Kitsap: Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius Beaded Embroidery

Sagittarius Beaded Embroidery

Open the Box of Possibilities

You rarely have to tell a Sagittarian to think outside the box. They are all about expanding horizons and going where no man has gone before. If anything, you sometimes need to corral Sagittarians, the half man/half horse centaurs, a combination that reminds us we are both instinctual and logical. We grow in wisdom when we use both appropriately.

At holiday gatherings we will carefully NOT discuss religion, politics, (and whether the Seahawks will make it to the Super Bowl.) Beliefs are challenging to talk about, maybe because we drop our analytical abilities, and return to what we learned unconsciously when we were kids. We were told what to believe, and how to behave without a full understanding of logic and intuition. Somehow God-stories got mixed up with fairy godmothers, and prayers merged with wishes upon stars.

Sagittarian energy bubbles over with faith and optimism so we dare venture out of our home box and limited mind-sets. As we leave the familiar and experience the 'otherness' of different cultures, religions, and races, we recognize we have a box (Who? Me?) and we aren't in it anymore, Toto! It's scary and...empowering.

After the Paris violence, the Dalai Lama said “We cannot solve this...through prayers...humans have created this problem and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, 'Solve it yourself because you created it in the first place.'”

Every new moon is a fresh beginning. Venturing out to meet others creates new beliefs. This Sagittarius moon (December 11, 2:29 AM PST) brings inspiration so we dare look at ours with logic AND heart. Wherever we got our beliefs - families, habits, sex, race, religion, politics, personal experience - some we outgrew. Some we misinterpreted. And some simply don't work.

In other words, what box do you need to get out of to create PEACE ON EARTH?

Horoscopes December 11- 25.

Sagittarius, light shines on how people receive you. Is your image helping or hindering? People see you representing something in word and deed. What vision do you want to fulfill. An action plan, not spontaneity, works. Do yourself proud. Use this HUGE growth period, get clear and focus.

Capricorn, extra rest puts the Spirit in the Season. If beliefs are too reality-based, let go and let God. Movies and books expand you. Old friends and auld lang sang touch your softness. Your birthday is on the horizon so clearing left-over emotions makes way for brighter days. Take it easy.

Aquarius, you gotta be you - independent. If dependent friends rein you in, TROUBLE! Social gatherings connect to future friends on new path. Quiet leads to intuition OR seeing self-illusion. This is tricky. Go slow and use a smart, loving friend for reality check. Keep the faith, baby.

Pisces, you are such an ephemeral being people are happy to project all over you. You need only remember who you are and speak up in important ways. Like at work - it's okay to take credit. True friends get you. Weed out those who don't. If your job isn't your calling, imagine a new one...slowly

Aries, take someone close and need respite and a break from reality. If you can't travel, movies, books, music, new stagings of old favorites reinvigorated and inspire. Formal and informal education nudge new directions. Whatever you do to open your mind works!

Taurus, who do you trust with your body and money? No one?! Get going on finding someone you can grow to trust in a steady way. Money isn't what it's cracked up to be without love but it does bring up issues - like getting naked with someone if you aren't bikini ready! Check out colleagues.

Gemini, acquaintances surround you but close friends and spouses are invaluable. You see yourself reflected in their eyes. Any adjustments needed? Still you are your own wise one. It's a growing time in relationships. If you discover unworthy partners, consult with attorney first.

Cancer, work is endless details as is life. Find ways to lighten up even as you get them done. If your job is less than inspiring, use your friends to find one more fun! Review your must- do-list and shred, or delegate what you can. And, oh, quit making everyone's life easy while yours goes flat!

Leo, fun, recreation, hobbies, romance...whatever it takes to find FUN. Get the Life back into your life! Your creations deserve showing off AND getting paid for. It's time to cash in on your discipline and patience. Don't sell yourself short. You need money for your lifestyle!

Virgo, home for the Holidays centers you and reminds you of who you are. Any seasonal activities need speak only to your heart and all can carry your flair. Old friends bring the party and make everything merry and bright. From this foundation, the entire year flows. En-JOY!

Libra, friends, siblings, cousins, neighbors and peers keep your mind hopping with fresh input. Conflicts happen and you don't back down – for a change! Communications lead the parade and stumbling on where you...stumble in them...well, live and learn! Forgive yourself. We're charmed.

Scorpio, even enemies find you charming and gracious this month helping you be generous with yourself. Get financial house in order and review spending with core values and what makes you 'feel' secure. Relationships show where you put your foot in it, over and over again. Hmmm...