Age of Aquarius Flies in on Wings of the Sea Hawks

Who'd have thought the long awaited Age of Aquarius would arrive as a demonstration of shining possibilities by a football team. Yes, we won the NFC Championship in a dramatic string of miracles but what we truly witnessed was the principles of Aquarius in dynamic action.

During my moments of doubt, mid-fourth quarter, I entertained myself with the Sea Hawks' astrological chart wondering what the stars had to say?

The Seahawks are born under the heroic sign of Leo. But, standing beside the Sun is Saturn, the taskmaster. In order for Leo to shine, Saturn demands blood, sweat and tears, even failure. Give him his due, however, and expect radiance!

With nothing happening on the field to back up my analysis, I said, “The team chart says these guys are going to the Super Bowl, again. I don't get how, but it's their destiny!”

Meanwhile, time ticked off the game clock. On the sidelines, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch talked intensely. They locked eyes and shook hands aligned in some scheme. Wilson's Leo moon matches up with the Seahawks' sun, and the Beast's moon aligns with the Libra moon in the team's chart. Many of the team will have associations like these to the Seahawks and they all spell destiny.

The Seahawks must have earned Saturn's approval because something stepped in - luck, angels, fate, Uranus - and in an electrical strike, everyone melded into one and miracles materialized. The shining path appeared - right through the overtime drive. One, two, three and done.

Will the Super Bowl be another miracle? The team chart is the core of the matter and Aquarius comes forward this time in opposition to their Leo sun. They need a worthy opponent to push against to win Saturn's approval once again. Then Uranus, the wild card of the planets and ruler of Aquarius, can shape-shift chaos into genius. The Super Bowl charts for the last two years are quite similar as is the Seahawks' progressed chart. This year may be a more up front and personally emotional game for the 'Hawks. The secret key is to think like spiritual warriors with focused intensity full of respect, love and compassion for teammates and opponents.

Miracles, the likes of which we saw in the NFC game, are rare. But miracles, they say, are expressions of natural law, and the Seahawks are built on solid turf. Pete Carroll, the Virgo strategist, is unlikely to lose sight of reality.  The sign of miracles is Pisces – a water sign which is heavily represented in the chart of the big day, in the 'Hawks progressed chart and especially in Carroll's. He's brought in the miracle making tools of Pisces - meditation, tai-chi, and yoga. Ultimately, his genius lies in showing us that you can do everything right, but to invite the miracle in, you must add love.

For us, the bystanders, the fans, the observers, the hidden miracle we were privy to was seeing the Age of Aquarius arrive on the wings of the Seahawks. We are entering a 2,600 year age. We should be taking mere baby steps in the new direction. But, it seems the Seahawks got the Aquarian Age memo before the rest of us and they have forged ahead with the new blueprint. The formula: build up every person until he is radiant in his own right and teach him to collaborate with the larger group to bring forth something new and exciting - a better team, a better world. They showed us our future and we can honor our 'Hawks by applying these ideals in daily life and being rewarded, individually and collectively.

What does the future hold for the 'Hawks?  Would we want to know ahead of time? Really? No, we love football because on any given day anything can happen - especially when stars and destiny collide on a football field.

No doubt!