Stars Above Kitsap/Pisces New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Congratulations! You made it through last week's fireworks, however, getting to the new moon eclipse on March 20 will be a continuing drama. The energy is like rush hour on a subway where people take every bump and jostle personally and react with Uzis! Pick your fights carefully, and remember the hardest person to manage in these energetic times may be yourself.

Behind this uproar is the March 16 finale of an epic drama featuring Pluto, the god of earthquakes, and Uranus, the god of lightening. Who's winning? Who knows? But the trauma of dis-integration has been spread from individuals to governments. The prediction is that ideas and actions that have been on-again and off-again will get either the green light or simply die in the light of new clarity.

So what's it all about, Alfie? In a word, growth. Sometimes it takes a disaster to shake us out of self-induced trances, so we can face the ways we have bound ourselves up and lost our true path. It's wild energy, but it is only energy. How we use it matters. We can damage ourselves and others or use it to move to higher ground gaining self-knowledge, truth and compassion.

The eclipse itself happens at the last gasp of winter activating an energetic path where we see our next right actions. The moon passing in front of the Sun interrupts egocentric willfulness (Sun) and allows access to deep feelings (Moon) about what our current path costs us. Will we continue paying the price of over-stressed health, time, relationships, good humor? Or are we ready to stop the madness and change? Schedule quiet receptive time on the first day of spring and see what visions open up. Then get up and get moving. With six out of ten planets in fire signs, shake, rattle and roll, baby!

March 13 to April 4

Pisces, the eclipse is your big moment on March 20. Breathe intention, trust and faith into it. Be the wizardess you are and use the fire power to materialize a new you full of visions, creativity and personal power. You may be quiet, but you are no wimp. Ride your dragon.

Aries, soldier-person, the grand trine in fire is no time to lose focus. Slow down and see where your sixth-sense says to go. If things aren't working where you are, after March 16, you may have to re-invent yourself. Don't break your ram's horns on brick walls - you have too much to offer.

Taurus, welcome home Venus. People (you don't even know) love you - so lead with your body and put yourself out there. Knock, knock on every door and watch them open. You may not know the end game but insights abound enroute on how to move with the opportunities.

Gemini, float a little to see what connections your unconscious is making in your career sector - which makes no logical sense anyway. Unexpected changes operating in your broad network are taking care of business. Chattiness is a great tool for you. Talk away, gf, but pay attention.

Cancer, your sensitive-self must conjure up assertive action to deal with the fireworks in the boardroom and demands on your desk. Ideas beyond your comfort zone can payoff at work. If you go missing in action over the next month, it will be noticed. Use your shell-armor and those claws, missy.

Leo, the spring eclipse welcomes you to the broadest playing field you can imagine. Literally. The action is out there...way, way out there! It's a kiss to your career and sense of self. Build the structures you need to hold all the creative manifestations you are cooking up. Darn, this is fun!

Virgo, secrets and shadows emerge from behind private doors. Intimacy and shared values move up a notch and you must be honest to get what you want. A vacation would give a positive lift. Sleep, meditation, yoga, receptive opens you to your guardian angel. A list is useless for the moment.

Libra, sometimes you going toe-to-toe with your soul-mate or best buddies creates peace. Stand up for yourself and trust your true partners. Shadow-issues emerging from your basement could be causing trouble. Everyone is pushing for fuller self-expression and it can be messy. Speak up for you!

Scorpio, enjoy a little sweetness with your honey while the frenzy in the back room at work gets even more frenetic. Out front, be positive and expect good things. Use your strategic sense while whispering in the right ear about what's rotten in Denmark. Not that you'd want to be Iago...

Sagittarius, there is a certain gravitas about you that may attract more responsibility. Don't accept if it doesn't further your goals. Wildly creative, use everything you've got to jockey yourself into position to shine. Steady down and plan a year that can really put you in professional nirvana.

Capricorn, in your on-going transformation the god's finale in your home center forces you to look far back to childhood. If it wasn't what you wanted then, hang a few pinatas and hit 'em till candy, sparkles and a second childhood springs to life. Make home what you always wanted!

Aquarius, use your words and curb your tongue. Figure out what you really want to say and the best way for phrasing it. Communication counts big time and has resounding effect. Everyday encounters can lead you to a true partner. Partnership and home is where the magic lives.