Stars Above Kitsap/Aries New Moon

The winter stars conspired to heal us 'come hell or high water'! But, the song the robin sings is in the key of life encouraging us to express our authentic selves. With two eclipses in harmony with the new moon in Aries on April 18 at 11:56 AM, courage and energy bubble over assisting us in doing what must be done – be true to ourselves!

The fresh energetic pathways opened over winter make old friendships, marriages, schedules, structures, finances, etc., that were not working before the eclipses almost unbearably painful. Be brave and let the broken and unsustainable go, go, go! Choose to fill up with the exuberance of your particular brand of Life-force.

The opportunity maker, Jupiter, dances us on down the road to a brighter horizon. Make your choices carefully, then slow down, and nourish them into fruition. (Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.)

Capricorns, Cancers, Libras and Aries took the brunt of the great Pluto/Uranus square. (Expect special stars in your heavenly crown when you reach the Pearly Gates!) On April 16th, Pluto begins to retrace the ground just covered until next January. We can use this time to clear out old gunk and clutter that's been revealed while contemplating what has occurred in our culture and lives.

Uranus in Aries insists we free ourselves from the pain of not being who we are – which can express as mean, greedy, scared little bullies – even to ourselves. (Moi?) Give it up and let it go. Be you. Be you everywhere you go. Be radiant. Be active on your own behalf. Be courageous and be a warrior for the Soul that lives in you.

With Mercury and Mars in slow-down Taurus, and Venus speeding ahead in gad-about Gemini, the spring festival is on! Feel the warming of the sun on your body, eat drink and be merry! But keep your eyes open for sustainable ideas that bring growth, and more pleasure in being alive. In a word, simplify.

Horoscopes for April 18 – May 3
Note: if you know your rising sign or moon sign, check those out too.

Aries, this new moon offers a mature self-awareness about what it means to be an Aries. The invitation is to give and receive in equal measure, and take action on your behalf – while considering others. Innocence (not naivete), focused action and others! Got it? Go!

Taurus, access past actions in light of what can be accomplished and keep going. Ideas coming to you now, what to do, who to call, are easy to follow because they align with who you are. Explore even newer ideas and the ways they arrive – you're pragmatic but spirits speak to you, too.

Gemini, the playful, 'get out and see and be seen' season is edging into your sign. Oh, what fun! You are leading with love and people respond in kind. Listen to the whispers of dreams and pay attention to grounded ideas coming in. Look for leading-edge groups to join.

Cancer, you, dear heart, find balance in receiving. Let others fill your heart and as you feel revitalized, tend to yourself. Who is pulling on you, taking too much – maybe at work? If you can't see it, ask, “How is my health?” Self-mothering is the lesson - not mothering others.

Leo, like the sun at noon - we see you! Be radiant and courageous enough to risk putting down the mask. No 'roles'. No drama. No strutting your stuff. All that is too much. Being YOU inspires everyone else to find their true voice, too. Lead by being, Sunshine!

Virgo, you're deeply entrenched with personal reclamation building a more secure platform for standing in the world. Be easy as you pick up one 'good' idea, one 'important' belief, one 'should' after another and - discard it. Choose what works for you and everything else will line up.

Libra, liberate yourself from outdated ideas about relating and/or cut the cord with folks who have traveled along side you for too, too long. Values and beliefs are splitting you in half. (Are you having health issues? Your body knows.) Enough already – speak up for yourself - even if it's messy!

Scorpio, Mars leads the parade into your house of partners where all the happenings are taking place. Shared and personal resources may be at cross purposes. Playing or doing your creative thing can bring clarity to the relationship issues. People see you and are applauding - take a bow!

Sagittarius, boundaries can set the scene for future expansion. Mindfulness, fun and daily routines are prep work towards a big shift. Daydreaming and puttering at home brings calm and insight. Stuffiness and pontificating (look it up!) aren't helpful! Less is more. Really.

Capricorn, clear out ancestral clutter - old pieces of furniture as well as deep patterns of thoughts. Dig out a space to create an expanded future. There is no way around this - Saturn, our Big-Daddy, is going to keep at it until you get down to essence. Come on, once you start, it's fun!

Aquarius, your ideas for the future and humanity are wanted and needed. What a happy cross-roads! Keep it real at home and bow to your roots. Natural partners are joining in - co-create, collaborate, teamwork, so spread the word! It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius...

Pisces, you are a natural at straddling two worlds: the 'real' one and the one of mystery. Help us empower heart-felt experiences as a major cultural course correction begins. Busy as you are, quiet time is mandatory to hear the gentle inner sage. Phone h-OM-e!