Stars Above Kitsap/Taurus New Moon

In song form, astrology's cyclical nature moves “like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel.” The earth travels around the sun yearly, the moon orbits the earth monthly and the other planets are as scheduled as postmen on routes. As we circle 'round, we can dig a rut, or spiral up, ever so slowly, growing in awareness. Over a lifetime we may become our own mountaintop guru with our own answers about the meaning of life.

Taurus believes the stairway to heaven rises straight out of the five bodily senses: fabulous foods, sensual touch, music, art and nature. If making money distracts Taurus from the reasons for the assets, life becomes dull and laborious. This new moon (May 17, 9:13 PM PDT) directs our attention to considering how our pursuit of life's necessities balances with emotional needs. We must reflect on our inner and outer harmony and make adjustments, so we can lead more satisfying lives.

The Taurus moon slows trickster Mercury in Gemini who flaps his wings and flies backwards (May 18). Slow down and reconsider recent forward motion in light of updated insights.

Venus in family-oriented Cancer is getting a make-over with freedom loving Uranus, empathetic Neptune and revolutionizing Pluto expanding her sense of affection and family values. Mars in fast-moving Gemini encounters stern and slow Saturn. They may duke it out. This bout matches the personal ego versus societal duty and responsibility.

Hold steady and be deliberate. Examine everything loaded in your backpack as you journey to the guru on your mountaintop. Is it worth carrying forward? Where do you want to invest your precious time and life's energy?

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Taurus, a heightened awareness of beauty and friendship floods your everyday encounters. Be sure to express your appreciation. If you are not your stuff, what does security mean to you? Mercury retrograde has you pondering this as you evaluate whether what you say aligns with what you do.

Gemini, with Mercury and Mars stirring your pot, you crackle with energy. Stamp your personality on everything you touch. Shake it and move it but don't take major steps until after June 11. Give your mind and nervous system a break. How about a walk in the park?

Cancer, wrap up obligations and loose ends and hunker down for a retreat. Your unconscious works through daydreams, unfocused activities and rest, so take a nap. Innovative ideas about home and family may work better for you than traditional ones. Wipe the slate clean for a new year.

Leo, expand your circle of friends and explore groups aligned with long-term goals. You have a guardian angel on your shoulder, so fly with intuition rather than an action plan. It feeds into your professional life, so let your 'little' light shine. (Okay, already, 'big' light)

Virgo, action plans are about to run into Mercury's reverse and you may end up being the fall-guy at work. (Oh, joy!) Is your job your true calling? Ask the benevolent universe for the right opening - somebody will snap you up you're so good! Do what makes your heart sing!

Libra, they say we are 'like family' at work, but childhood patterns are activated. Do your deep work and be sure you are getting what makes life a bold adventure at home, work and with friends. Can you manage a fun trip (with fun people)? A fresh vantage point brings inspiration.

Scorpio, the focus on joint finances is pushing you to express more of your true desires. Communication is key and Mercury retrograde will give you several chances to spit it out. Just say it - and find the deeper connection on the other side. Option B is a power struggle. Is that what you want?

Sagittarius, relationships work best when both people have equal power. Fighting is a sign somebody isn't being heard or isn't speaking up. Mercury will slow you down so you do your part in communicating - listening and speaking. You'll have another chance to restate what comes out wrong.

Capricorn, friends encourage you to make changes needed in order to nourish your heart. You have mental and physical energy for any project YOU want - which could lead to struggles with Boss-Man if ideas differ. Take care of health and diet issues, and how about some exercise?

Aquarius, your individuality wakes people up but you also have to work with the group. How's that working for you? Be sure you're in the right groups for where you want to go. Prankster energy is running high so beware of insensitivity towards others. Recreation nourishes you - so go play!

Pisces, concerns in the present could be rising up from the past. Parents are challenging and authority at work can stir up childhood issues, too. But, parents often hold the answers to childhood mysteries. Work fulfills personal growth and recognition needs. It's a mixed bag, so lay low and wait.

Aries, jet propelled with things to do, people to see and places to go. Oh, fun! You can only change yourself so don't push others. If your life doesn't allow you to be as dynamic as you are, do what you must to change it from the ground up! Examine old authoritarian belief systems.