Stars Above Kitsap/Scorpio Full Moon

The two signs involved in any full moon are polar opposites, but, they are also as alike as two sides of the same coin. This month's full moon has 'what you see is what you get' Taurus waving across the circle to the Scorpio Moon, whose business is usually 'nobody's business but his own'. The two sides of the Taurus/Scorpio coin is security and power. Taurus wants simple creature comforts to feel safe. Scorpio needs deep intimacy to feel safe.

The dilemma between Taurus and Scorpio is well-stated in Einstein's comment that “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Taurus counts 'real' possessions - property, money, connections, jobs, and investments – in his search for power and security. Scorpio's power lies in conquering that which can't be counted such as in the security of intimate, bonded relations that see us through our most vulnerable states - death, sex and emotional pain.

In the light of this moon, the invitation is to re-balance our financial security and comfort, and deep personal bonds. How much is enough? If you have 'excess', what is that extra baggage costing in terms of vitality and life-force? Or put another way, what unseen costs are you paying to have too much? Your health? Your pleasure? Your family?

This full moon (May 3, 2015 at 8:42 PM PDT) helps us prune back to the essentials of life. It's time to count and value the simple pleasures of being humans and deeply connecting to others. Let's unclench our fists and give up what we can do without – so we can have it all.

Horoscopes May 3-May 17
Note: if you know your rising sign and moon sign, read those, too.

Taurus, financial and emotional security are up. Consider what is most important to you and the price you are willing to pay for it. Emotionally, it could be them, it could be you - make no assumptions. Your body knows, though. Partnerships require you to speak up, even if you aren't perfect.

Gemini, with Mercury and Venus in Gemini, women friends can give you invaluable reality checks about how you come across. And, since someone on the horizon has your eye... Relax and do your chatty thing. Be kind to yourself with daily routines – they only have to work for you.

Cancer, Venus arrives in your sign May 7 bringing some adoration – which helps you feel good about you. Step out and enlarge your circle to support your long-term goals and dare to put your personal stamp on your life. It may feel risky, but go, little crab - left then right, but go.

Leo, get out there - see and be seen. You are breaking into a future that lets you be all that you are and gives you moments of applause. For you, applause is fuel for growth. Invite power players who can help your star rise home for dinner. And while you are there, reflect humbly on your roots. Bravo!

Virgo, there's a whole lot of talking going, but be sure you are speaking straight, direct and clear. Mercury turns retrograde soon so BE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR - that's how you get to the future you want. You are the own authority of your life. Otherwise, it's just one darn thing after another...

Libra, his, hers, ours - it's about personal and joint possessions. Remember the contributions you make to the joint accounts and be willing to recognize your value. Diplomacy counts with your Venus in sensitive Cancer, but don't cave. There is a fair, balance point, Libra, and it includes you.

Scorpio, there's lot of talking behind the scenes, research, setting intentions and getting on the same page with your nearest and dearest. The discussion is pushing you forward where you can be seen. Breathe deeply and trust your partners. It's about grabbing hold of dream. Swing on a star!

Sagittarius, if you were a rock band, would you be a rowdy band member or the manager trying to get the group taken seriously? What if you were both? You know you want to rise high. What part of being your own worst enemy do you need to give up? Yep - that is what it is going to take.

Capricorn, regrets? (I've had a few.) It feels heavy so call in the clowns. Take every chance to lighten up by doing some gad-about, silly-stuff. Ask for extra-sensitive babying, get out into nature and plant a petunia. It's been hard, but you ain't dead yet! Deep healing is gentle.

Aquarius, between home, work and partner, you may feel quite left out especially May 11. Remember, you carry the banner for the Age of Aquarius so find your tribe. Tune into TED Talks and listen to them as though they have a message from your future. Still, it's your voice we need.

Pisces, part of you can be extraordinarily logical and that part is very active. Tap in and write down your insights - really, write it down, space-cadet. These ideas are pragmatic enough to make real. You have energy, friends and growing authority to make things happen! Make it so.

Aries, get your financial ducks in a row and be sure they match your ideals. After May 11, touching base with those who can aid with your objectives will bring surprising results. Time at home is sweet, softening your heart to yourself. There is a solid leader breaking out of the rebel mode here.