Stars Above Kitsap/Sagittarius Full Moon

Of Mice and Men and Mercury Retrograde

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Duck and cover! Mercury is retrograde. Mercury, the Trickster-god, rules thinking and as fellow astrologer, Elsa Panizzon says, “With Mercury retrograde, we need to think about thinking.” For the monumental level of mental activity in our culture, thinking about thinking ranks low. We are so busy thinking unconsciously we are like the fish in water who asks, “What water?” Who has time for that nonsense? And we chatter on...

Mercury rules Gemini and travels there during this retrograde while the sun also travels through Gemini! Take a full stop - or be warned there are three unmarked speed bumps ahead designed to turn your attention to thinking, talking, and listening. Gemini's logic is applied knowing: how do we get from A to B, how do we tie our shoes, how do we fly to the moon? It's the chit-chat of everyday life - gossip, sports trivia, sound bites.

Sagittarians chatter, too, but their subject matter sounds more 'sophisticated'. Looking at the night sky, we easily enter Sagittarius' domain. In the immensity of space and time, who are we? Where did we come from? Who created us? Why are we here?

The Gemini/Sagittarius full moon (Tuesday, June 2, 9:18 AM PDT) brings awareness as we think about thinking. Seven billion people, seven billion answers. We examine our beliefs about why we are here and who created us. Seven billion more answers...

Mercury retrograde slows us down to look at how thoughts inspire actions and match (or not) with our philosophies. How can we can 'think' and, therefore, act in a way that allows others on Earth who also think to live their answers? Ignore these questions and Mercury retrograde shows up quoting Steinbeck. “The best laid plans of mice and men...”

Horoscopes June 2 – June 16
If you know your rising sign (ascendant) and moon sign, read them, too.

Gemini, with a full personal agenda and partners needing attention, and work nebulous at best, it's okay to head home. Some knowledge comes through intuition - a lightening-fast form of logic. Put your mind to work on mindless routine and let your subconscious pop the answer into your mind.

Cancer, a heavy load of drudgery weighs you down when you need a time out. Take a few mental health days soon and go stare at the horizon. A beach, a mountaintop, the sky at night - just let your mind relax. Logic comes to you best through soft eyes and belly. Use insights for self-interest.

Leo, when it comes to your creative streak, it's push-pull. Your people need attention on a superficial level and you need some deep, connected intimate time - with yourself at the very least. Your mouth could get ahead of what you mean if you aren't paying attention. Slow it down!

Virgo, when it comes to work, you're a Clydesdale, but come on! Who's adding to your to-do list at work? It's distracting you from nebulous information from your partner. It's time to set some boundaries on others' expectations of you and your willingness to take on too much. Go home!

Libra, listening to the subtle signals from your body is just as much a communication as talking and negotiating far and wide. Who do you think you are, Hillary Clinton? You can only do so much before your brain explodes. Give it a break. Your heart is off in a new direction - female friends lead.

Scorpio, you have universal help as you do a final PET scan of your life. You can feel that you missed a piece of the puzzle back in November. A romantic trip gives time with your sweetie who holds an answer. Talk therapy is powerful medicine and builds intimacy. Expose your heart, oh, subtle one.

Sagittarius, your dear ones may see you so clearly you feel vulnerable. Listen to yourself. Are you blaming them? Subtle roots from childhood sprout vines you feel entangled in. This is round one of what will be a two-plus year adventure in self-knowledge. Will you become wiser or harder?

Capricorn, about wisdom through burning down the past, rebuilding, and learning where you are your worst enemy - preach it, Persistent-Goat. You have been traveling high, cold and rocky mountaintops where few go. For now tune-up your diet and exercise routines, and read some poetry.

Aquarius, it's a fire and air storm that spells pure fun for you. Meet and greet, press the flesh and watch yourself swing like Tarzan from social interaction, personal networking and group dynamics. Don't let your opinions veer into an overblown ego. No one actually wants to be a Kardashian!

Pisces, were your parents so busy working for the masses you got left behind? You tuned into a higher dimension and you learned your parents' schtick, too. You come from strong logic but resist it, and logic is wildly active. Combine it with the thought that 'when God talks, take good notes.' Wow!

Aries, are you're leading the seventy-six trombones? You rarely care whether anyone follows, but in this case, they may be. Or are you on your own with a banner saying “Independents unite.” Whatever - you're getting your hands on the steering wheel of your life. Use this amazing energy well!

Taurus, if you had to split the sheets, with a spouse or business partner (or take one on), what would it cost? You probably know down to the dime. Value is your game and re-evaluation is on deck which will take up a lot of summer. What's up - love, business or a large legacy? Give it time...