Stars Above Kitsap/Gemini New Moon

Open Mouth – Insert Foot Zone Ahead

Whoever said 'words can never hurt you' missed the studies that show verbal bullying lasts a lifetime. You may not be straying into aggressive overstatements, but how often do you hurt someone's feelings accidentally? It happens. And it's painful for all involved.

We all talk all the time - but that doesn't mean we are skillful talkers. The chatty Gemini new moon (Tuesday, June 16 at 7:05 AM PDT) tunes us into our mouths doing bad things - as in open mouth, insert foot - and having to clean up the ensuing mess for the next month.

Mars known for action, not communication, is looped into this hard lesson with a steep learning curve. He's ramping up our verbal faux pas giving us opportunities to hone our apology skills, too. Check out Desmond Tutu and reconciliation work in South Africa to get the power of apology.

Are we setting up opportunities to hear each other or are we yelling? Are we bonding and healing relationships or are we damaging them? A wise Gemini uses logic to probe and understand so conscious talk leads to good results.

Smart-alacky laugh lines or sound-bites are such a norm on TV that we think we are cool if we zing one out. But barbed put-downs don't work in real life, and result in lonely, disappointing results. Other communication dysfunctions you may discover in yourself with dismay are gossiping or bad-mouthing, verbal hammering and yelling, using high-tension words and body language that intimidates, and cynical, snide, demeaning comments. Oops! Wanna go to a Non-Violent Communication class?

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, the emotional water signs, have planets in the game so count on feelings running high with fast feedback. Everything communicates something. Only we can change what our mouth is doing. Listen and learn friends.

Horoscopes – June 16 – July 1
If you know your moon sign and ascendant, read those, too.

Gemini, personal presentation is loaded giving you a certain magnetism. Mercury moves forward – so go get what you want. What you say and how you say it counts double. Use your brainy skills to inspire others to get on board. On the other hand, don't hog the stage!

Cancer, crabbiness says emotional content is being ignored. You could be your own worse enemy so ask dear friends for a reality check. Sensitivity isn't an excuse for seclusion and childishness. If this is a repeating theme, consider a therapist. Discovery helps you feel safe.

Leo, your charisma opening doors throughout the summer. Gather with like-minded friends who help your ventures. Remember to use your dazzling self to support others on their path. When you get on the right path, it's a party! But party on purpose – it's a once in twelve year opportunity.

Virgo, logic is your long suit and your current hand holds all the cards - especially at work. Don't over-extending. Keep your mind relaxed and focused even if you have to knit, bead or finger worry stones. Behind the scenes angels work for you. Worry is negative prayer – so don't!

Libra, far horizons, an open mind, (maybe, higher education) help release a moral stiffness. Hobnobbing with beautiful people makes your heart sing - and people love you. They want your heart's desires in the mix, too. Relax, lovely one. It's been a tough few years...

Scorpio, motivations can't hide from you. Add logic and magical word skills and you could be the king-maker. But have mercy, please! There's nothing sexier than power especially if it comes with money. Realistic Saturn makes a return to clean out disappointments from last autumn.

Sagittarius, 'freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose', you gadabout. But Mars is beating partners out of the bush - true partners who understand 'get up and go!' Magical horizons you couldn't see before teach trust bringing a joyous heart. Fling open your arms - and take good notes.

Capricorn, quietly, clear out consistently disappointing friends and know why they are getting the ax. Later you can see where you yourself are the problem. Integration of head, heart and body is the task at hand. Make small (repeat, small) changes for big results later. Busy brain needs a walk!

Aquarius, sometime YOU get to stand out from the team. You got chops! Show 'em and let the crowd roar – for you. Play, humor and fun drive the engine of social change further. In fact, if it ain't fun, don't do it. You could write a policy making play part of work... Just let the good times roll.

Pisces, creativity emerges with the ordinary as the new moon calls you home. Gather 'round the campfire and tell stories of yore full of fairies, ogres and magical gifts. Ah, those ARE your magical gifts. In your light way, you teach us symbol reading and two worlds come together.

Aries, as you break out of your chrysalis - talking - you're forging a future path. Be sure everyone else thinks you are as witty as you do! Action is forward, fast and fun but if you're moving too fast, your mouth could get you in trouble. If so, 'fess up and apologize. But keep moving.

Taurus, count your pennies, your blessings and secure your assets. Creating a home of deep harmony, beauty and peace to soothe your soul gets the boost of two goddesses traveling together. You don't have to 're-enact' the home of your childhood and the marriage of your parents.