Stars Above Kitsap: Capricorn Full Moon

July 3rd and Other Summer Conundrums

Summertime and the livin' is easy! You can count on two things during summer: memories of summers past and our routines lighten up. How can you not stop and smell the roses - when they are in bloom - and the sky is blue - and the temperature is perfect?

Summer events gather the family and reek of tradition. We take time off work for July 3rd (in Poulsbo WA we have fireworks on the 3rd!), the road trip to grandparents, the fishing trip with a brother, time at the cabin with the cousins, and BBQ on patios with friends. Reigning over these festivities and blessing new memories sits lovely Cancer, the Queen of the clan.

As the 'owner' of the moon, Cancer intensifies this full moon which is in Capricorn, the sign that escorts Winter Solstice in. Considering that winter is one long opportunity to lose our lives in the dark and cold, you can imagine that Capricorn approach is 180 degrees different from Cancer. His concern is the welfare of the entire community. He wrestles with collective issues like city-building, bridges and roads, armies to defend borders, government and conglomerations. All that counts is getting the job done and emotions are not needed for such pragmatic endeavors.

In the light of this moon on July 1 at 7:12 PM PDT, we consider our place between Cancer, the great mother, and Capricorn, the great father. Which end of the seesaw do you lean towards - duty or feelings, personal concerns or community focus, what we feel or what they think? Where are you out of balance?

Crafting a lifestyle that works for you is self-care (Cancer) at its best. Summertime gives us a chance to ponder these conundrums. Bonus planets help this full moon guide where our hearts want to go at home and on the job. Get busy feeling your way down the path.

Read your rising sign and moon, if you know them.

Cancer, you'll fight for family, no question! But will you fight for your true self with close friends and partners? If 'equal partnerships' are taking advantage of your need for approval, you may want to do work around the usual suspects– mother/father, give/take. Self-care or crabby moods.

Leo, summer begs you to drop the drama and be you. Personal desires disturb dreams, and, baby, there's work to be done building a platform for yourself to expand into and conquer. People are falling over themselves to help. Pay attention, ask for what you want and don't miss this moment.

Virgo, humble as you can be, your future demands your creative insight. Your position in the world is getting lots of buzz but you may be looking for greener, er, friendships. The universe is aligning behind your personal desires soon. Can you see it? When your heart speaks, take good notes!

Libra, work is exciting if your heart is in it. If not, mother-issues are calling you home. Libra is about equal partnerships. Equal. Get as good as you give. If you are too nice-y nice, be the wild child for a change. Socially, go where they adore you and see who turns into a new friend.

Scorpio, this month dredges up feelings, healings and unfinished business. Talk therapy could do the trick digging out deep roots that keep you from going for what you want. (Go ahead talk – you'll have therapist/client confidentiality.) But do it, you're right on it and you want it. Yes, you do!

Sagittarius, true intimacy requires you to value yourself and share, warts and all. The 'I'm too freedom-loving to commit' to lovers, organizations, or friends no longer satisfies. For now search for an expansive vision of who you want to be. You'll have the help of the universe soon in making it real.

Capricorn, believe it or not, feeling deep emotions takes strength and brings power giving you wisdom. Feel your stuff! Do you baby your partner or vice-versa? Try breaking the pattern to see what happens. Social networks are work but sometimes you find powerful, personal friends and allies there.

Aquarius, change at work comes in the fall. Work at what you 'feel' needs attention - it's not logical. Dreams may be awakening you to old, unresolved issues. Sometimes sitting with the images and feeling them is enough. Feeling – word of the month! Weird, but it is a whole new world. Work it.

Pisces, benevolent co-workers, bosses and underlings feel your vibe and get on board. Jazz up your personal routines for best you. Do your art/crafts, creative work...or just go play, for Pete's sake. Focus on YOU and your feelings 'cause, pixie-person, you need a break from the crowd!

Aries, mother and father issues are mixed up between work and home. Your boss isn't your mama. Your spouse isn't your daddy. They have needs as do you. Untangle this with an older friend 'cause acting it out will make you the child. (It feels personal because the confusion is in you.)

Taurus, travel, even for work, may look like all fun, but the hanging-out and chatting is activating tender desires about 'home'. This may not sound 'real' - but imagine the life you want. See it, feel it. Make a collage. Cosmic helpers help if you ask. Crazy, huh? But, home is an asset. Try it!

Gemini, continue exploring options. The right situation feels right and brings financial and emotional security. Don't let old family wounds keep you from seeing what the right hand is doing. Call, text, drop-by old friends - they know people who know people who know... You know!