Stars Above Kitsap: New Moon in Leo

An Invitation to Simply Be

In Honor of Cecil.

In Honor of Cecil.

Did you see the dazzling display of Venus and Jupiter on the western horizon at sunset this summer? Stage center and shining their sparkling rays at us, they invited us to be as beautiful, radiant and unapologetic as they are. With the new moon (August 14 at 7:53 AM PDT), the Sun and Moon in Leo expand the invitation.

Leo offers courage as we attempt the simplest and hardest task of all – to be our radiant, self-expressive, vibrant selves. For all the bad press of Leo's arrogance and drama, Leo's true mission is simply to be ourselves with no hedging, dodging, or denying, and no self-aggrandizing or pomposity. Do that, and it will not only be enough, but it's all that is needed – for us and for our collective advancement.

Jupiter finished his year in Leo after offering expanded opportunities for self-discovery, joy and play. Now Venus is taking a sashay across Leo's stage spending four months there instead of her usual one month tour. She aids us in re-examining the territory of fun and pleasure Jupiter brought as we sort to find exactly which ones are our personal pleasures.

Fun here has a sense of personal value, is pleasurable and makes you feel expansive and content. It gets you up in the morning and makes your heart sings. This is part of the package Uranus in Aries shouts - wake up! Be you! The Leo Sun, Moon and Venus say do it with joy. As Mars slides into Leo, he can get down-right pushy about his needs for play!

If you had two days to live, what simple heartfelt gesture would tell us you are singing “I did it my way, I loved it and my heart bursts with joy?” Well, there you go. Surrender and be you – no drama needed.

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Leo, a sense of self, vigorous self-assertion and sheer magnetism gives you many balls to juggle in the area of personal presentation. How DO people receive you? Where are you heading and are others opening doors you want to go through? Pay attention to your impact and fine-tune later.

Virgo, your behind-the-scene activities and personal sacrifice arena is active, baby. Can you catch yourself putting your foot in it? It's probably an unconscious habit you can fix. Cherish your privacy even as sociability runs high. Jupiter's kiss brings a trend of self-confidence.

Libra, social networks, organizations, informal gatherings of like-minded people run amok. You shine, feel empowered, and self-esteem rises. Don't take on projects unless they are near and dear to your heart and you love the activities you'll actually execute. This is a turning point.

Scorpio, the limelight isn't your natural area but the spotlight has you dancing on the roof and you are up for it! Reap your rewards, take a bow or two and parlay this career moment into your next big thing. You're a serious dude, but Venus is showing you where to play - a good life lesson.

Sagittarius, always the visionary, your read on what the masses want could have you swinging your professional weight for fabulous results. This year brings career highlights with less play but meaningful work that brings dreams to fruition. Baby steps and discipline. It's not a sprint!

Capricorn, enduring friendships and private matters need your masterful touch. You could be pulling more than your weight, but don't you love wielding skills and power for results? For you it's a form of play! Early January Goats are going through tear down's all good in the long run.

Aquarius, professional responsibilities could see you out networking and finding future friends. Financial finesse and research uses your analytical talents over the year. Tend to details. Current friends and partners need an audience and you're it! Take a bow yourself!

Pisces, pride at work, sensitivity to needs, and good taste make you a favorite colleague. A passion for order could shake it all up – or is it a new exercise plan? Generous mates, old and new, bear gifts and open doors. Be choosy about what works for you 'cuz this is a trend...

Aries, Leo brings you back to the deeply personal ways you fill your cup with fun and games. Children could be the bearer of your new torch, you big kid, you! Spontaneity and a little joie de vivre revive you and sets you up for more fun at work. Put your personal stamp on everything!

Taurus, Venus wants peace in the home arena but Mars is a burr in the saddle. Passive-aggressive, ambivalent? What!?! Go for a run, (quietly) write a blockbuster screen play about family drama. But watch yourself. Is it basic insecurity? Calm down, bucko. Give yourself (and us) a break!

Gemini, what not to say is as important as what to say - and when. You are all about communications and harmony with your 'peeps' and siblings - who may be a tad touchy. Back off a notch on what is normal for you but high-gear for others. Deep thinking about home.

Cancer, little claws cling. We won't say you are a hoarder, but you may be shocked at how much stuff you own - ancestors' stuff, the stuff grown kids left...stuff everywhere! What you keep AND let go is a form of self-expression. Keep the heartfelt. Let go of sentimentality. Give yourself room to grow.