Stars Above Kitsap: Pisces Full Moon

Earthly Work, Heavenly Service

Earth and Water from NASA Photo Galleries

Earth and Water from NASA Photo Galleries

If you were to bet on whether or not your autumn chores will be done in time for the rains, bet yes! The ants banish the wayward grasshopper as summer collapses into fall. There is work to be done, work that once meant the difference between life and death as winter looms.

The radiant Sun joins the largest planet in our cosmos, Jupiter, in the most pragmatic sign of all, Virgo. With the largess of Jupiter in the sign of Virgo's picayune details, there is a dilemma, but our urge to tidy up and make right builds on Jupiter's faith and optimism in our quest for perfection.

Everyone has a job that we learned from someone. Parents, teachers, bosses, mentors and coaches expect us to tend to our daily lessons and drills. Diet, exercise, and everyday tasks that are barely noticed (unless undone) grab our attention. This is the yearly phase of catching up with what was shoved aside until later. This is later!

A powerful full moon usually pours on the tension of polarity. But this peaceful Pisces moon (Saturday, August 29, 11:35 PM) joins with otherworldly Neptune. With Jupiter, the faithful, joining the Sun in Virgo perhaps in the light of this moon we will find inspiration for a spiritual practice or service. Then, as we allow Spirit to flow in the simple actions of our hands maintaining a body, a family, a home, a relationship, and a job the daily tasks become elevated to spiritual service.

Earthly. Heavenly. It is a stretch. Can you see the Light? Can you sense the Task?

August 29 to Sept 12

Virgo, you must manage usual tasks while straddling an increased awareness of the necessity of being you even as you ponder your closest relationships. Your service is to that magnificent job of being human AND spiritual. It's a stretch but under Jupiter's blessing seems simple.

Libra, responsiveness to others takes a break as a contemplative period arises. Communication comes with a personal flare focusing on your desires and affections. Consider allowing intuition to guide your work. Worries lift. Jupiter provides a guardianship you only notice when quiet. Shhhh...

Scorpio, if you aren't getting rave reviews and kudos, you are in the wrong job! Cast your net wider and seek admiring associates. What are your future hopes and dreams? Your guardian angel wants to help. Ask for what you want with intention. You can have it! Your past is not your future.

Sagittarius, a steady, no-nonsense approach at work opens important doors. Do the details and show people how down-to-it you can be. If you are following your true beliefs and desires, it won't feel like drudge. It will be what it takes to meet your destiny. Big opportunities arise all year.

Capricorn, day-to-day flow lifts you up if you can hear the deeper message, feel the flow behind the words. Make BIG plans. Seek inspiration through travel, reading, church, lectures. If groups you associate with aren't providing inspiration, clean house. You have no obligation to them.

Aquarius, you may be cashing in in more ways than one. Respect for your ideas was hard won the last few years. Financial acumen and close, enduring friends come together with business ideas that finally get traction. Don't lose faith in your personal skills and resources. This is a team effort.

Pisces, sympathy and intuition is your arena and the full moon has you operating at peak demand. Jupiter through your friends offers broadening stability as visions take on their final forms. The spring eclipse awakened you. Dreams and visions can be made real - stay focused, stay inspired.

Aries, summer's fun doesn't slow down for you even as work expands and dream time calls, both day and night. An 'aha' moment shows you where you create your own undoing. Someone you consider dull may be your finest teacher in terms of steadiness and details. Be courageous, be you!

Taurus, take a break for re-creation and play. Your personal charisma shines but you haven't a clue - people just seem easier to get along with. The inner children of childhood create a tug-of-war on the home front. Put your adult panties on and speak up for what you want. Then go get it yourself!

Gemini, vacations always come two weeks too late. Home and work are the highlight of this full moon but neither ring your chimes. Fun with a friend is what's needed. Talk about what you really, really want. Let intuition guide at work – which doesn't mean daydream. Your base expands this year.

Cancer, a watery full moon sets your mind awanderin' to broad horizons. Teaching, learning and traveling lead to beneficial contacts this year. Women friends nudge you to act for what you want. Don't underestimate your managerial skills and executive abilities. Build on what has meaning for you.

Leo, Venus and Mars continue the Leo-tango activating more fun and personal expression. As Jupiter moves to Virgo resources and skills needed to further those plans become clear. Self-esteem is high enough to see you through beginning steps. Be you and do the work to earn the success.