Stars Above Kitsap: New Moon Virgo

Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

A Blast from the Past

The Sonic Drive-In brings retro back to Poulsbo along with the eclipse on Saturday (September 13 at 11:41 PM PDT.) Take a trip down memory lane because eclipses occur in 19.5 year cycles. What path did you take back in 1996? What did you decide against? This eclipse revisits old choices and helps us face new ones as one cycle ends and another begins.

Another blast from the past comes from restrictive Saturn as it moves into expansive Sagittarius. It last toured Sagittarius in 1985. If you are old enough to have lived that long, (and still young enough to remember,) what happened in your life back then? This combo focuses on education, travel, and dreams as well as life's experience from 'the school of hard knocks.' What do you know for sure? And even more importantly, what do you believe? Then as Dr. Phil asks, how's that working for you? Saturn's reality hones expectations to a level we can actually achieve. Take a dream – new or old, add a plan, and do the work.

The eclipse in the humble sign of Virgo turns us to the ho-hum, practical tasks – the ones we do daily that end up impacting our lives in big ways. Our diet, exercise, daily work, and lifestyle form the structure of who we are. Fine-tune these issues to align with the results you want. It's a matter of process and the integration of body, mind and feelings. Inner healing and compassion are big players in the eclipses ahead as we learn to balance the practical and the spiritual.

Horoscopes for September 12-27

Virgo, can you feel the lifting of the tide? Jupiter and the eclipses are helping you define your purpose and drop the busy-busy stuff. Serving your craft, your body, your spirit through, dare we say, mindfulness, brings you a dose of self-esteem. Own your talents and skills and see their results.

Libra, this eclipse emphasizes a serious need for quiet to contemplate how far you've come and what you need to embrace in terms of true self-expression. You have guardians helping you be you in all your relationships. Go for your desires. No fudging on who you are. Good manners will suffice.

Scorpio, interacting with broad networks brings good, especially in your career. You are your own best resource - don't sell yourself short even as you improve. Remember the six degrees of separation as you ponder power. Politics? Humanitarian groups? The U.N.? What calls you?

Sagittarius, Jupiter, your ruling planet, the eclipses and Saturn in your sign demand serious attention. What you do in the next few years can activate your dream path and your destiny for many years. Discovery what your mission is AND work for it. Universal winds fill your sail. Work it!

Capricorn, you love this detailed work and grounded expansion stuff. You understand one step after another as you climb your mountan. No hot air balloon here. Forgive yourself for having lost your way and polish the plan as needed so you can make major accomplishments. Enjoy the updraft.

Aquarius, this eclipse opens the door behind the door. Secrets of power and money, solid partners, shoot, even sex is on the table. Remember your purpose of group action for equality and humanitarian actions. It's almost like you found the magic key. Use it wisely and lead well.

Pisces, your balancing act probably needs weight on the practical end. Close friends and loved one keep you grounded and real. Even if you are foggy about details, it turns out right when it feels right. Trust that and tend to the business of being a good spouse and friend. Work is quite expressive.

Aries, so much energy for fun and recreation! The lesson of the eclipse is adapting socially, especially with colleagues. Figure out how to fit in. If your health needs attention, get after it – doctor appointments, the gym, food. Stop something - smoking, drinking, whatever it is for you. Take care!!

Taurus, baby, you need fun. Recreation, a hobby, happy friends, a nature walk. Nothing flashy - just fun. And what does home mean to you and who adores you there? Venus ushers in an eight year cycle around fun! No need to impress. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. And have fun!\

Gemini, get after some recreation with chatty friends. Back at home, well, there is much to be done. Deferred maintenance? Attention to the family? Processing heritage and psychological roots? Organize what you have gathered and tune in to the 'illogical' that makes sense in its own way.

Cancer, feeling is easy for you so your balance point calls for the earthy and real. Energy gathers in personal arenas: easy friends, routine interactions, personal creativity and projects, daily habits. How are you different than your family (especially childhood family) sees you? Hmmm....

Leo, security rises from your self-esteem, confidence, skills, money, and resources of all kinds. A period of expansion is upon you, perhaps arriving in finances or a sense of abundance and gratitude. Apply common sense and manage yourself as the asset you are. Entitlement does not help, though.