Stars Above Kitsap: Leo Full Moon

Vintage Coin Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair

Vintage Coin Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair

No Easy Prizes in 2016

How's it going for you out of the gate into a new year? Did you hit the deck running and slam into a wall the first week in? Well, you aren't the only one. The sky is full of stops, starts and confusion. With Mercury and Big Daddy, Jupiter moon-walking backwards (retrograde) much of what we accomplished in the last quarter of 2015 comes up for review.

The forecast for 2016 sets up two missions. The first challenge lies in determining what is 'real' and what is 'illusion' in our beliefs about homes, community, country, and world. Beliefs of all kinds, religious, political, familial, even about ourselves and the meaning in our lives come under serious scrutiny. Which beliefs move us forward as a society, and which ones simply feel good spouting off - but tear us apart? In other words, where's the cheese? Where's the beef? And really, you're going down that tunnel again?

There are no easy prizes in 2016 as illustrated by the unclaimed Power Ball Jackpot! Our second mission is 'do what works' so the planets in Earth signs can reward us. Confusion about what does and doesn't work creates chaos throughout the year on all levels of society. Your ship comes in when you dot the i's, cross the t's, review, revise, and reconsider. The idea of measuring twice and cutting once would be well applied in 2016. Or said another way, 'Don't do what doesn't work!'

The full moon in Leo with Sun in Aquarius (Saturday, January 23 at 5:45 PM PST) challenges us to come together for humanitarian purposes rather than being a rock star on our own. At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius the shadow side of Leo comes to light as self-aggrandizement - entertainment at best. Think the Kardashians or Trump. Between movies, TV, Facebook, newscasts and politics, we face endless distraction, illusion and woo-woo. We could set records with our data usage in 2016.

Or we could work together, day-by-day, to make our world a better place for 'we, the people.'

Horoscope January 23 to February 8

Aquarius, putting yourself out front this month feels natural. Behind the scene, fine-tune details, invite power players in and make room for angels. Listen, really listen, to your close buddies and spouse. Don't cherry pick their comments. They see you! Then, champion your cause.

Pisces, baby, take a bow and head for the wings. Forget slow food - think slow life. Are you everything for everyone? Give it up for your health's sake. Quit multi-tasking and forgive yourself for not making every little dream real and perfect. Rest up by delegating. Show us your magic later.

Aries, taking care of friendships in little ways, like coffee-dates, shines the light back on you. Enjoy the pleasure of friendships by spending time, money and attention on your buddies. Bet you find it's fun and brings out your best. Beware over-prodding you or others.

Taurus, aim higher with a plan in hand. Delegate and work smarter. Be sure the plan works from inside out. In other words, your core values, habits, family, roots count so work with them and go with the flow. Support for what inspires love in you and others and watch you both soar.

Gemini, unfamiliarity breeds happiness this month as you contemplate the depths of the cosmos and feel the pull of going higher. New sights, sounds, tastes, smells lift you up – even if you aren't traveling. Get out of comfortable ruts and talk to routine people you don't usually notice.

Cancer, feel alive and indulge your compulsions. Think of them as passions and follow your nose. Let them energize you. Get your emotional and security act together, too. You'll feel safer when core values are spending your money rather than your monkey mind.

Leo, applauding friends, telling them specifically what you like about them and how much you love having them in your life reaps large rewards. Try it and see their faces light up. Listen and give them your time. It becomes a mutual admiration society. How grand – 'cause you need people!

Virgo, ditch criticism and compliment co-workers and those who serve you. Upgrade your routine by making daily activities into prayers through mindfulness and appreciation. Add a spiritual practice you can take refuge in. Humble creative acts all day add up to great pleasure.

Libra, get out of your own way and go play...for no reason other than the pursuit of pleasure. In our workaholic world, your cup fills up again and you give us permission to smell a few roses, too. Time to update your home turf to find beauty there. Classic design spells beauty to you.

Scorpio, how's your heart? Does it need the light of forgiveness and a dusting away of resentments? Real world home repairs may call for attention. Whether inner or outer, lighten up. Your career needs emotional care. No heart in the job? Find another. You've got energy to spare!

Sagittarius, check out your beautiful mind. Is it moving you ahead or pulling you back to old stories and other times? What are your habitual statements about life, yourself and others? Pay attention. Write it down. The good, the bad and the ugly – you're in charge!

Capricorn, your money and belongings need attention. Honor them by taking care of them. Organize, repair, recycle, and balance the books. Time is money. You spend money on things. So spend time on your things - and make money. Reward yourself and buy something you really love.