Stars Above Kitsap: New Moon in Capricorn

10,000 Hours Towards Community Service

                     Capricorn Beaded Glyph Shadow Box by Suzanne O'Clair

                     Capricorn Beaded Glyph Shadow Box by Suzanne O'Clair

There is no dark as dark as a lonely winter's night. The new moon in Capricorn (January 9, 5:30 PM PST) can find us lost in despair because deep in our DNA, we know winter throws survival itself into doubt. Our odds of staying alive increases in groups, and so Capricorn turns our attention to society.

Capricorn builds BIG, what cannot be built alone: bridges, buildings, universities, governments and corporations. Growth creeps along and builds through generations. It holds to tradition and stands against change - not simply because it's been done this way forever, but because we survived doing it this way, and come what may, we will survive, again.

Malcolm Gladwell in 'Outliers' says we spend 10,000 hours (a brilliant argument for doing what you love!) studying, practicing and learning skills, failing, and doing it again, behind the scenes where no one notices. It takes discipline, focus and patience to become productive members of society, build careers, and create worthwhile lives.

Capricorn is mastery - not for the stardom of it, but for our personal satisfaction and sense of group responsibility. At the mastery point, we become the authority - elders, judges, teachers, mentors - and the circle comes 'round as we take on the slow process of looping the next generation into the societal song and dance.

As Martin Luther King, a Capricorn with a social dream said, 'We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.”

What would you give hours, days and years of your life to master? What is your group 'Super Power?' Choose well - you need it, your community needs it, and in the end, you'll feel the satisfaction of knowing you did your part however small.

Big changes are afoot: Mercury (in Aquarius and Capricorn) and Jupiter in Virgo turn retrograde and Mars moves to Scorpio. The 2016 forecast highlights Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn as we work to get real and embody what we know. Less is more. Strategies rule. And details are da bomb!

Horoscopes for January 9-23

Capricorns, show up, see and be seen. You light up the winter darkness and may stumble a cache of secret, even about yourself. How are you your worst enemy? Dreaming by the fire brings clarity about timeless values, affections and necessary boundaries. Happy Birthday!

Aquarius, networking, parties, and friends at the bar talk big ideas about seating more people at the societal banquet table. Inclusion sets your heart on fire! At work, laser-vision and strategic thinking take stage center. Don't forget the (darn) details. They have a secret life of their own.

Pisces, step into shaking and moving with the shaker-and-mover bigwigs. There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, especially when partnered up with the right people. The kindness we share with close ones can spill into society, as you well know.

Aries, your drive for individuality continues to confront over-structured societal forms. Your pure feistiness works behind the scene to restructure what isn't working for the 99%. That's a battle large enough for you and a worthy one, too. Go for making a difference.

Taurus, you join in big goals with the blue-bloods. Are the plans for the 1% alone? Stand in for the masses. Three weeks of detour and revision work ahead. Life's pleasures are to share and you're totally up for a partner. Hold laser-clear intentions and let a sweetie find you!

Gemini, old secrets from behind powerful doors, bedroom, boardroom, bankers, wills, are astir. Some issues go deep into psychological matters. Don't force anything – you could break it! Mercury retrograde gives time to tweak out hidden agendas – yours and others.

Cancer, partners and best friends. You love them, you need them, they drive you crazy. Dare to speak – or hear - truth. Mercury retrograde gives time to talk, listen, think and talk, again. Deep feelings emerge. Be gentle as you balance the bonds between you and yours.

Leo, new year, new you and oh, so much work to do, and out of the limelight at that! But who wants to be seen sweating at the gym? Get your life systems working for you. It's your schedule, your food, your exercise, your daily life. Bring your creativity to liven up dull routines.

Virgo, the party continues! Who are you lately? No lists and as few routines as you can get away with. This break reminds you efficiency is a tool for your soul's self-expression. Process & integration takes time and you can only do that for yourself! Cut back and focus.

Libra, go home and stay there! Life happens around the hearth. Invite the beautiful people for an old-fashioned 'salon.' Speak of art, love, justice and travel, read poetry, sing songs. Later, explore your ancestry, their stories and secrets. Home, sweet home!

Scorpio, get very specific about what you want to accomplish over the next two years. Haven't a clue? Talk it out with wise ones on your daily path. Have a clue? Talk to those same wise ones. Planning strategy is 80% of success. Working with others helps your mission.

Sagittarius, mix affection with responsibilities and discover expanded resources to draw on from yourself and others. Mercury-retrograde insists you review usage of personal assets like skills, talents, attitudes, and which ones you haven't claimed - and therefore can't use. Dig for the gold.