O Stars Above: Aries Full Moon

Play Well With Others

We laugh when the Queen of Hearts, an extreme Aries, shouts “Off with their heads” because we recognize ourselves - and it's uncomfortable. This full moon (October 15, 9:23 pm PDT) finds Aries, the Lone Ranger, up against Libra, the goddess-principle of relatedness. The diplomatic Sun in Libra reminds us, “We must play well with others.”

“Bah!” says Moon in Aries. He wants to shake his independent booty and escape sticky dependency needs. He wants to ride into the Western sunset yodeling, “I did it my way,” while Libra hums “Someday my prince(ss) will come” and waits for a handsome stranger to appear on the horizon.

Aries and Libra represent the eternal challenge of finding our place in the world as we take 'me, myself and I' out to play with 'others'. Success is found when Aries softens the me, me, me emphasis to have a relationship and Libra risks being alone by speaking up for self. Here lies the magic territory of inter-dependent action where maturity and consciousness find buried gold for both signs and neither one loses himself.

Neither sign needs to become the other – indeed, they are opposites on an energetic line and both have much to teach us. But when Aries and Libra center themselves and negotiate, we move ahead, personally and societally.

To ramp up the energy, the cosmos presents us with an added polarity: the female moon visits the masculine sign of Aries and the male sun is found in the feminine sign of Libra. The other planets have drawn back as though to give them the dance floor. (Or no-man's land.)

Once it's decided who leads, only one question remains: will it be a waltz, a tango or a slam-dance? Whatever is chosen, well, as they say, it takes two...

Horoscopes for October 15 to October 30

Libra, you've had several years of rework and at last, you can see for yourself that you are FINE! You are shining in a new self hood and extending your love and light graciously to all. Owning your idiosyncratic tendencies frees you from the tantrums of others. Who knew?

Scorpio, communication works - but some forms of it are subtle, nebulous and deep. It comes from hard-earned wisdom. You cannot delineate how you came to your conclusions, but you did - and you are talking. Take time to listen to the echoes of your words. Stay curious.

Sagittarius, exploring groups connected to your imagined future re-energizes self-expression. As you find more of yourself, you have more to offer. Dig deep and deal with what comes up. Value what you have to offer now and don't hide your light. Don't dominate the group. Focus on your future.

Capricorn, at last, clarity and action come together so you can see the major shifts in your career! Recent uncertainty at work morphs into camaraderie and a spotlight on you. Outer ambition combines with your inner truths and you feel in synch. Keep working from the inside out.

Aquarius, understanding the culture you live and work in deepens you. Faith in the future grows and teachers appear. Fools rush in - but your angels are demanding intuitive listening. Look at the symbols and metaphors. Your insight opens more of yourself to you now, and later to us.

Pisces, an extensive exploration of you and relationships shines light on deep personal issues. Hold the gems of insights you uncover to the light. Compassionate you must turn inward for symbolic messages about your childhood patterns and partners. Still look at the changes you've made!

Aries, dancing takes partners, true, but dance the dance you want to dance - be true to you. And respectful of others - relationships hold dynamic clues to your ability to partner. What you see in others, good or bad, are projections of your inner feelings and about yourself. Hmmm...go slow.

Taurus, tune into dreamy signals about what you really want. Get your health and daily routine together as you prepare for more interaction with colleagues. Venus leaves the relationship area but pay attention to the path she's laid. What exactly do you want for your future? Get specific.

Gemini, it's easy for you to be all over the chart – long-term satisfaction focuses on fun, light friendships with thoughtful people, confronting habitual patterns and aligning with new directions. Keep at the personal work you must do to have a golden future. Enjoy peeks of sunshine.

Cancer, expanded faith in your home base launches you more firmly into work and doing it your way! Partnerships focus your energy on building life structures that have lasting value. It's like a guardian angel is whispering in your ear directing your next step. Let others nurture you, too.

Leo, your neighborhood is your playground. Everything is right at your finger tips. Talk, read, communicate, teach, learn – shake it all up and you hardly have to leave home. Still the subject matter is about expanding your horizons, a sense of self and health routines. Take a walk around the block!

Virgo, your ruling planet, Mercury, can be a bit bi-polar – up and down and up! In negotiations around shared assets, you may feel your value in partnerships is undervalued throwing you into a creative, self-expressive tizzy - or tantrum. Partnerships are subtle things. Dance gently and laugh!