O Stars Above: Libra New Moon

Imagine All the People

After a rambunctious eclipse, fall equinox escorted busy summer to its exit as the scales tipped towards shorter days. Through the dark seasons we naturally turn inward to examine personal ethics and relationships and prepare for expanded Love at the holidays.

Libra moves us from home arenas to society's playground found at the crossroads of 'where my needs meet your needs.' Everyone's ability to create harmony picks up in importance as six months of cabin fever forces close togetherness. Behavioral adjustments may be needed between us and those we call our nearest and dearest as well as in society's settings.

The introverted Moon (September 30, 5:11 pm PDT) and the extroverted Sun examine the tension between being in relationships and maintaining independence. These two opposites remind us that opposites attract bringing something vital to the other. We sometimes forget we also bring things out of each other.

Librans appear to be indecisive, but, in fact, they ponder the subtlety of balance points. The scales are either in or out of balance. There is no 'sort of in balance' point. Partners instinctively know when imbalance occurs. To return to the ever-shifting center point each one must undertake an inner adjustment. Libra energy seeks neither co-dependence nor independence attitudes. It looks for the more ephemeral interdependency which takes patience and maturity to maintain once found.

The 'other' is the mirror we look at ourselves in. We 'love' in them what we love in ourselves. We 'hate' in them what we hate in ourselves. Listening to the highest praise or the most damning remark you make about someone else is a major clue about what you love and hate in yourself. The more we become loving partners to what we deny in ourselves, the more we play together in the field of unconditional Love creating harmony and following the dream of John Lennon, a Libran, who said “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

Horoscopes for September 30 – October 15

Libra, you are the perfect one to lead us into greater love, beauty and harmony Your subtle understanding about what's valuable to pack for this journey is on point and as you drop self-doubt, love springs up all around you. Focus on like-minded partners.

Scorpio, timing is on your side. You're standing on your own bedrock and self-esteem runs high. You've gotten real about what's valuable enough to spend time on. Focus on how relationships are the wind beneath your wings and you are no longer the lone wolf.

Sagittarius, you dream collective dreams. It's who you are - so partners are essential. A year long tide of new contacts are flooding in. Stay focused on your goals but partnerships, collectives and collaborations provide new energy and possibilities. Be humble. Fine tune.

Capricorn, others jump aboard your ambitions for excellence. The weight you feel may be the desire to work up to your potential. Energy abounds to get after your burning desire. Throw off the old heaviness of responsibility and respond to your own needs.

Aquarius, your lofty view elevates and visions are supported by many. In fact, they open doors wider for what your projects. There is a level of mature support helping your endeavors over the next year. Stay close enough to earth orbit to make it happen.

Pisces, you may not know what to do with this delicious sense of power you feel. Did you even know it was power? Not your usual area of interest but to bring dreams to fruition, power and money help! Let die any old, sad story. You are the butterfly and the caterpillar served its purpose.

Aries, gratitude for partners and mates turn out to be your magic rocket fuel. The blessing of others – what a great lesson. Open with love to your shadow-self and create more lift. Own your goodness and release your less glorious issues. Focus on your love of others.

Taurus, routines can be too full of people who don't pulling their weight. Are you a good partner to yourself or do you give up personal needs to work? How's your health? Overworking and people are a theme this year. You are loved. Look for true partners and take more vacations.

Gemini, play, re-create, be full of child-like wonder and find your best-est playmates. Enough of managing home and details in the fuzzy fog of what's real and what's not. Now - move forward in the most pragmatic, fun way possible. Back to your natural self - but you're like a downy chick!

Cancer, phone home. Better yet, spend time there, invite friends in, family (but the mature ones.) Transformation appears in the form of play, sex, romance, oh, my! Partners need more attention but aren't asking directly. Pre-plan and schedule time with them for more passion, less discord.

Leo, explore your neighborhood, siblings, cousins, practical matters and find local wisdom. Holiday demand for family focus comes early. Let little (childish) pieces of yourself buried for the good of all come up for reconciliation. It's easy. It's fun and partners abound.

Virgo, what a year - eclipses and Jupiter (the super huge planet) worked you over, inviting you to step into the your best of self. Integrate the opportunities that opened up to you and that you value. It's your journey and it's brand new. Use lists, calendars and smarts to design the life you want.