O Stars Above: Scorpio New Moon

A Wild Ride to the Dark Side

Trick or treat! It's not the ghouls at your door you need fear. It's the person on the other side of your mirror: your snarky Mr. Jekyll that lives along side Dr. Hyde. Our trick-y selves show up masked and ready to take us on a wild ride to the dark side. But beware - it's never a treat to see what goes bump in our psyches.

The fear-feeding zombie is alive and well within us and Scorpio's new moon (Sunday October 30, 10:38 am PDT) stirs the pot of our cut-off secret selves rife with taboos we've buried in psychic swamps. These ghouls come laden with painful emotions which we bat aside in a myriad of en-deadening coping styles as they suck the joy of life out of us like a zombie snacking on our brains. It's scary. Truly scary.

In the political arena, an orange man demonstrates what it looks like to NOT 'know thyself' and let your underwear hang out. We easily recognize bloated egos running amok in others. But, can we see our meanness, hear our sharp words and recognize that sometimes the stab in the back comes from our own hand?

Coming to that level of maturity is painful. We stumble on these shadowy aspects of ourselves when we cringe at something we said or did. These younger parts of us fled into the dark long ago because of ridicule, pain, loneliness, powerlessness, or trauma. Still they recite secret spells hypnotizing us to loyalties and behaviors that no longer serve. The 'treat' for digging around in the swampy terrain is that we come to know ourselves in a deeper, more compassionate way and become more whole. Keep at it and the zombie turns into a ballerina spreading love and light like fairy dust.

This Scorpio new moon offers a kind heart longing to clean out our pockets of darkness, helping us grieve our lost, little-ghost selves and returning our orphaned goblins back into the circle of kindness. Our harvest of the dark sets the stage for a re-birth of light at Winter Solstice.

Boo! Now - get busy!

Horoscope October 30 to November 14

Scorpio, honor friends by being crystal clear about where you want to go. Secret dreams don't get far. Your focused intention needs support from others, so show them the plan. Give up excuses about not doing what you need to do. Just do it already!

Sagittarius, this year's hard work is definitely paying off. People bestow leadership and love upon you. Acknowledge those who helped you get this far. You haven't gotten where you are alone. Watch for inspiration in omens. Take some serious down time - a long winter's nap!

Capricorn, align with missions, not ambition for its own sake. Don't squander a payload of networking help. Touch base with them and tend the fires of friendship Feel your way along when you don't have the plan. A bit of luck is in play so take some rest and enjoy how far you've come.

Aquarius, strategy at work goes far when you drop into intuitive knowing. Don't ignore subtle signs of what's happening behind the scenes. You reap what you sow and you have courage and confidence going for you. Diplomacy, anyone? Spread social grease everywhere!

Pisces, a water moon feels natural with added Neptune intuitive inspiration tied into the picture. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish and let people know how committed you are – they may know (or be) bankers who want in. Feel the love at work. Focus there – not on fantasies!

Aries, digging into personal swamps lets you hear your needs more clearly. Steady down - especially if you get your nose out of joint at work. Pay attention to power structures. Focus on your goals, your way. Remember intuition - subtle but useful.

Taurus, if your nearest and dearest aren't cutting it, step back. People are subtle, nebulous and stressing you out. Take it easy. It's a low time energetically and relationships are long term projects. Work on building friendships and love-ships like you would on a work assignment.

Gemini, in your gut (maybe literally) you know what you need to do. Take that clarity and sweep out stagnation. Make up details as you go but move - now. You. Know. And here is the funny part – you're going to love the new situation. Banish confusion and zoom on your broom!

Cancer, it’s fun going with your flow, being your beautiful light-filled Self - visionary and self-directed. Your foundation expands and fills with co-creators. Don't coddle companions who aren't carrying their weight. Let them know kindly. Move to a higher level of simple contentment.

Leo, like ET, go home and revel in deep quiet. Release the unkind and unreliable and patterns associated with collecting them. Tune into psychological needs that help you soar. Friends and co-creators abound close at hand. Put energy into what YOU want to make happen. Only you know!

Virgo, talk about the secrets of childhood with siblings. Connect with a snoopy neighbor – better yet, be one. You're looking for answers. You'll know what you're looking for when you hear it. This isn't cut and dried, but a subtle shift in power. Don't waste time.

Libra, Jupiter in your sign opens broad horizons. Re-inventing any part of your life you want. Commit to working on dreams and projects that vibrate for you. If you don't give yourself permission, you end up dancing to another's tune. Be succinct and clear in communications.