O Stars Above: Taurus Full Moon

Gerd Altmann - Pexels.com

Gerd Altmann - Pexels.com

A Showstopper of a Full Moon

Astronomers and astrologers are cousins interested in the same subject. While astronomers observe the outer world to ponder the mysteries of the universe, astrologers use cosmic observations to pierce inner experiences. But, when it comes to Monday's full moon in Taurus (5:53 AM PST) we agree - it will be a showstopper! This moon rises 30% bigger and 14% brighter than any since 1948. In other words, it is one in 816 full moons!

Astrologically, this full moon features another rarity. The Sun and Moon are not engaged with any other planet's energies. They are completely fixated on each other like lovers on a crowded dance floor. With the extra emphasis on the Moon, it takes the lead – for a change.

The Moon represents our unconscious, reflective and emotional nature. She doesn't show up unless she's in a reflective angle to the sun. So when she appears at the full moon, she has much to share and we feel her feelings! The Sun represents consciousness, ego and will. He is active, constant and direct, thrusting himself into the world as demanding as the sun at noon on a clear day.

Full moons balance opposite energies tied up in one polarity. A Scorpio sun breaks through stagnate feelings to live a full life. And intense is Scorpios first, last and middle names. Calm, peaceful Taurus revels in the sensuous experience of life in an amazing body on this beautiful planet flying through space. As with any polarity neither will become the other. But working together, they both shine.

Leading this month's moon dance, the Moon invites us to get out of whatever current intensity we are struggling with and visit nature to see her big moment. She knows our Sun energy gets overworked in our society, and that timeless answers come to light when we sit quietly and wait. Listen to her and remember when your Soul speaks, take good notes.

Ahhhh, would you look at that moon?

Horoscopes November 14 – 29

Scorpio, reset your focus on yourself. Take time to shine in ways you love. Then turn to good friends, maybe elders for nurturing. Wise-women advice awaits you. At a fundamental level you feel restless, wanting something revolutionary, pioneering. Think before you go too far.

Sagittarius, finish details you've left hanging that can trip you up. Discoveries about yourself and how you fit into the world are coming at you on multiple levels. Expand. Contract. Expand. Contract. Even though contracting isn't your thing. Are daily habits frustrating you?

Capricorn, times they are a zig-zagging- no straight ahead approach here. Downtime, fun and recreation are key. Do a Tom Sawyer. Have so much fun working they want to do it with you! While you aren't focused on the problem, answers come. People want to help. Let them.

Aquarius, well, aren't you Mr/Ms Popularity? Besides that, they want to know what you think and how they can help. Work on a 25 words or less mission statement and share, repeat and state often until the floodgates. Balance the teeming masses with home time and feeling your roots.

Pisces, on the job training is a great way to learn so don't despair, just bear down. If you travel to classes, make friends for later. Your real world chops are impressing others. Your dream life is active so take time to sleep, even if you chat away the night.

Aries, know what you value and what you'll pay to have it. Partners add a lot to life so examine what you share with them, too. Life pushes you to get clear about whether you are spending time, money and attention on what and who is near and dear. Follow your guts after you count to three!

Taurus, your big moon sheds light on how your softer side lines up with your worldly presence. Do you have close frenemies? Sometimes they make us dig deeper but be smart. Pragmatic goals are the ones to pursue, especially if you put money and a ton of energy into the project.

Gemini, your ruling planet, Mercury, is foot-loose and fancy-free visiting your best buds but there's a heavy hand in the same area. Get fresh perspectives on your life from elders. Re-energize your daily habits. You know, food, sleep, exercise. If you don't take good care of you, who will?

Cancer, play time, so get going on re-creating yourself. Have fun and get creative – your way. On the other hand, drama among your broader circle of friends is on your last nerve. Throw dead weight overboard. Fun friends, welcome aboard. Focus on a lighter, brighter future.

Leo, work is active enough to feel like home - but it isn't. Burrow in at home going into your renewal mode. Store energy before the Holidays strike. Spend some active time with your honey and be sure you two are on the same page. Lots of people ahead!

Virgo, revel in spending time where your heart is with those you love. People and a high level of sociability come at you in a wave. Relax and enjoy it. Somehow it increases your sense of yourself and clarify your values. Experiment with your routines.

Libra, focus on what is most private and sacred to you. Then be sure you are committing time, money, effort and energy in that direction. This is a big year with many opportunities for connections and socializing for Libras. Make sure you use it to end up in the right place.