O Stars Above: Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Coin & Embroidered Beading Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair

Gemini Coin & Embroidered Beading Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair

Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde & Winter Solstice – Oh, My!

Here comes Santa Claus! But first comes Mercury retrograde on December 19. Yep! Right in the middle of the month where you need everything to go right in order to get the impossible done. Plus, while we are at it, let's throw in a full moon (Tuesday, December 13, 4:05 pm PST) in garrulous Gemini facing off with the sun in ever-hopeful Sagittarius.

This is high energy and thank goodness, what with all December adds to your naughty and nice list. The moon's biggest challenge to you is staying focused when you emotionally want to gad-about, or blindly following a logical plan when your intuitive wisdom is opening another door. Heaviness hangs in the air and a tendency to see the downside gets help from all three of the air signs - an astrological version of the three wise men. Work on staying in the generosity of your higher perspective while getting details done.

The Winter Solstice chart (December 21, 2:44 am PST) shows our ability to think deeply about the division between social justice and individualism backing away from the deep wounding these issues arise from. Compassion and a pull for wholeness is strong but before the energy comes together, a wild sleigh ride on icy roads may throw us a curve.

Our underlying challenge lies in our USA birth chart where deep transformation shakes our foundation. Seeds planted in the 1960's are sprouting – or dying. Our attention is turning inward to the restructuring of our 230-year-old roots. Electrical energy amps us up while a death and rebirth process is underway. It looks like a scene out of Dr. Frankenstein with the populace running mad through lightening and fog. Couple the US chart with the Winter Solstice and the first 100 days, we, the people, want to give the president a shot at it but can't bear to look.

Meanwhile, slowing down and thinking deeply, acting with compassion and having faith in the future can't hurt. Besides, it's the Holiday Season and everything else is simply on hold!

Horoscopes December 12- 28

Sagittarius, as much as you'd like it to be all about you, it just isn't. Pay attention to those nearest and dearest. They tell you what you need to do - it may be as simple as talking and listening...without any preaching. Parties allow you to be you, but don't overdo it!

Capricorn, a long winter's nap could be interrupted by details, at work, at home, your diet, exercise, the schedule is not co-operating. Ba-humbug! You want to work as usual and everyone else wants to talk, talk, talk. Have a few pointed conversations then give up, go home, be quiet.

Aquarius, play is work for the moment and everyone you run into wants to engage. Don't let these golden opportunities pass you by. Take their card and call tomorrow to assign them their task. Creativity, creative partnerships and dousing doubt are on deck.

Pisces, you could (really!) have the office party in your home. Or at least a few friends from work. Throw in your best friends and some of your weird friends. It will be a blast. And you will be seen in a whole new light. Otherwise, dress up in a way that's different for you and go to the party.

Aries, load your sled and go see everyone! Hand out little gifts. Be the bon-vivant that you are and let your people from the barista to the boss, clients, kids, the cleaner's, the grocer - everyone - know how much you appreciate them. Celebrate your new freedom.

Taurus, yep, holidays are expensive. As a gratitude practice, give a little something to everyone and something you value to the one's you value most. It returns more than you can see. Besides, come on, you're having a surge of humanitarian uplifting.

Gemini, plan for feeling over-exposed and over-scheduled at the full moon. Give your heart to those you love who support who you are. Cut others free. If you are doing gifts, dinner, decorating, do it before December 19 when trickster Mercury retrogrades and calls you to deeper stirrings.

Cancer, quiet periods see you through traditions, sugar jags and holiday shenanigans. Your alone time sets you up to be available to the heart-felt moments of the holidays. For you, home for the holidays is where it's at, so invite favorite friends in.

Leo, shine at every event where you make a cameo appearance this season. Play, have fun and if it isn't, pull back. Practicing discipline and limitation can actually make what you keep more fun. Future partners make appearances.

Virgo, weird - work is more fun than home - where the work is. Mercury turns mid-stream so do the “checking it twice” list thing before the 19th. Connect, really connect, with valuable partners and co-workers. Build some bridges for the new year's enterprises.

Libra, you feel like you could take on the world, the stars and the moon above. Your favorite people surround you. You could overdo it but probably won't notice - it's all so stimulating. Social justice may be on your mind. There are things to do and everyone knows it. Give them a job.

Scorpio, obstacles to getting what you think you deserve come up in the disguise of valuing yourself enough to ask for what you want. Don't ask the question unless you are ready for the answer. Open your home to your crazy group of friends – ideas could hatch.