O Stars Above: Capricorn New Moon

Vintage Capricorn Coin - Beaded Embroidery by Suzanne O'Clair. Contact her if you want to reserve your vintage coin for a customized necklace.

Vintage Capricorn Coin - Beaded Embroidery
by Suzanne O'Clair. Contact her if you want to reserve your vintage coin for a customized necklace.

Building Legacies

After the angst of 2016, suddenly, it's over. Poof! And, we find ourselves face-to-face with the uncertainty of 2017. The new moon in Capricorn (Wednesday, December 28 at 10:53 pm PST) holds clues for our success. We sense the serious work ahead that needs our attention with Mercury retrograde traveling with the Sun, Moon and Pluto. Fortunately, Capricorn makes good use of dull things - like time, patience, self-discipline and authority – and in the process we meet our worth.

This is a cycle where we are eager to settle down and do what works in every area of our lives. Capricorn's secret power is mastering dreams by building structures that concentrate focus: routines, schedules, and deadlines. She keeps an eye on the goal and measures progress in real world results. Her tasks encompass enterprises so large that we cannot even attempt them on our own!

Capricorns build governments, corporations, institutions, bridges, rockets, ships, towns and cities in co-operation with others who have mastered discipline, patience and a relentless dedication to results. Capricorns build legacies that last and last and last. This is adult territory where everything you have worked for comes together. Dull as the path may have seemed, suddenly, you're having the time of your life as solid results accrue and you sense your mastery!

The USA chart is having a Capricornian crisis as our structures fail. Each of us must determine what kind of country we want to live in and what our part is in bringing the new vision forth. The trivial, tired and redundant drops away as we roll up our sleeves and get down to the business at hand.

Day-by-day, class after class, meeting after meeting, rise and shine, burning the midnight oil, practicing scales, retooling, retraining, learning skills, stepping up to lead – these activities make life count. Capricorn is the arena where we earn our position in the group as we work for the highest expression of ourselves and pull together with others building enterprises bigger we are.

December 28 to January 12

Capricorn, you are breaking life down to its essentials. You are being seen as wise instead of merely ambitious and driven. Work for the long term, sit in the quiet and see what comes. Then pencil out a new year plan and be ready to lead – your way, step-by-step.

Aquarius, learning what drives you at an emotional and intuitive level is invaluable even if you have to learn a symbolic language. Learn that and you can inspire people to get on board that train to freedom! Listen to the shaker's and movers you hang with. Are they working for the people?

Pisces, the woo-woo in you is finding the place of action and spiritual warrior-hood. It's personal and you feel what needs done. The work may be behind the scenes where you have more of a power position than you can see. Talk to an elder for feedback.

Aries, sometimes speaking up YOUR way is exactly what's needed, especially when social injustice comes up at work. Be sure you aren't rolling over your partner. The depths are agitated in you - let it bubble up until you're clear about right action. You're a leader. We're desperate for leaders!

Taurus, work has an angel on-call for you as you team up with others for the common good. Pragmatic visions and long-term goals make you a happy camper. What are you going to apply yourself to? As the collective energy bounces us around, your steadfastness is a gift.

Gemini, uncovering secrets (even our own) sometimes leave us with grief and sadness. Regrets, we've had a few, so go easy on yourself. Let go of 'partners' that aren't. Go with the flow until January 8 while figuring out a new plan that works for you from your inside out - whether it's logical or not.

Cancer, partners make you or break you. Are yours worthy – pulling their weight and sharing your values around family and heritage? Food, sleep, exercise need consideration and new habits for health's sake. Compassionate friends expand your family.

Leo, streamlining routines for efficiency is easy, at work and at home. Health habits are vitally important. Ditch anything not bringing results - just let them go. Get a second opinion about your creative skills and if you need new ones, sign up for classes. How are the kids?

Virgo, Christmas week-end done. Check. New Year's ahead...screech! With your ruler retrograde in grounded, pragmatic Capricorn, moving on doesn't occurs until serious decisions about home or real estate, and children/family are made. Partner not in agreement? Give it till end of January.

Libra, home and hearth need attention - either in the form of friends you can get heavy, deep and real with or repairs/remodels undertaken. Your eye is on the future. Friends. old and new, conservative, woo-woo, and the weird want to play - as do you! Balance it, Libra dear.

Scorpio, communications flare up as you discover how you undermine yourself with those you deal with daily: siblings, business colleagues, neighbors. Are you talking in shorthand? Are you listening – too little or not at all? You're touchy but learning about your style. Take time to play.

Sagittarius, are you so identify with your personal values that you're constantly defensive? Ease up. Learn where you stand by paying attention to your knee-jerk reactions. If overextended in networking groups, prune back on the ones you don't value and find your true partners.