Stars Above Kitsap: Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon and SeeSaws

When a story begins “Once upon a time,” you know it takes place out of reality and in a magical, mysterious realm. The Buddhists use koans like “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” to take us out of our logical brains and Jesus spoke in parables, another way to reach the symbolic, whole brain. Welcome to the Pisces domain, ruler of other-worldly, soul experiences. Its opposite sign, Virgo, keeps our feet on the ground dealing with details of body and home.

Full moons bring light so we see where we are out of balance and need to make adjustments. Think of a seesaw. If your playmate jumps off, you experience a rude awakening when you land with a thump! But if you stand at the apex of the seesaw balancing the ends, only subtle movements are needed to keep both ends off the ground.

The moon on Wednesday, February 22 at 10:19 AM PST brings to mind the Aesop fairytale of the busy-busy ants and fiddle-playing grasshopper. Earthy Virgo racing around doing chores gets edgy without taking time to listen to the Pisces music of the spheres. Both signs serve needs of expression that arise from our human psyches. Without either, we suffer from lack of balance.

Several planets combine to sooth deep soul-wounds and disappointments around our ideas of God and invisible support. Trusting enough to let go and let God becomes easier as we grow spiritually and slow down to let our over-driven bodies fixated on earthly rewards relax and receive the manna of spiritual nurturance, too. Then we are living in Heaven on Earth.

Horoscopes February 22 – March 9

Pisces, the winds beneath your wings pick up power throughout the next month. Get out there and trust your angels to feed you your lines as opportunities arrive. Supportive partners abound and you can drop anyone not carrying their weight. You dance on the edge of heaven and earth.

Aries, an active dream life could be awakening you. Pay attention to the signs and symbols piling up. Psychological work goes a long way toward hooking you up to spirit. Be willing...or willing to be willing. Slow down, go deep and dig. Over-active, unfocused actions don't cut it. Find the true you.

Taurus, go for innovation, new thoughts, a scientific approach. Activities pick up and to handle stay grounded. Pisces energy connects well if you take the time to decipher the encrypted messages. This isn't about acquisition it is about love and harmony on a broad level. Get a strategy. Hold steady.

Gemini, it's a funny mix. Your brain is firing on all cylinders with bright ideas. At the same time, logic is coming undone as the symbolic world invites you to dance with the universe. It will take trust and flexibility because intuitive flow isn't your thing. Stay with your wide open heart and a day spa!

Cancer, you know how to take the magic of moonlight and make it real by day. Emotional flow is easy - but this moon is an emotional high tide. Don't get too wound up nurturing everyone else and get yourself into a frazzle. Self-care comes first. Talk about the spirit world to help others find the magic door.

Leo, shining the light into our own darkness is tricky. Don't opt out for a margarita! There is a huge psychological healing trying to unclog your drains. Be willing to not know. Sense it through your body. Look deeply into your eyes – see the shift? Tears may help as will privacy. Stay steady and kind.

Virgo, it's your full moon and you may feel like you're connected to the universe. Of course, you might have to give up feeling victimized by your close ones, or rescuing them because you have oh, so many skills. Colleagues energize you with snappy suggestions and new uses of technology.

Libra, colleagues could be caught up in the hazy side of Pisces and you'll be picking up the slack. Or has over-indulgences or stresses sent your body chemistry into a fog? Clean up your act and entice your workmates back to the task at hand with promises of a fun reward. Rely on smart women friends.

Scorpio, watch closely what you feel personally invested in right now. It may be big and highly creative. It feels like fun and friends can help. You carry positive, active energy towards success over the next four months even as you fumble around looking for the right starting gate. Don't be shy.

Sagittarius, your mission has a subtle, nebulous feel about it and starts from home. Ancestors could be helping...or hindering. There is a bridge to your work life and the new dream beginning to come clear. Keep your shoulder to the wheel while you pay attention to the subtleties.

Capricorn, let's go back to Martin Luther King who had a dream. He used his worldly skills to march step-by-step to the city on the hill. Lift your true work to a higher realm. Spiritual intentions invite the angels to help as the transforming of yourself matures. Keep the faith and carry one.

Aquarius, you know who you are by what you talk about. Listen when you speak. Listen to your buddies and those from like-minded clubs. Feedback helps you get clearer about what bright, inventive and innovative idea you are going to champion. Help others buy into your mission.