Stars Above Kitsap: Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarian Age 'Baby'

Here we stand at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius asking what does this shift mean? Hold onto your socks - the secret is about to be revealed! And, well, we don't know what it means – exactly!

Think of this shift like a pregnancy. You daydream about the baby, and imagine what it will be like when it arrives, BUT – when the child comes, you are elbow-deep in a New Reality. You are awakened to an entirely new dimension of life. New needs arise, new connections are made, and ideas about yourself, family, society, and even God are influx. You feel the very real demand of evolution even as the baby strikes revolution in your lifestyle and living room!

The Aquarian Age 'baby' is like an energy-quake shaking us awake to our highest humanitarian hopes and behaviors. Revolutionary ideas and actions spring forward about how to bring disenfranchised people, animals and Mother Earth herself - all sentient beings - to the table of power and plenty, where we join together to both benefit and contribute.

In 1776 our American Constitution was an Aquarian revolution. Keeping those ideals alive demands continuous focus as we evolve inwardly so we can make our humanitarian principles an outward reality. Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” and with the energetic arrival of the Aquarian Age NOW is the time for inclusivity, freedom and equality.

The New Moon in Aquarius (Monday, February 8 at 6:38 AM) reminds us we are more powerful and effective together than we are apart, AND everyone wants to make a difference. What is your vision of society? What group is working on that piece of the humanitarian puzzle and how can you contribute? As we rise up together at the highest level of humanitarian action we can muster, we will create what this New Age means.

HOROSCOPES February 8 – 22

Aquarius, you march to a different drummer but you must find your true tribe to take your natural leadership role. Networking, politicking and plain ol' schmoozing accomplishes your mission one small step at a time. Respond from your essence and have a focused strategy.

Pisces, endings are as important as beginnings so take time to review your year – the good, the bad, the unconscious. Your spouse and best friends keep you grounded and may be pointing out details, details, details you missed. Incoming information is in the form of metaphors and symbols.

Aries, high-powered communication brings many to the table at work. If you are new to the back room where big decisions are made, listen to hidden agendas and offer up strategy that work. Finding your voice is about you picking up the harness of leadership.

Taurus, revolution for you is a slow, steady course. Listen to elders who occupy the place you desire. What are their guiding principles? With those close, talk about your deepest desires. They need to know you to support you, and you have a long period ahead of not suffering fools lightly...

Gemini, sometimes you don't want to know the dark, dirty stuff but once you do, there it is. Hold on to your principles. Partnerships are demanding but necessary in life. Slow and steady is called for on all fronts. Entangled webs confuse the work place and call for intuition – not logic.

Cancer, relax your pincers. There is 'enough' for everyone. Work for good outcomes for all, especially your nearest and dearest, even as deep psychological patterns struggle to emerge...both yours and theirs. Shine your love into the dark places - gently, ever so gently.

Leo, is your relationship acting weird? Or is that you? Own your own kookiness! Old, deeply held desires look for new ways of expression, and you might get rowdy. This is high-kickin' energy goes through summer. Try patience, a laser-like focus, and telling the truth about what you want to do.

Virgo, synthesis and sweet innovation around routines could lighten your load. How can you make daily life more fun? Talk truth, team up or delegate, and cheer each other on. Play beat the clock to get the mundane done. Shoot, lettin' go of perfectionism makes it more fun! Focus on FUN.

Libra, play, romance and creativity is up for you. What sounds just plain fun? Take yourself on a date. Move the furniture. Do something different – alone, just for you. Shake it up – dress up as if you are Audrey Hepburn or Ariel. See what kookiness you uncover in yourself. Keep love alive.

Scorpio, your roots are all stirred up. Home, ancestors, old stories are up for revelations. New ideas about yourself and how you present yourself to the world arise. Are you getting what you want?Body language tells a story. You need a new story about yourself, your life and your desires.

Sagittarius, updating skills, going back to schools, polishing your schtick - as your mission gets clearer, do what it takes to outfit yourself for the adventure. You are shooting high and it feels real. Something has changed. Don't skimp on what you need for success. Focus, tools, patience.

Capricorn, there are many ways to honor yourself. Go after what you want without apologies. Enjoy simple pleasures. Radical internal changes are too new to see the sprouts yet but you have value - even if you forgot. The real and unseen world are dancing. Go sit in the sun & think on this.