Stars Above Kitsap: Libra Full Moon - Partial Eclipse

Vintage Coin Libra with Beaded Embroidery Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair   

Vintage Coin Libra with Beaded Embroidery
Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair


A Frisky Spring Equinox and Eclipse

Eclipses, equinoxes and solstices, Mercury retrogrades, and blood moons are astronomical events on a heavenly map that are cyclical and predictable. As modern beings we no longer quiver in our homes if a moon shadow races across the landscape. But, when an astronomical event activates a point in your chart, well, you'll notice - and may quiver, indeed.

Check this out! Since early 2014 Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer have been stage-center undergoing a life overhaul. Last September the eclipse patterns shifted to Virgo and Pisces, dragging them, and their buddies, Sagittarius and Gemini to the spotlight of truth for the next two years.

If you're one of those besieged signs, doesn't simply knowing that information bring relief?

Astrology is a language of energy and archetypes, of mythology and inner landscapes. In the hands of an astrologer, and placed in your very own personal birth chart, potent astronomical events outline your life story. Your soul's mission lights up, and inklings of insights, maybe jaw-dropping clarity, arises - and you know what to do at the fork in the road. That's the magic and usefulness of a personal astrology reading!

Full moons bring feelings and fears to our awareness, and eclipses push us to act on the knowledge. Aries and Libra deal with how we act as individuals and how we operate in relationships. This full moon (Wednesday, March 23, 5:00 AM, PST) is the last eclipse for many years in these signs. It's the graduation of a two-and-a-half years of awakening. What's been going on with you and relationships? Are you graduating with honors? Or just barely? Also, an eclipse nineteen years ago matches up with this one, too. What happened back then? You may see adjustments you've made or you may be called to make some to get your life back on track.

Happy Spring Equinox! It's the astrological new year! (And, for details about your chart, let's talk.)

Horoscopes March 23 – April 7

Aries, you are full of yourself, spring in the air, Sun in Aries, Mars in a fire sign and Uranus pushing you to be your glorious self. Yahoo! Check in with your relationships. Are you pushing them hard? Or forgetting them entirely? Note: a good life includes people and feelings!

Taurus, for the time being, co-workers offer collaborative companionship - so easy and pleasant. You're still on the compassionate Pisces-buzz. Take a clue from your less pragmatic friends and find plenty of quiet time to feel deeply what motivates you. Then do more of that.

Gemini, ask your network-who-cares how they see you and then pretend their insights are accurate. The Pisces eclipse hit you sideways - too much woo-woo for a logical being. Take what pleasure friends give and know, you don't have a clue right now, but dawn will come.

Cancer, home is where your heart is even if work demands extra energy. Your voice is unusually strong there. It's speaking up for you. What with home, work and the search for a softer vision, it's a lot to fit in, but your executive abilities are in gear. Use it to build YOUR life, your way.

Leo, get out of Dodge. New landscapes, new wind in your mane, new hopes and wishes shake off the winter doldrums. Old wounds heal and you feel the release. Action plan comes in spurts. Listen to yourself talk and be surprised at where feelings arise. But, basically, go have fun.

Virgo, the eclipse in Pisces and its warm-fuzzies settled around mate and friends. You may inadvertently stir the pot, but let secret information ferment before making a move. At family roots, there's movement – in fact, you may actually move, but there is work ahead first. Enjoy the quiet.

Libra, it's your beautiful full moon and you feel soft and vulnerable as spring calls you out of the cabin. Take your honey's hand and go forth. Long hours of talking about your heart's desires help you two make a plan that fits better. Angels guide health and routines with gentle nudges.

Scorpio, messages come right out of the thin air. Or was that your honey's idea? Energetic Mars gives your plans lift-off. Pay attention to what does and doesn't work. Keep moving forward, don't stop to fine-tune. You get a do-over soon. You did the work. Reap the reward!

Sagittarius, use your charisma - friends are jumping on your band wagon. Yes, you've had your nose to the grindstone, but push forward now and the flywheel spins. Oh, fun! Stay committed to the plan and don't party this time away. Get a sense of your 'adult' personal power.

Capricorn, real power comes from our depths of feelings and our past. Get the family photo albums out for personal insights. Who and what did you love in childhood? Align with that, then share your ambitions with the people near your heart. Ooh, feel the collaboration surge?

Aquarius, this social full moon has you talking up favorite projects and ideas. Communication skills upgrade including deep listening of self and others. When you say “I,” listen to what comes next for personal surprises. Inspirational quotes remind you of soul work.

Pisces, what a surge of energy you've had in terms of a stronger sense of yourself. Drives and ambition are crisp. Softness with your sweetie takes you deeper to truer answers without losing your boundaries. Open heartedness and a sense of personal power – wow! Who knew!