Stars Above Kitsap: Pisces New Moon - Solar Eclipse

Pisces Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair

Pisces Necklace by Suzanne O'Clair

Solar Eclipse Soul-Fest

Pisces insists that we are human beings having a spiritual experience AND spiritual beings having human experiences. The last sign of the zodiac closes the circle and transcends the other signs' differences. In Pisces personal egos dissolve, lessons are learned and we realize that unconditional love is the sole purpose of all life's experiences – no matter our sign.

Pisces, as the last sign of winter when pantries are near bare, also, oversees the fasting of Lent as we offer up our physical emptiness to something greater and contemplate our spiritual development over the last year. Are we closer to Spirit? Are we more trusting, forgiving, loving, kind and compassionate?

The Pisces' fishes swim in two directions: one downstream to the body, and the other upstream to spirit. We speak of this pull in two directions in symbolic language; the crack between the worlds, the mists of fairy time', our longing for a Utopian home. Robert Frost spoke of it as “stopping by the woods on a snowy eve,” and Bob Dylan called it “Forever Young.” Mind-altering drugs, foods or drinks open doors to the softer worlds, too, but that is a slippery slope, as is self-pity! Pisces brings healing and wholeness when we honor both body and soul as sacred.

This new moon adds the extra punch of a solar eclipse and a super moon (March 8, 5:54 PM PST). Pisces gathers seven cosmic beings together in one grand soul-fest: the Sun, the Moon, Neptune, Pisces' ruler, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, Mercury, the Trickster/Poet, Ceres, the Great Mother, and the moon nodes. Enter the festival through imagination, the arts, nature, ritual, intuition, and symbols. Can you feel the absolute turning toward your higher self and unconditional love? Go to the Heart of all Matter and remember - YOU are a spiritual being, too, no matter your earthly circumstances. YOU are loved and YOU are love. What else do we need?

Horoscopes for March 8 – 23

Pisces, the intense amount of your energy brings an opportunity to catch a glimpse of yourself through the eyes of others or in a window you are walking by. When you notice it, stop and look at your magical self. This is what it's like to be a spiritual being in the world!! You - be your whole self!

Aries, your tender feelings are a great mystery to you. This eclipse brings surprises about how you may be your worst enemies. Current projects need you to settle down and unpack your emotional baggage. Sudden impulses and compulsive urges are not particularly good. Wake up to feelings, Ram.

Taurus, empathy abounds. Take time to listen to friends and acquaintances. Then listen to yourself. Are bruised feelings because you've been moving to fast to show how much you care? Work seems friendlier than it has in awhile. Common, high minded goals call for sacrifices.

Gemini, your logic and Pisces' high ideals can run you ragged either at work or looking for the perfect career and situation. You could decide work is work and pursue your true vocation in your own way and on your own time. Logic is out and dreamy ideas are in. Don't frazzle yourself!

Cancer, the emotional tide is rising and a beach vacation would do wonders. With time for your imagination, you can cross the boundary to other worlds. Beware of sacrificing yourself in high ideals. Your compassionate heart has leaky boundaries for the moment. Ride the gentle waves.

Leo, you're called to give up personal desires and add a little sacrifice and pain. This too shall pass, but brings fodder for feeding your art and creativity. Studio time. Private time. Therapy time. Watery feelings are deep and the tide is high. Tend to your pain – later, you'll use it for all of us.

Virgo, take refuge in your dear one and close friends. Often you sacrifice for them. Reap your reward now and let them have the pleasure of serving you. This is not a 'doing' time and just 'being' is tough on a busy bee like you. Pity-party? Anxiety? Count your breath and breathe. Fill up. It's okay.

Libra, diplomatically manuvering behind the scenes looks way better than doing heavy lifting. Not that you don't worry incessantly about work and perfection. This can take a toll on your body so pay attention to anything you think needs a check up. Seriously, go for some girlfriend fun.

Scorpio, you look calm, cool and collected but you can be such a mush-ball when you give your heart. Be sure you aren't in sacrifice over-load or entangled in an unhappy, secret affair. If so, you of all signs can cut the cords. Art, theater and dance make for fine entertainment and heal your heart.

Sagittarius, welcome exhuberant Mars back! You can do anything right now but you must feel it! Home, family, ancestors, your roots and identity – busy, busy, busy sector. Let this cauldron stew and bubble. Feel it! It's forming the dream you'll work hard to build.

Capricorn, when words are vague, music soothes the soul and smooths rough edges. Listen deeply and hear the imagery and metaphors in what you and others say. Hidden connections abound. You may have 'The Gift'' but you must learn the symbolic language information. Listen!

Aquarius, money matters. Really! You need it to make humanitarian missions fly. You can win grants and rewards but pay attention to how it flows. You have ideas to support! You will sacrifice for philanthropic ideals because ultimately, you know materiality ain't the thing!