Stars Above Kitsap: Aries New Moon

Super Moon Bucks Like a Bronco

The Emperor is the Aries Card in The Tarot.

The Emperor is the Aries Card in The Tarot.

The new moon eclipse in Pisces (March 8) still presides over our comings and goings, blending our individual 'drop' back into the ocean of consciousness where we know in our bones that we are all one. It reigned over the full moon eclipse in Aries and Libra (March 23) reminding us that although we are one, we are an “I” and a “thou,” also. Whoa! How do we do that AND be One? Eclipses set the lesson plans for the next six months...

The all-one begins with one - YOU! Aries' motto is “I am” - similar to God's name, “I am that I am.” (Hmmm. Now there's something to ponder.) In Aries, the small drop takes form, again, and the cycle begins anew, spiraling upward in awareness.

The super new moon in Aries (Thursday, April 7 4:23 a.m., PDT) swings in with energy that bucks like a bronco! The life force pumps and restless Aries charges forth on a new adventure, a new horizon, and a need for speed. Mars, Aries' fellow warrior, pressures the Moon and Sun to act. Uranus, the genius of individuality, insists we burst forth in a personal breakthrough.

How will you use this energetic upsurge to bring yourself back to Life? Where are you stuck? What quest have you given up on? Some of Aries' most ridiculous adventures start as a dare to prove their courage. The most courageous use of this warrior energy could be in straightening yourself out. Focus your actions on what you know you must do to get the joy back in your life. Take up the juicy mission your inner voice is telling you, “Now. Now. Now.” The urge, the demand is be YOU, your way. Now. Re-energize!

Horoscope April 7 – 21

Aries, your three-year shake-down demands you spread your wings and fly to your future. We need your leadership, your trailblazing and sense of discovery. Wisdom and play are a powerful combo. Speak your truth and we'll whitewashing the fence with you! Your charisma give vision oomph!

Taurus, your grounded, thoughtful view tames the rambunctious Aries energy. Your perspective directs this energy into real outcomes. A retreat would be lovely given the intensity of dreams coming though your clearing house. Take what you can get. And trust the psychic intensity at work.

Gemini, your birthday year is winding up and there are many stones unturned. Press palms, raise the glass, kiss the babies and touch base with your network. Your charisma counts. Partners are pushy and demanding. Guardian angels appear on the circuit. Listen when they whisper.

Cancer, one more re-organization at work – seriously? Work is a wild ride. If you're a boss, appreciate the little people. If you're a little people, there's much to do. Lower expectations, make a plan and let the troops imprint the project. Step into the limelight where you can – you've earned it!

Leo, you're in a fire trine and it's all action and inspiration. Travel for business or pleasure is invigorating - new faces, visions and goals, new ideas. Stay committed to your personal plans and tweak as you go. You are in the spotlight. Stay steady at work, reap some kudos.

Virgo, relationships, money, psychological hiccups, intimacy with these people you call close friends and spouses who are wild as kittens in a basket. Make a plan and maybe a list but this is a form of spring cleaning where everything is pulled away from the walls and chaos ensues.

Libra, no one works the I/thou balance like you and this month uses all your skills. It's easy to be calm, cool and diplomatic while everyone is having tea, but what if no one wants tea - and everyone wants your attention. Balance the chaos by speaking up and asking for what you need.

Scorpio, you may be a boss but for the moment, you're just a worker bee using all your energy and skill to battle for the outcome you want. Are you over committing personal resources? Are others pulling their share? Consult with a realistic friend for a balanced viewpoint. The ball is bouncing.

Sagittarius, with finesse, you could put a lot more of your creative voice in the project under your wing. Did your boss disappear? Don't be a showboat, bear down on the daily details, but there is an element of fun and play in the mix. A colleague has your back in a most practical sense.

Capricorn, if you can possibly take a break right now, you would truly come back refreshed. There is just too much activity in your inner world to deal with outer demands, too. This is a time for deeply personal contemplation, time in a hammock staring at the horizon. Let the burden go.

Aquarius, go on a talk show circuit, or a book tour or a serious of meetings to push your agenda forward. There is a ton of energy for making connections. Keep it grounded, though, and follow up with notes, calls and the schmoozing stuff. People need those personal strokes. Yeah. They do...

Pisces, well, you certainly stirred the pot. Notice how your skills make things happen in the real world? Notice people noticing you. Yep, own your resources, use as needed, go get new ones if you're missing some needed for your mission. Friends are angels - ask for their grounded guidance.

NOTE: Horoscopes and forecast point at the overall energy we are operating in - like a weather report. It may be raining for everyone but if you are in one area, it may be a deluge or thunderstorm and somewhere else it is a mist. Or if you are trying to change a tire on the side of a highway, any rain is problematic. Our personal circumstances change the importance of the particulars. Likewise, applying astrology to your own chart can make a huge difference in your view of your life. Call me if you want to see the impact of an Aries New Moon in your own life!