Stars Above Kitsap: Taurus New Moon

Suzanne & David on the Fjord Ranger - Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show 2015

Suzanne & David on the Fjord Ranger - Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show 2015

Dance a Dance of Life

'Live long and prosper' is a Taurean blessing. This new moon (Friday, May 6 at 12:30 PM PDT) comes packing a burst of positive energies towards aligning us with that goal.

Taurus is simplicity itself. Slow down. Take care of Life. Help others through. Tend to Mother Earth and her critters. Do what needs to be done to keep the body together. Good food, good rest, hang with a friend, relish your family, work with nature. Create sustainable beauty out of necessity.

Life can be that simple. Taurus rules possessions and values, and surely, our most valuable possessions are our bodies and our planet Earth. Without either, we don't get to play the game of life. So you would think that caring for both would be a priority?

The shadow side of Taurus' love of life is death. We spend work hours producing, moving and selling products that are dangerous to us and the planet. Then, we spend the money (we traded for with our life's time and energy) to consume what we know poisons us. We overwork and under rest, eat fake food and indulge in addictive behaviors. We are complicit in our own demise!

The accountability lies in our poor bodies struggling through the day. Bodies have their tells and cannot lie. So, what is your body telling you?

The other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, join Taurus' song to life this new moon while Mercury moon-dances backwards across the floor. “Slow down. Figure out what you want to spend your precious life's time and energy on. Spring clean your bodies, gardens and homes, and sweep out misplaced values. Get real about your Life. Wake up!”

The merry month of May invites us to dance a dance of life - a long and prosperous one.

Horoscopes May 6 – May 21

Taurus, birthdays bring a year's review and your cup runneth over. Be true to you and let us love you exactly the way you are. After May 9, realistic goals get a boost.. You deal well with reality, but know that good luck happens in the most ordinary ways. Embrace it, trust yourself and slow down.

Gemini, Mercury is retrograde in an earth sign, Taurus. S-L-O-W way down. Find a hammock, day dream, stop and smell ALL the roses, you are going nowhere fast. Shifts are happening in you – it's a private affair and it's about being honest with yourself. Take your time. Be with yourself.

Cancer, as an act of self-care, associate with capable people. You are such a nurturer - offer care to those who cope fine, usually. Powerful friends are an aspect of you, too, so no need to kowtow. In fact, they have the same inner tensions you do. Notice when you shift to please someone.

Leo, you're on the roof top, stage center and the top of the world, and everyone is applauding. Let their love in and feel the give and take. Invite them to join the show. Own how hard you work to make it look so easy. Major shifts in integration take time – for now, take a well-deserved bow.

Virgo, optimism, faith, hope, expansion - you are completely ready for any adventure off your beaten path. The details you handle beautifully just get done while you look up and notice the big beautiful sky, new information is flooding in. Later you can make it a routine.

Libra, if you're afraid of finances, legacies, loans, and shared assets, jump in now. Old patterns won't work, but it goes smoother than you expect if expectations are realistic. After May 9, connect with guardian angels, prayers fly off like arrows on a mission. Take a deep breath. Ask for help.

Scorpio, in partnerships there is love, receptivity, expression, and communication. What is flowing from them to you? If this isn't happening, are you blocking it? Adjust as needed – it's a new story. If some good buddies are sucking up the energy, let them go. Find your collaborators.

Sagittarius, what's your body say? More rest? Less fast food? Take time to review recent changes. May 9th your planet Jupiter takes small steps forward to do your bidding at work. Drop in on colleagues, your peers and above. There's cosmic interference for big actions. Stay steady.

Capricorn, anxiety about God knows what runs high. Give it a break and focus on what's in front of you. It might flip into fun. A simple week end get-away with a close friend or lover reminds you of your creativity. Long slow walking with the dog through nature helps you even out, too.

Aquarius, phone home. What's happening there? A big remodel, or a psychological check-in that needs attention. Home isn't your normal arena but it won't be as bad as you think. Do family patterns keep tripping you up? Figure it out this time. Your broader network is pretty sleepy for the moment.

Pisces, Taurus takes your sweetness and turns it into conscious communication. Check in with siblings, neighbors, your barrista and hair dresser...all those in your daily path that can be so ordinary. Speak with awareness and it's sublime.After May 9, some dreams get legs and walk into reality.

Aries, money, honey. Work, status and prestige pays off. If it hasn't hit the bank account, stay steady and don't give up. Fine tune your approach but stay with it – that's hard advice for a fast moving Ram. (Sorry!) Remember your goal and keep your eye on the ball - and the bank account.