O Stars Above: Sagittarius Full Moon II

A Complex Lesson

A cosmic lesson plan launched with an eclipse last September as the school year started. The optimistic and complicated plan grappled with healing unconscious patterns (Pisces) while untangling beliefs painful to ourselves and others (Sagittarius). Often as many as six of the ten planets were in action and we were like mice running routine patterns in a maze that no longer had cheese.

Much sorting, filing and mis-steps ensued throughout the foggy winter until a conglomeration of earth sign planets conspired at the Taurus new moon, May 6, to reveal the results of our work – or lack thereof. A full moon in Gemini/Sagittarius followed by the Gemini new moon on June 4, helped us 'see' what old perceptions had shifted and what updated dreams we dared to entertain. Little by little, we dismantled stagnate mind sets and dead-end beliefs, and broke out of our mouse maze.

To underscore the year's lesson, here comes ANOTHER full moon in Gemini/ Sagittarius (June 20, 4:02 am PDT) which echoes a double set of full moons in June, 1997. If you're old enough, this signals a second chance at a road not taken or abandoned, or a review of outdated beliefs set in motion then.

If you learned this year's lesson, it's a major accomplishment - like receiving a Master's degree in Life. If you didn't, you'll encounter diminishing returns. Old patterns won't work. Suddenly, you're bumping into walls where there were none and there's no cheese in sight.

The cosmos constantly conspires to move us towards an evolutionary path of growth. The stellar command wants us to take a step forward in faith and trust. This was a complex lesson but we can still make the shift if we open up to one expanded thought and see how we grow and are rewarded, both personally and collectively.

Horoscopes June 20 – July 4

Gemini, can you feel the shift? The courage to follow your true path? Your mere presence opens doors so get out there. Make a plan, find help mates and get ready to take baby steps in your new direction after June 29. It's been quite a year for you and you are ready!

Cancer, all of the logical activity happens in your most unconscious sector. Does life feel karmic? It may be karma or it may be that blind spot where we are our own worst enemy. Feel your way along and remember symbolic language: dreams, tea leaves, poetry, music.

Leo, your fire lights up in the areas of business connections and fun! Follow the 'feel good vibes' as you keep an eye on the future you want. The people you meet change your possibilities so plans may need revision or expansion. Just be sure it's change you want!

Virgo, it's a summer of big energy. Use it to clarify, plan, consult and make decisions. Only you know what you really want (and victim hood is so passe.) Trust yourself! Make a plan, work it and build a solid foundation...even if you have to sell the house!

Libra, time to envision a bigger life. This last month gave you a taste of the possibilities. Tune into your guardian angel for guidance. When God speaks, take good notes, 'cuz you can go with the ideas of the last person you talked with. Practice going with what works for YOU!

Scorpio, geez, you're missing the fun, but then you love digging in the deep. No problem, just a last minute clean-up as you prepare for the first two-year voyage of your new 28-year cycle! Value your right to be you. Feel what that means and create personal strategies for moving on up!

Sagittarius, two full moons! Aren't you something?! How vulnerable do you feel coming out of an ivory tower and copping to what you're committed to. Commitment isn't a Sadge word but you've got a big vision and need partners to accomplish it. Plan now. Forward motion soon.

Capricorn, you can't see clearly, but you feel the shift. Look where you put your everyday energy. Talk around 'it' until you hear the words that vibrate with your heart. Get hold of the biggest dream you can imagine accomplishing and get busy! You are a pragmatic visionary.

Aquarius, ideas and inspiration, woo-whooo! Cut ties with those who talk, but don't walk the talk. (Or is that you?) Get real, baby, you're the leader of the new age. Study at the crossroads of physics and metaphysics. Trust the unseen world or lose a source of power.

Pisces, words create reality - eventually. What's your role in the family myth? You can change your mind, your words and your story. Any pity party is old story. Follow the new one. You ARE a creative, magical leader surrounded by helpers - even if you can't see it yet.

Aries, take time to talk with others and stretch to new heights. Dig into your roots and lead with your heart. Invite others into your great adventure. Words count and can hurt – or inspire others. Words help you paint the picture of a blossoming reality that calls on all of your courage.

Taurus, you get caught up in the bottom line. But there are other valuable things to count: friends, family, home, the inspiration work brings you. Feel what your heart wants in that place you've secreted it away. Share yourself deeply, truly. (And quit poking your best mates with sharp words.)